Castlevania Season 3 Was Crazy! (Review)

Castlevania Season 3 Was Crazy! (Review)

Once every few years we are blessed with a new season of Castlevania, and after what
felt like an eternity, Season 3 is now upon us. Season 2, in my opinion, was one of the best
seasons for any show that I have ever seen. It had everything I could wish for: awesome
new characters, lots of action, interesting lore, great jokes, and an amazing conclusion
that left me satisfied yet wanting more. But with the death of Dracula happening so
early on in the series, can any follow up seasons live up to the high standards season
2 set in place? I am Hailey from Cartoon Universe, and I am
here to answer that question with my review of Castlevania season 3! Netflix was kind
enough to let me review the season early just as I did with the previous one, and I will
not be spoiling anything major that happened, although here is a small spoiler warning. If you enjoy this review, please considering
subscribing. It means a lot! Now without further ado, let’s get started. As mentioned prior, season 2 ended with the
death of Dracula, which was only managed with the combined efforts of his son Alucard, the
speaker magician Sypha, and the last of the Belmonts, Tevor. But now our three heroes have split, with
Alucard guarding both his father’s castle and the Belmont Hold, and Sypha and Trevor
traveling out into the world for more adventure. It is perhaps then fitting then other major
players from Season 2 are also split up this time around. Last season Isaac was abruptly transported
away by Dracula so he would not be harmed, and Carmilla took Hector as a prisoner on
her way back to her own castle in Styria. But that’s not all! Just like in season 2, we are treated to quite
a few new characters, all of whom get scenes dedicated to exploring their motivations and
backstories. The ones that stand out to me the most are
of course Carmilla’s vampire sisters. Just look at these beautifully designed vampire
ladies! I don’t know about you but getting to be
part of a group of vampire women trying to seize power sounds like a dream. Additionally, I also ended up liking Count
Saint Germain quite a bit, but I can’t say much about him without spoiling things. So almost immediately it’s evident that the
show has a ton to juggle this season. And for the most part it does this quite well,
with ten episodes the show is able to dedicate time for new and old characters alike. But like the last season, I felt that this
season struggled with pacing issues, especially when I watched season 3 the first time around. Almost all the action tends to happen at the
very end, specifically in the last two episodes. I feel like this was even more of an issue
this time, with the only character getting real fight scenes not in the first or last
two episodes being Isaac. In general, though Isaac had an excellent
season, where he was not only the one with the most interesting development, but also
was the only character we really got to see journeying from one country to another in
an attempt to get his revenge. The same cannot be said for the other characters
in the show. Trevor and Sypha find themselves in Lindenfeld,
which is a minster town. And they end up staying there the entire season. Some interesting things do happen because
of them, but I wouldn’t say they had too much to do. But speaking of Trevor and Sypha, I don’t
think it’s too much of a spoiler to say this (skip if you don’t want to know), but
as it was in the video games, they are now a couple. And they can be pretty cute together! Sypha knows how to get Trevor to do what she
wants, and Trevor can never resist. Yet I can’t help but feel that critical
moments in their relationship were not shown. Sure, it did seem like they were getting along
really well at the end of season 2, but for most other relationships it would be crazy
if we just got a month time jump between seasons and then two characters were suddenly together
without showing when it really began! (at least it’s not Young Justice lol) Perhaps
since the games already established this relationship, they didn’t feel the need to have this be
more of a slow burn, but it was still a bit of a surprise, nonetheless. Alucard is also another character that really
didn’t end up doing much this season. For the most part we see him training Sumi
and Taka, two young vampire hunters that want to learn to protect their people. Despite it only being a month since his friends
left him, he has become very lonely man, and to keep himself occupied, Alucard agrees to
train them. And Alucard is just so great. Some of my favorite jokes and moments in the
season happened because of him. Though as we have seen before with this character,
get ready for some angst. I am not normally one to do this, but I do
think that I should warn you that some very traumatic things happen to a few characters. Yes, this is Castlevania, so extreme gore
is to be expected. But this season takes it up a notch and terrible
things happen that will no doubt leave characters scarred for a long time. And this means that no character is safe. While the show is not afraid to have some
characters be LGBT, they are not guaranteed to have a happy ending or be safe from harm. But along with the things that make this animated
series not for children, the show gets downright crazy. I’m talking about weird space and time stuff
that honestly felt like it came out of left field. But apparently this is not unheard of for
the franchise, so I shall give it a pass. If anything, maybe we got a glimpse at the
Bootleg Multiverse Castlevania’s showrunner has been talking about. I could be totally wrong about this though,
so don’t take my word for it! Something I really wish I could comment more
on is the references the season makes to the games. Sadly, though I am still nowhere near being
an expert on Castlevania, although I have played through a good portion of Symphony
of the Night… which I am loving but I got stuck and totally forgot what I was doing,
so I might just end up restarting. But I am sure there are going to be a ton
of nods to the games for longtime fans. At the very least I can say that Trevor’s
dashing new outfit has him looking more like how he did in Curse of Darkness. Maybe by next season I’ll have played more
of the games, but don’t hold your breath for that. But one thing I have always loved about the
Castlevania animated series is that it is enjoyable by both old and new fans alike. Things are never confusing to the point where
you need to have some context from the video games to understand what is happening, yet
knowing the references makes things so much more fun. Every adaptation should be like that if you
ask me. At the same time, I also love how the show
is never afraid to take plot lines and characters in totally new directions from what happened
with them in the games. This might make theory crafting very tricky
as people will have trouble guessing anything that ends up happening, but to me if things
happen exactly as they did in the games, there’s not too much reason to make an animated show. And from the looks of things, nothing is going
down like how they did in the games. In fact, a ton of important characters this
season are brand new to the series, so honestly anything can happen. And that really excites me! Speaking of the games, I have heard a critique
of the series being that religion is generally presented as a bad thing and members of the
Church are pretty much all corrupt. This is different than the games that focused
on showing humanity’s corruption as a whole. This kind of happens again this season with
the Priory, but there are also many non-religious humans that end up doing terrible things,
so at least there is a bit more balance this time around. What is not balanced this season is the lack
of vampire action. I mean, come on, we just got introduced to
3 new vampire ladies, one of which is super buff. Yet they do a lot of talking. Season 2 had so many amazing fight scenes
with vampires in them, so I am of course missing that! With that being said, season 4 better happen! Not just for the vampire ladies, but also
because there is a lot left open this season, which is in stark contrast to the feeling
of conclusion I got at the end of season 2. You may be noticing by now that I have been
pointing out a lot of things I did not like about the season. And unfortunately, I would not say this season
was as good as the previous one. They do share a lot of the same problems,
but Season 2 did not upset me in the way season three did. Plus, I felt like we learned a lot more about
our main characters in season 2, and new lore was just a lot harder to come by this time
around. However, none of this compares to what I would
say is my biggest gripe of all. And that would be the lack of an overarching
plot. As mentioned before, Season 2 ended with the
death of Dracula, which was obviously a huge deal. And we did get a sense that each of our main
three protagonists weren’t sure what to do next. Turns out that was basically the case, and
while I have an idea of where things may go from here, I do believe the season suffered
from a lack of purpose. But hey, maybe some of you will enjoy this
crazy ride of a season more than I did. On the bright side, the animation is as great
as ever, and the few fight scenes we did get were glorious. So of course, I am still going to say that
we need a season 4, and that season 3 is worth checking out for anyone that has already seen
the previous two. There is now so much left unanswered that
Netflix better renew the show if it hasn’t already. I just want to see all my favorite characters
happy- I hope that is not too much to ask! So, for those watching when the season has
aired, what did you think of it? Was it worth the wait? And are you as excited for more as I am? Let me know in the comments and tell me which
character you’d like to see more of. I’ve been a fan of Hector since we met him
in the show, and I very anxious to see what happens with him next. If you enjoyed this review and would like
to see other reviews I have made, check out the playlist for my reviews! Also, if you want to help support the channel,
consider becoming a patron. Thank you for watching and have an animated

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  1. This season was so crazy, and despite it all, I cannot wait for the next! For those that have watched the season, what did you think of it, and what are you excited to see next?

  2. I didn't like this season… nothing happened and they had fights and it somehow ended in a cliffhanger

  3. Fight animations are subpar, watch the first 2 seasons again, whoever choreographed and animated those fight scenes was exceptional, did they get different people for this season, it's terrible compared to what came before.

  4. I'm getting really mixed messages from this review. Sounds like the reviewer didn't like this season very much but then ends the review aggressively demanding netflix to renew for a fourth season? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. I hope heaven never comes in castlevania personally I always liked the idea of the world of castlevania being a world with only hell and no heaven

  6. I love little hints of next season, one grant dynasty, yeah probably going appear next season by little hint drop in first ep, and we already know it, without spoiling but hint at the return of dracula, i mean come on we all know he coming back.

    He does so one time in this time period, though much later, honestly don't minds changes made to story i mean think about it, if followed game tooth and nail it kinda confine them with kinda story they meant to tell.

    Also without spoiling love all cameos of casltevania fan favorite monsters including one i wasn't expecting to see, toward the end.

    So guess wait till season 4 , this looks like middle of the road of the story so probably got couple more seasons left before wrap up, trevor, sypha and alcuad and hector, and issacs, and carmelas storylines.

  7. Alucard is my fave character and I got mixed reactions on the threesome, glad he killed those two vampire hunters but i’m sad he’s a bi.

  8. How can you have a over arcing plot in a story about multiple people in far locations the over arc plot from the last story (last season) made it so all our characters could go off and have this arc. honestly allucards arc is sad but fucking grand and it sets up for a great future encounter. I loved isaacs story of triumph. my biggest issue is really the whole trevor and sypha felt pointless and a big time waste since the arc was meant for saint germain.( ALSO so glad to see such a weird game character make it to the show.) making it feel like the main 2 characters didnt have any form of arc this season

  9. You know, it was the worst possible ending for Alucard. Damn, these two were supposed to save him, not turn him into a monster by their greed. It hurts. Rarely does something make me feel this way. I… like it anyway. I liked the other side of Trevor's adventures. I liked the ulterior motives of the diplomat girl that lead to Hector's fall. And I hate it as much.

  10. I think season 3 was good, but not really as great as the previous seasons.


    One thing that I really dislike about the season is how it dumbed down certain characters. The Hector plot twist was dumb as hell. Hector kept stating that he knew that Carmilla wanted to use him to create an army for her, yet he still falls into the sister's obvious trap cause of sex.
    Trevor and Sypha were especially dumb when they wasted time investigating the priory. There was no reason that the two couldn't have beaten up the monks and killed the demon that was manipulating them before it sacrificed the people of the town.

    I also wasn't a fan of the animation. I noticed that the animation sometimes wasn't smooth during fight scenes like season 1 and 2 were. Sometimes the character's would slow down whenever they looked 3D like. The only other thing I didn't like was bi Alucard.

  11. I felt the new season was not a lot of action, Alucard basically did nothing (I thought he could have researched or fixed things in the Belmont house or the castle) and the new characters were boring. The last episode felt like the only one that was worth watching, the only character that did some thing was Isaac or carmellas generals that got things done. Season 2 and 1 were way better

  12. So i sow Castelvania season 3 and it was good the only thing i don’t get is why did the judge murder children? This seems like a pointless detail to include. Why was it included i don’t know. Doas it have any kind of relevance to the story? No! I don’t see the reason. And yes it had forshadowing but i don’t get why was it there in the first plaice.

  13. Just watched the whole season in one sitting..
    What a ride! ESPECIALLY episode 9.
    Can't wait for season 4.

  14. I felt the new season was not a lot of action, Alucard basically did nothing (I thought he could have researched or fixed things in the Belmont house or the castle) and the new characters were boring. The last episode felt like the only one that was worth watching, the only character that did some thing was Isaac or carmellas generals that got things done. Season 2 and 1 were way better

  15. The Dialogue are a big part of building the characters and the universe they lives in, and this is one of its many great aspects.
    A fantastical show.

  16. The problems with season 3 are that you feel it is a setup for season 4 and not it's own standalone season.
    For me that is quite ok. But it sometimes feels..not as epic as i hoped, but the drama and scheming was on point

  17. I was like wtfffffff Alucard taking it in the rear lol. But Hector struck gold xD but I knew Leonora's goals and knew they will have contact

  18. Season 3 was really really good, but i feel like they need to be really careful with season 4 for tonal balance since this season ended really sadly for everybody but Isaac. They at least need to let the characters refresh a little because the ending of the season was really heavy

  19. Honestly I need season 4 cuz everything had me trigger even more Alucard, I need to know that he won't turn like Dracula!!!

  20. The problem is for all the games have tried no antagonist has ever hit like dracula. We've have Walter Bernhard, death, lucifer but none are at the level of dracula. Carmilla definiely isnt it

  21. All that futuristic stuff was an easter egg or part of something bigger? Btw who whas the guy that Saint Germain was looking for?

  22. Game canon story is ten times better than this season( sorry but I absolutely hated this season, it literally made me mad…sorry)

  23. Spoilers I personally didn’t like what he did with alucard And that scene Never in years of love the character will a see a bi sex scene like that I think they jump the shark with that

  24. This season was a filler season to set itself up for a strong season 4. Quite frankly I think they did a phenomenal job. I think it was important for Trevor and sypha to have a relatively slow season and turn it up for Hector and and the vampire sisters. It was a very good season 3 and I appreciated it's raciness

  25. Only thing I will always remember about this season is Alucard is now officially bisexual and got laid by some dude… I know vampires are sexual but duuude that was a WTF moment for me

  26. Move the Judge Linden reveal forward and culminate his story within the first half of the season => Add some much-needed action to the first half AND more clarity to Linden (just 'oh it's a fucked up town man is NOT sufficient explanation for why he particularly did what he did and in that almost ritualistic fashion)

    Wrap up explanations of the 'new' concepts re: world building we were introduced to with Saint Germaine and Isaac as quickly as possible

    Deal with Alucard's loneliness and conflict without adding two characters to his story who were entirely forced, from the circumstances of their entry to the show to their motivations for doing what they did (jumped to 'he's not showing us the whole castle, let's get really angry really fast' point way too quickly too) and give him some real action

  27. I disagree, the characters all had great development. It has a creaping vibe of "is Dracula coming back". Then when it's still when. I'm damn sure he's coming back. A great twist would be him becoming a hero because his wife comes back as well. So I predict an All out war with four vampire chicks, and a pet. Plus you know the castle machine will get repaired. But yes Alucard has more baggage, probably helping him become a better ass kicker.

  28. I loved the conclusion of this season. It brought the relation of the stories together, including the side plots. (I'm still waiting to see how Trevor and Sypha's story ties into the rest again.)

  29. So what was in the infinite corridor i saw a giant robot an alien ship and rainbow colored aztect guys i can't find anything in this and i have no idea what it was

  30. Y’all think Alucard will slowly erode and become like his father ? He really needs some kind of light in his life, and if he keeps meeting ppl who betray/hurt him, the ending scene of spiking ppl mirroring the opening scene of season1 like his fathers castle got me shook.

  31. If you see the season like a story on its own… yes I have problems with pacing, but! once you put it together with season 4, I bet the story will feel more compelling!, its like watching Empire Strikes Back, you ended up with lots of question, but all wraps up in the conclusion

  32. the Alucard plotline was the weakest in my opinion, and it's especially saddening concidering that the entire point of it was to scar him 🙁

  33. This season was great with all the build up. We now know Dracula actually can return. Wish he did and just started killing… really the only thing i was disappointed in

  34. My view: Isaac stole this season. His development was top notch and not to mention the glory that he won at the end. I started off not enjoying it as much to fully enjoying and rooting for him every time that he was on the screen. It was mainly a season of character development for everyone. This season was pretty good, in my opinion, and I can't wait for the next one!

  35. I really love the season and want more. This to me is what Game of Thrones wishes it was. I want it to keep going and become the next Game of Thrones. Well Game of Thrones meets Dark Souls

  36. I thought it was kind of boring except for the last 2 episodes! They were awesome and felt bad especially for Alucard

  37. hmm thought it was kinda boring it all felt more like one huge filler and setup for season 4. the only one that really had any development was isaac. the vampire hunters and alacard relationship just felt weird and allot of it just came out of the blue. Trevor and Sypha just feel so powerfull you never really feel like they are in danger and hector just is so niave and stupid you just know what is going to happen. i know he is supposed to be child like niave, but nobody can be that stupid……

  38. Oh yes. I loved the parallels between Adrian and clad towards the end after the you know what. Isaac by far has had the best arc of learning his true nature and his purpose in the world. Lenore was by far the best vampire of the 4. She is cunning, strong and most importantly persuasive. I almost feel bad for hector. He’s like a child that never grew up. He so easy to trick and deceive it is almost sad.

  39. Ok but like what’s up with Sumi and Taka’s betrayal? Like I’m sorry y’all, I love this show, but it was out of nowhere.

  40. Anyone else praying for a Season 4 just to see Isaac and his army kick Carmilla’s ass? 😎😎😎

    I’m kinda mixed on that too cos I really like those two Vampire ladies (the tall one and the one dressed like a noblewoman) … and also that we now know Lisa went to Hell (if that really was Hell) … sheesh given how good she was wanting to help people I wonder if anyone makes it to Heaven! Or was she just marked for Hell after marrying Dracula??? 🤔🤔🤔

    Thanks for reviewing this show!

  41. One thing that it's not clear for me… Is the timeline.
    How much time passed? And the story happend at the same time?
    Because Carmilla story is from one month…
    But Belmonth tell he travelled for two months…
    And Alucard… is confusing …
    If someone can explain it please XD


    It's pretty nice, to put mildly.
    + Although, definitely way too many dialogues scenes with questionable writing & somewhat forced humor. If the studio wanna do something like Japanese anime, than at least they should have put a better camera work & cinematography.
    + Poor Hector, dude just can't take a break. Honestly though, his fate is just way to differ than his game counterpart.
    + Definitely a complete 180 change with Isaac, especially him a religious jihadist. Although this could be the point where he might be the one that would save Hector instead
    + Lenore is the best villain so far for this season. What a real cruel sadist evil B LOL

    + Dang … Alucard became full on emo now, This ain't good & I really HATE this. I think this is the WORST PLOT of the season imo. I really though Taka & Sumi will make their own monster hunter branch for Japan aka HAKUBA clan to help Belmont family. This is quite a bad switcheroo imo. Also, there was no indication whatsoever of them being aggressive or extreme with the whole thing. It really felt out of characters for Taka & Sumi & even Alucrad himself in the end.

  43. Grim Reaper! Come on! 💀

    More skeletons! The games are 64% skeletons.

    Other than that the season was solid.

  44. I can't believe they made Alucard a Bi-sexual character. This season was so bad in terms of outcomes and situations. I want them to introduce Grant Danasty in a good way.

  45. All of your criticism is about what you can expect from a typical woman trying to review this show. No offense, they just seem baseless and weird.

  46. I think the lack of an overarching plot is a given. Season 2 had such an objective goal, I'd argue it actually hindered it because it meant the trio had to be stuck in the Belmont hold until the finale. But I think the lack of a goal can work, and does here. S3 stands just as tall if not taller because it makes up in sheer worldbuilding.

  47. Season 3 for me was kinda underwhelming because of the overusing of endless talking, characters going back and forth, eating, drinking and more talking. No real plot. And the overusing of sexual content. I do agree, Isaac did get the strong character development as well as St. Germain. Just like the previous Season 2, we always get the real action until the last 2 episodes. But overall, I'm still hyped for Season 4. And the writer for this series is none other than Warren Ellis. . ..

  48. I think trevor and syphas story was great and actually not random. We can all say he is, but their story shows that dracula has a good chance of coming back. It shows that people, or monsters, are making an actual attempt to revive/return him.

  49. Trevor and sypha are fighting a bunch of demons Isaac is fighting that wizard guy and then alucard and hector are getting laid

  50. The lgbt didn’t bother me at all, they were written to be more interesting and not so one-dimensional. On a different note, I felt the threesome in the plot was a little much, I’m not sure why they put this in. That was the only part that made me scratch my head.

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