CGI 3D Animated Short “Backwater Gospel” – by The Animation Workshop

CGI 3D Animated Short “Backwater Gospel” – by The Animation Workshop

(Creaking) (Cawing) (Wood snaps) (Raven caws) (Gasps) -Ah! (Fingers crack) ♫The shadow of the undertaker creeps across your floor♫ ♫Go lock up all your children and paint blood upon your door ♫ ♫These hills are filled with (door slams open) whispers- (Drums guitar) -Baba! (Grunts) (Bell tolls) ♫And the toll deaths nail, he comes from hell to drag some poor soul back- -Heh (People humming) -Submit to the Lord! -Pfft -Why don’t you try! (Door slams) -One. Bad. Apple. People. That’s all it takes! One. Bad. Apple. And the whole barrel is spoiled! Do you wanna save that barrel?! Then throw out that apple! (Birds cawing) Cast it away! -Caw (More birds cawing) -But if you fail to destroy that apple, who will carry the blame? It is said that in the city of Siddim, every man was punished for the sins of one man. And the punishment was death! (knock, knock, knock) -The Undertakers come’n (People gasp) -Who is he coming for! -Well it ain’t gonna be me! (People screaming) -Coven! -Stay! Stay with me! -Do not abandon me children! -Don’t go! -Sorry Father -No, no, no! (grunts) No. ♫That old bible speaks of- -Grrrrrr! -♫Doing service unto the Lord♫ -♫The undertaker knows no master he drinks from many (Ravens cawing) (Doors slam) (More cawing) ♫And someone that same day will die♫ ♫The undertaker he states the same. I’ll be goddamned if he tells a lie♫ (Clock ticking) (whimpers) Who is he coming for? -Lord have mercy (People praying) (Bell tolls) -Yes father (Grunts) (footsteps) -The lord is testing us people! For seven days we have been tormented because that son of perdition, refuses to fear the Lord! How long must we suffer from his wicked ways!? The Lord wants us to destroy the bad apple! And with his sword in my hand I say The blasphemer! Shall! Be! Stopped! -Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone! (Screaming) -Oh god no -Well it ain’t gonna be me! (People screaming) -You have brought this upon us! (screaming) (gunshots) (screaming) (Gunshot) (Whistling) ♫The undertaker raises no hand but i’ll fear him just the same ♫His presents per tell of blood and death yet he sure is not to blame♫ ♫Like the shadow of the vulture circling black overhead♫ ♫The undertaker is-

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  1. Oh boy, I remember this one. What a horrific story. It reminds me of the stories of the Massacre of Verden. Either you converted to Christianity or you would be "saved."

  2. Talented Satan Worshipers a.k.a Atheists made this very colorfully styled Short Story and I have to say it's execution is superb. Loved that Textured look. It is hilarious how Atheist see Christianity, makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I guess we can also know where the person(s) who pick these types of Shorts Religious Loyalties lay too. Has anyone else noticed CGI mainly posts nothing really worth watching along actual entertainment lines unless you're obsessed with death or someone, like me, who appreciates the efforts put in to to making of CG. All Shorts dealing with death get a automatic Thumbs down from me, enjoy.

  3. Just to be clear. This story is not a Christianity V. Atheism story.
    It's showing that religious leaders can lie and turn ways of the bible in such a way they are right.
    The "father" said the cripple hobo was the bad apple in the barrel, but actually he himself was. And because of him all the people died. The story does not really attack the bible, it just attacks liers.

  4. Thankyou I was searching for this animation for a long time on the internet, now i wont lose again, i wonder if the french animator could do it soo fucking creepy whit theyr culture, i mean theres catacomb whit millions of bones for a good creepypasta story in CGI, thank you CGBross.

  5. 10/10, good voice acting, nice animation style and art style. I find this film flawless and good.

  6. to many people bash on religion but you know what the kindest people you will find are christian and a few bad leaders or priests let power go to there head but the bible does teach good values thats why I make my kids go to church they can choose later like I did I dont like church but I went as a kid and learned a lot so I think its good to know about and choose after for your selfs .

  7. I never laughed so hard. this short movie gets a A+++. They all killed other because they where afraid of him. Nice charisma.

  8. this video is a trip…. anyways I think the father was the one who made this people like this…. the poor man didn't want to go to the church cuz he new how crazy the father was the poor man believed in good n evil… n the father didn't like him bcuz he never went to church or he never believed want he was saying…. n the undertaker didn't do anything to the poor man, he never talked bad about him even when he was singing. He was just saying who he is… the undertaker wanted the father only, he was the one who was making people crazy..

  9. ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to. . . . . MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! today we have a whole town driven to madness, only to kill each other in the end! but as it goes on Death himself watches the massacre and bloodbath take place!!!

  10. In case you all didn't know, a man like the Preacher REALLY DID EXIST! He was the Salem Preacher from the Witch Trial Period. He murdered countless women aided by his young daughter & niece (they were just kids at the time) because the Town Councillors were going to throw him out for bad conduct. A Councilman's Elderly Wife was among the murdered women.

  11. That self-proclaimed man of God was a hack and a sower of discontent. I could address many points throughout this well-made film. Many indeed. But instead, I shall point to one. This despicable, paranoid, self-righteous sociopath had carved out his own blessed Bible to conceal an instrument of death. That has so many poetic parallels wrapped up in it. One of the more simple ones is the implication that he no longer preached from the Word of God. It was no longer his anchor, his sword, the rock on which he stood. It had become a bauble to wave around in the faces of a frightened and ignorant flock of sheep. A pastor should be a caretaker to his people. He led them all astray. The Bible has words for he who would use the face of Christ to deceive others for his own gain. He won't like the welcome he gets after life. And I don't envy him. Neither do I pity him.

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