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  1. damm man if he is based on you then your life is so relatble that its funny and sad at the same time like for almost all of us

  2. Yo im not tryna hate but you're gonna have a much better time editing this in Premiere instead of AfterFX. The latter is best for short animations and graphics but like its ass when ur putting the whole vid together.

  3. pornography is sin. Masturbation too. most of us failed. so confess to Jesus and get salvation today. ask Jesus to come in to your heart. follow him

  4. I love that I couldn't tell when I was supposed to be amused. This was the most funny-ish-est video I've seen in at least 36hrs. Keep up the good-ish work man!

  5. Love the sneaky ‘keep your wits about you’ throwback which obviously no one cares about (as he said in the video) 😂

  6. How I write is I think and think and think and when something good comes to mind I write it. I took a writing class as an english elective in my senior year of hs. I just finished and I made some funny a** poems but they were pretty funny my whole class thoght so lol

  7. Mr. Explained, I know that the purpose of your videos is to entertain, but this writing technique is actually very good. I am writing an essay, and the method you explained in this video was very helpful. Thanks for that.

  8. I'd follow along and type out my favorite line but it was pretty much 10/10 comedy at every turn lmaoo. Except the "it's just the best that I can do" that almost made me cry

  9. Brother, why would you use After Effects for such simple video editing? I believe your editing will improve tenfold if you switch to Premiere instead.

  10. transitions? plural? I'd only ever noticed the one transition, a deadpan anti-joke followed by brief silence and a non-sequitur.

  11. yea Face Reveal will ruin your career DON'T DO IT!! stick to the Muscle Memory Get super buff and THEN do a muscle reveal instead lol

  12. wow you really put all that effort in single video which isn't even 10min? You should just do react videos on other people content and say "lol thats funny" once in a while. Maybe spice it up little bit by commenting "ohhh no" or "NO WAY!" every now and then. You record yourself watching someone else video which is also 10min. After that you just upload it and watch the profit roll in

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