Cat vs Boxes: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Cat vs Boxes: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Simon’s Cat: Guide to Boxes The Lunch Box The Good Fit The Bad Fit The Tank The Drop Box The Invisible Box

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  1. Wonderfully entertaining show as always,and the music went so well with the video! I must compliment you on all your music choices for your videos… they're quite brilliant! ? A great deal of this really happens in real life with our cats… So funny and adorable.?? just made a fun house out of a stand up vacuum cleaner box just recently purchased, and fixed it up for my Mitty, and now she's acting more like four years old instead of 14… It's amazing what a simple box can bring out in a cat… So! needless to say… my Mitty is very happy kitty LOL LOL THANK YOU again Simon's Cat and I know you and your team work hard to get these shows to us a big THANK YOU!!! and big hug ?to each and everyone of you they're at Simon's Cat ??????????????? and most importantly… God bless and keep you all safe and your loved ones always⛪??????

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