CGI 3D Animated Short: “BIG BOOM” – by Brian Watson | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short: “BIG BOOM” – by Brian Watson | TheCGBros

Good morning, Mr. “Dump-o’tron”. Good morning, Jimbo. Got any new trash for me? No trash today, maybe tomorrow. Sounds good, Jimbo. Good morning Bugsy, how are you? I like to eat bugs. *brzzt* Yum! Okie-doke. Good morning, A.D.A. Good morning, Jimbo. A.D.A, are there any updates on what happened to the humans? *A.D.A whirring* No, Jimbo not at this time. Okeydoke, thank you. *At Coco Gas, our satisfaction is your satisfaction!* A.D.A, allow transmission. Hello, Bob, hello Jimbo. How are you? I’m good. How are you? I am also good. Oh, that is good Jimbo, how long has it been since you have seen a human? It has been 37 days since we have made a sale. Weird! We have the same situation over here. No humans for 37 days. That is peculiar. Indeed Bob? Yes, Jimbo? I miss you. I miss you too, Jimbo. When can I see you again? I do not know. I am NOT allowed to leave until I have orders to. I wish I could come see you. Me too. I would like that. *Go Go Gas is open 24 hours every day! We never close!* Well, I better go. I have to clean the bathrooms. Okay, goodbye Bob. Goodbye Jimbo. A.D.A., how far away is Bob? Bob is approximately 227 miles away. May I help you with anything else? No A.D.A., that is all. Thank you. *Thanks for coming! Happy trip!* *Whirring* (muffled:) *recharge Hose*, *recharge Hose*, *recharge Hose* *Welcome to Go Go Gas!* A.D.A. are there any updates on what happened to the humans? No, Jimbo not at this time. *Thanks for coming! Happy trip!* Jimbo, where are you going? Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! *Welcome to Go Go Gas!* A.D.A.? Yes, Jimbo? I will entering sleep mode. Please wake me if any humans arrive or send transmissions – – Okay – – Or if Bob calls again. I understand. Thank you. Sweet dreams, Jimbo. *alarm fading in* A.D.A. cease alarm. A.D.A, what is happening? We only have five minutes of reserve power left. Reserve power? Why are we running on reserve power? We have not had access to primary power in 46 days. A.D.A., what happens when we run out of power? We will shut down. Yes, but what happens when we shut down? *whirring* I do not know the answer to your question. Since you were in sleep mode, my analysis tells me that you have 48 hours of reserve energy left. I do? Indeed. A.D.A. call Bob, please. *whirring* You are not Bob! No, I am not! Who are you? I am Chuzz. Where is Bob? Bob’s location is unknown. What, where is he? I do not know. That is what ‘unknown’ means! We know about you two! What do you mean? You know what I mean! A.D.A.? Yes, Jimbo? Why is the sky green? *whirring* I do not know the answer to your question, may I help you with anything else? Goodbye, mr. Dump-o’tron. Got any new trash for me, today? Sorry. No new trash, today. Perhaps tomorrow. Yes, perhaps tomorrow. Sounds good. Goodbye Bugsy, it was nice knowing you. I like to eat bugs! *whirring* (backup-energy shuts down) Goodbye, A.D.A. Good.. Bye… Jim-…-bo. I… hope… you… Go Go gas is open 24 hours, everyday… we live our- Return to post! Return to post! Return to post! Return.. to.. post. Return.. to.. post…

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  1. Sehr schöner Film. Was mich aber immer wieder stört: Deutschland zahlt die halbe Welt, aber keine deutschen Untertitel. Viele andere Sprachen sind vorhanden, aber kein Deutsch. Das ist nicht nur bei diesem Film so….

  2. Well, thats 5 minutes i wont get back ever again. A truly pointless and boring story. 30 seconds on and its time to ff . . . . Yes, visually impressive and yes, the styling is evocative of the 50's sci fi but my god, its just incredibly dull storytelling. Hard pass from me.

  3. Фильм захватывает, но слишком неопределенный финал. Нет посыла. Замах на миллиоон, а удар на цент.

  4. I'm starting to believe that half the people in the comments need an ending and don't have brains to feed with open ends so they can think about it while they're in the fetal position on their bed because they have depression like we all do now.

  5. I want a part two this was fucking awesome. It’s cool how you showed indirectly that jimbo has gained some small form of sentience. And especially how he shows emotion. The garbage bin and bugzy are shown as just a static character how they give nothing to the story and can only say certain audio cues. But ada also gained some form of sentience based on the last sentence she could sputter out

  6. This seems to be in the same universe as the “fallout” series. With the whole “Big Boom” and everything, and advanced technology and A.D.A bit he middle of nowhere.

  7. The Big Boom alright.
    "BOOM" as in money flying away for production and whatever THIS is when it falls flat on the floor.
    I just don't know WTH to think about this film so I'll quit writing.
    Try again.

  8. I wanted to see a dust cloud rising down the road. Bob driving a towing truck from his gas station. Love conquers all. Yeah! High five!

    But seriously sequel please. Kickstart. Patreon.

  9. Mister Watson, just one word to you (and your team) Thank you ! Yes a big THANK YOU.

    I am a young big movie buff of 64 years (just to say i so a lot of movies) but Yours move me so deep. I am just tired of all those super heroes movie or big muscles heroes in car chase, speed chase and those pyrotechnics shows.
    The emotions in your movie just show there are still a few human beings on this earth (you are).

    I hope just one thing : see your next movie on a big screen in a movie theater.
    Long movie life to you !

  10. I am sorry to say this i didn't get the story though like it. Just now while typing I realized i don't know what have i liked 😢😢😢😢😢

    Can some one help me with the story

  11. – Good morning Bugsy, how are you?
    – 𝐈 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐄𝐀𝐓 𝐁𝐔𝐆𝐒. *brrtz 𝐘𝐔𝐌!



  14. I didn't like it… I mean it is really great but… Knowing that it ends like this … Its so sad its not even worth watching it gimme part 2 T.T

  15. Does Jimbo ever find his brother? Will he ever be reunited with ADA? I guess we'll never know. Fuck you internet.

  16. Если хочешь что то сделать, делай это – а то потом будет поздно.

  17. Well, if Jimbo can pull off five miles an hour, he can make the 227-mile journey to Bob's station before 48 hours is up, but judging from the presence of the unidentified robot Chuzz, Bob may not be there at all.
    It's possible that Bob left for Jimbo's station, at which point that could meet up earlier midway before they run out of power. But if that's the case, where did the replacement robot Chuzz come from if there are no humans around? And Bob (now Chuzz's) station seems like it still has power.

  18. Maintains a very enjoyable sense of foreboding intrigue all the way though, but the ending is much too anticlimactic. Needs closure.

  19. My guess is that rogue machines took over the world and killed all the people with something that made the sky turn green (chemical weapons?). Some machines weren't involved in the plot so they're gradually being replaced.

  20. 5:15, poor robot whose name is Jimbo. All day.
    I feel so sorry for him @ 8:39 right before sleep mode. He wants anyone to show up.
    Didn't like the ending. I assume Jimbo, since he had 48 days reserve power, is now free from any & all things tethering him to that gas station.
    What/who was the robot that said, "We know about you too?" What did that statement mean!? Damnit, I want a few more details! Pretty please.
    Anyway, I enjoyed the mini,mini movie. Eagerly awaiting parts 2-6.

  21. Believe me or not it’s a fact that in one million years time humans will have recreated dinosaurs through robot body’s just like from horizon zero dawn. Now these robots have been created I wander if after they give of a fume or some kind of bomb goes of kills all humanity. My point the sky was green from a nuke or other bomb and humans have died.

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