Cartoon Network And Teen Titans Go Involved In HUGE SCANDAL!

Cartoon Network And Teen Titans Go Involved In HUGE SCANDAL!

Hey, everyone. I’m Justin and welcome back to stuff at scale fly I thought it could be at least you know a day without Cartoon network having some Ridiculous news so as you guys remember just about a month ago I released a video about Cartoon network in Nigeria going under the DSTV distributor Banning a lot of shows like Steven universe and Etc, ETc Etc But today, we’re kind of following up on that news story Yes, that is kind of still happening But this is another wrinkle in the story as a whole so if you remember why they were being banned It’s because they were showing suggestive things on television for kids and a Suggestive as they were they really weren’t all that was really shown were two people kissing and that’s not really suggestive Whatsoever I mean you can walk outside and see that that’s something that you can actually See in the real world or probably even in your house put the showing on TV in front of kids that’s absolutely Blasphemous even though they can just go on Instagram snapchat and Youtube and see way worse or a number of other websites that are available On the internet yeah, but this new story stems from DSTV the company that distributes Cartoon network in Nigeria So this story has been developing for a few days I just recently caught wind of it, but the story goes is that there was a suggestive image from teen titans Go displayed from DSTV on Cartoon Network I can’t talk about the image showed in the video or link it in the description because it’s pretty graphic (Note from someone who has seen the image, it contain robin, starfire, sexual themes, all drawn in show’s artstyle.) But you know I’m sure if you want to you can search on the internet and find it, but it’s pretty graphic It’s not what should be shown the kids let alone from teen titans go I think it’s hilarious this whole thing kind of links back to teen titans go and they didn’t choose any other show they chose this One maybe it was some devious fan being like okay You’re going to be in Steven universe, you’re going to ban star versus the force of evil Let’s give you a reason to ban teen titans go, but the weird thing is in all of this Is that this wasn’t actually aired by Cartoon Network even though? it looks like it was I had the watermark in the banner the whole Shebang, but people say otherwise I actually have a news article pulled up from one of the outlets that’s reporting on the matter and I’m going to talk about it But if you want to check out the full for yourself check out the link in the description down below Moulding choice was responding to concern customers who sought clarification? On the issue after a picture of a TV station running lewd material during the Cartoon Network Banners surfaced online Quote. We are aware of the justified concern of some of our African viewers regarding. What purportedly I don’t even know if that’s a word Purportedly shows inappropriate content on Cartoon Network we can confirm that these images are not authentic and have never been broadcasted on any official Cartoon Network platforms in Africa and clove And then actually continues and says it’s a fake images on social media were not produced by Cartoon network and are in no way Representative of our goal to produce suitable age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families Wow, so yeah this was a real thing or a Real fake thing which is interesting and I thought it was worth a video and worth talking about because it just seems like Cartoon network Really can’t like catch a break these days in my last video I was talking about this news story that broke of Cartoon Network having a new live-action stage performance which I’m guaranteeing It’s going to get a lot of flack They keep airing a very specific show and a lot of people aren’t happy with the directions that the network is going in for myself I’m just kind of sitting by the side lines and spectating because that’s really all you can do at this point. It’s interesting I thought this was a really really weird and bizarre news article and Yeah, good old Cartoon network it’s so funny because Nickelodeon on the opposite side of the pond is just like we’re bringing back all these shows or bringing back rock Oh, hey, Arnold or hopefully doing that ren and stimpy sure still in making all of our fans happy It’s a really weird dynamic between the two networks and if you’re a fan of cartoons, it’s an interesting time to be alive But anyways if you want to check out the full news article for yourself check out the link in the description down below Where you can read it there as always if there’s any other weird news that comes out in Nickelodeon Cartoon Network at Disney I’ll be here to talk about it as always. I’m justin you guys know I love you subscribe So you don’t miss any future videos and as always I’ll catch you guys in the next one bye guys oh, cartoon network I love you you you

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  1. Your video is completely made up drama, there is no conflict between CN and Tenn Titans Go! In fact TTG is the highest rated show on CN. Please get the life friend.

  2. When they take this show out behind the shed and shoot it, I can finally feel safe about turning my TV on before 8:00 pm…

  3. All this time it was this easy to get Teen Titans Go banned? I wish we would've known this sooner. Could've saved some brain cells?

  4. this is the only problem I have with CN now adays (I watched it back when even the commercials were all about cartoons) is that the only show they really have on in TTG. The channel name of Cartoon Network would imply that you air cartoons, but only playing 1 show all day with the rare time slot of gumball, they should just change the name to "Teen Titans Go Network" and get it over with. Go ahead, at the time you read this comment put on CN. Whats playing? Unless adult swim is on I am willing to bet that you will be turning on TTG.

  5. who the fuck except ignorant kids watch cartoon Network now every time I tune in it's fucking teen Titans go or okay ko super cancerous visual horseshit is all I see thank God adult swim still keeps it real

  6. pur·port·ed·ly



    as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; allegedly.
    "the photos purportedly show Nina with a lover"

  7. I usually hate when r34 affects the things I love, however , Teen Titans Go is not one of those things. If r34 can get it banned, I'm all for it!! laughs evilly

  8. Uhm they can't go see those things on the internet in their country. They can't do see people kissing outside. Nigeria isn't a free place learn the news before you report it.

  9. "That's not suggestive, you can see it outside or on the Internet!" See, but that's not actually sound logic.

  10. sees image through comment section

    Oh, man what a mess they have to clean up. If rule 34 can kill murder cartoon pilots, like the modifyers (just thinking about it disgusts me) so can established tv shows

  11. How can u say its a good time for cartoons? They have ruined EVERY GOOD cartoon whoever made the new teen titans should be castrated! Its a bullshit show to further dumb down and hand hold a pussy ass gemeration that needs to be thrown to the wolves if they are going to survive as aldults cartoon network is fucking bullshit now and not worth the time

  12. We know we can see it fucktard its suggestive because it suggestd a secual relationship. Are you seriously talking about cartoon network in fucking nigeria. Get a life what the fuck is wrong with you

  13. Love his vids but In my own meaningless opinion if you cant even say it or leave a link than just don't make a video at all

  14. so two great tv shows get shut down just because of teen titans go a sucky ass tv show just gives more reason to hate it . though star vs evil did had some things that had saint involved and steven just had sexual dance moves but they were both still good cause they had sometthing some of the other shows didnt have

  15. "Reportedly" I'm not even sure if thats a word.". This guy is a one of a kind genius. Reportedly is a word you fucking dumbshit

  16. You have Powerpuff girls and teen Titans, literally children twerking in their underwear in front of the screen. They deserve to be fired.

  17. I KNEW IT! I KNEW THIS ALL ALONG! F**KING BULLCRAP! Teen Titans Go needs to get cancelled and taken off the air right now!

  18. That's no reason to cancel it, fuck these pussies!! Sure, Teen Titans GO shouldn't have existed in the first place (real Teen Titans was way better) but to cancel something because of some shit eating liberal faggotry? Fuck that and fuck them.

  19. pur·port
    past tense: purported; past participle: purported
    appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely; profess.

  20. that country is so stupid and very triggered to everything even they get triggered when they see cartoon characters kissing thats fucking stupid as shit that country needs to die

  21. If anyone is curious to see the pic then go right ahead but be WARNED!!!! if you do not wish to see it then don't but to those who do here it is

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