CGI 3D Animated Short: “ASTERIA” – by ESMA

CGI 3D Animated Short: “ASTERIA” – by ESMA

What? What the…? Hum… Major ? What’s that? What are we gonna do? I haven’t come two million klicks… …eating steak pills to get kicked… …out just arriving. Ok? Let’s go ! Wait ! It could be dangerous ! Don’t worry, we’re just gonna talk. Ow, I don’t like it when you get political… Hum ! Gentleman… …would you be kind enough to vacate the premises… …so we may properly finish our mission… … of creating a new peacful era for humanity. They don’t seem to understand …simpler, Major, simpler ! Us here, you get out ! Us here, you get out ! Move or I’ll kick your ass ! Hum… Major ? Shit… It’s crazy how much time you lose with formalities ! Wait!

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    Hi guys this is the group link share with ur friends who are interested in learning or teaching CGI animation etc… And follow the rules

  2. "J'ai pas fait 02 millions de bornes à bouffer du steak en pastille pour me faire refouler à peine arrivé, ok ?! " 🙂

  3. I subscribe.. But now i will unsubscribe because i don't understand their language.

  4. Did y’all know that there’s actually no sound in space so this entire thing would be silent except for the conversations

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