Cartoon Hook-Ups: Teen Titans Compilation (Every Teen Titans Hook Up)

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Teen Titans Compilation (Every Teen Titans Hook Up)

Hey Raven, why did you want to meet…? I’m tired of fighting it Beast Boy. I give in. I like you. I knew it! Yoooooou Liiiiiike Meee! Ha ha ha! Uh, if you’re going to be like this, I
can just leave. No. Raven, I like you too. I always
have. Woah! What are you wearing!? You’re like,
naked! Beast Boy… I love you… I thought you’d
like this? Uh… Raven, I can see… too much. Why can’t you be a man about this!? I’m a boy! Beast BOY! No, you’re a pussy. Ugh. What an ass. Just stop. Robin, I do not understand you sometimes. Can you please just tell me how you feel? I just, can’€™t… It’€™s complicated. Perhaps you do not like me? Speak plainly. No, Starfire, I have the biggest crush on you. That is terrible! You want to crush me!? No! Not what I meant. I have the hots for you! You want to burn me alive?! No, No Jeeze! I just meant… I think I love you, Starfire. I love you too. So… Does this mean… we can do it? Do it? You know, ‘œbone’€ ? You want to stick some kind of bone to me? Um… Kinda? I meant Bang? I do not know what you mean, but I think we should be the kissing now. You know what? The kissing sounds great. The Titans know about us… why did
you want to meet here? I just wanted to make sure we’€™d be
alone. Knowing your luck, you might have
just blown that. *Knocking* Housekeeping! Go away! Housekeeping? *Laughs* Whatever. Get over here…
Stone… Oh, I see how you wanna play… *Clang* Woah! What was that!? I don’€™t know. *Clang!* What the hell? Oh, no. You don’€™t think…? Booyah! Wally, what are you doing here!? I told you, we’€™re over! We’€™re… not… over! Trust me. You’€™re over. Beast Boy, you know Slade wouldn’€™t
want me to be here… Forget him Terra! It’€™s just you and
me now. Okay. Talk dirty to me, Beast Boy. You got it Mama! I’ve been a bad,
bad beast boy! Oh yeah? Are you gonna tell me all
the Teen Titan’€™s secrets? What? Terra! You promised! You sure you can’€™t tell me? Must… Not… Give in… Who’€™s a good boy? Ok! I’€™ll talk! The Teen Titan’€™s
biggest weakness is- **Door Open/Close** Beast Boy! Raven! Terra. Amy! Sorry, wrong room. What are you doing here? I was just about to pop in Robin
and Starfire’€™s room, but now I’€™m
stopping Beast Boy from making a
huge mistake. You’€™re the worst. No, you are. Hey you two, calm down. Why don’€™t
we all just kiss about it? Where the heck is Raven??? **Oh, Beast Boy… You’€™re an animal!** **Roar** I just don’€™t know about this place
anymore. What the hell is Winky Dink Media? I don’€™t know but they definitely weren’€™t hired by Deathstroke! I mean, we can be SURE of that! Right? Okay, now I definitely don’€™t want to be here. Hey come on guys, this is not the cool, even if it is a trap… We are still the Teen Titans! I vote that Terra needs to get the [email protected]#k out of here. I don’€™t have to listen to you. Robin? Get the [email protected]#k out of here. Boo ya!! Fine! Beast Boy, you coming? No way, mamma! I got everything I need right here! Beast Boy, should you really be drinking? Probably not. On second thought… Evils afoot, Titans! My foot is evil?! Die, evil foot!! No… Can, can someone stop her. Hold up, the only evil here is Cartoon Network! Have you guys seen your contracts for this? It sucks! Well, it is a parody. Hey, still better than Teen Titans, Go. So, so… If you like, take, take… a potato and like stick it in the exhaust point…part…port near our front door… it’€™ll explode!! It’€™s really a bad design flaw. Uh huh, go on. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, nothing! We are good! We are SO good! Shouldn’t we be meeting back up with the others now? Why don’€™t you just have another drink? Okay mama! Did we leave Beast Boy with Terra? He’€™s an adult, he’€™ll be fine. No, he’€™s actually a teen, like all of us? Stop it, you’€™re just jealous. Sorry I’€™m late guys! Had to pick up a few things. But welcome to Winky Dink Media, Teen Titans! Oh hell no! Are you wearing a mother [email protected]#king Deathstroke t-shirt?! Oh, this? No no no, this is clearly Deadpool. See? Deadpool! And why are you holding a bag of potato’s? I was… hungry? Titans! Evil is definitely afoot! No! Evil is HIM, Starfire! HE is evil! That was a bit much. No, robot, look! Wow, Starfire was right. It’€™s probably best if we get out of here. Titans, Go! UGH! What the heck am I doing? This is such a bad idea… Raven! I was wondering who it was that asked me to be here. I’ve just been doing some thinking. What is it, Raven? You look sad. I don’t know if I should tell you… Are you thinking of joining the
Brotherhood of Evil!? No, no. It’s not that. Well, what is it? Starfire… I think you’€™re really hot. Oh. But not like that you have a fever… Raven. Or that I think you’re on fire. Raven! Or that you’re uncomfortably warm. Raven!! I understand what it is that you are saying. You do? Yes. You think I am the sexy. I do. Raven, these feelings you are having… I am having them too. Whatever you were about to do, please pretend I’€™m not
even here. C’€™mon, please!? You totally killed the mood. Yes! The mood stood no chance against us! We are the
TEEN TITANS! Uh. Are you sure you want to do this? Yeah. Whats the harm in having a
little fun? Ok. Maybe this isn’€™t such a great
Idea. What no! It’€™s fine! Maybe we just
need to spice it up a little. Ok… What did you have in mind? How about… Some role playing? I don’€™t know… Come on! It’l€™l be fun! I’€™ll play a
man cursed to change into animals, and you can be an all powerful
space alien princess! Do you think it will the work? Don’€™t worry Mama! Animal Man will
take care of you! Oh. Yeah. You are the Bad Boy! I’m a Ba-ah-ah-ahd Boy alright. … We should the go… UGH!!! Ahhh!!!! Beast Boy, why do you make the
noises of constipation? Cause I’€™m going crazy MAMA! All
this pent up testosterone is making
me more Beast than BOY! What is causing this problem? Between Raven pretending she
doesn’€™t have feelings and Tera only looking at me long enough to pelt
me with rocks! I have no one to love! Is that all? You just need the
loving? Well yeah! But where am I going to
get it from! Do not fret anymore friend! I shall Love you. But what about Robin? I still love him too, but on my
planet we have a saying. Gworp graznack melkor sped. Love all that is not dead with true passion! If that means we’€™re gonna get it on, I’€™m IN! Come here Beast boy. Now lay down. Oh yeah MAMA! Thats the spot! Oh you’€™re so good at this! Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Sleep tight little kitty. Oh, hey, RobbyPoo. …Hey Kitten. I noticed you came here with Raven
and Starfire. I figured you probably just forgot about me. No. Not really. Of course you did. Don’€™t be silly. Whatever you say… Well? Aren’€™t you going to tell me
how beautiful I am? I mean, you are pretty hot. I know. Way hotter than that alien
chick. What’s her stupid name? …Starfire. Great. You think it’€™s stupid too. Um, I didn’€™t… Aren’€™t you ganna make a move on me, Robby Poo? I’€™m not sure that’€™s such a good idea. And stop calling me that! *Knocks* Robin, are you in there? Oh, crap! Why’€™s the door locked? *Kissing Sounds* Robin’€™s a little busy right now! Starfire! It’s not what you think! Do you think I am the stupid? I can hear the sounds of the kissing. She’€™s just making those sounds! Starfire, can you “€œthe Go”€ . We’€™re busy here. Fine. I’€™ll the go. I can’€™t believe you would do this to me, Robin. Kitten, why would you do that! What’s wrong with you! I told you before I’€™d make you pay. Nobody dumps kitten. NOBODY. You held a grudge that long? Duh, I’m a girl. Well, hello there. Isn’€™t that cute. Using your alter ego to meet me here. Uh, yeah, sure. Don’€™t worry, I won’€™t tell my sister about this. She doesn’€™t need to know. Heck if I care. She can join if she wants. You would like that, wouldn’€™t you? Probably. Who’€™s your sister? She hot? Real cute, Robin. Ha ha. Oh, you think I’m… Yeah, I’m Robin. And your sister is… Star… Starfire. That’€™s right. She’€™s going to hate me for this. Yeah. We’€™ll do all kinds of stuff that’€™ll make her mad. You sure you’€™re okay with that? Meh, I’€™ll be fine. I’€™ll talk it out in therapy next week. You just can’€™t help yourself, huh? Finding out she has a more attractive sister. You just had to have me. Whatever you say. We going to get down to business? I imagine they’€™re already requesting me with someone else in the comments section. I’m smarter than her too. And stronger. …And more modest. Yeah, that too. I’€™m pretty much better than her in every way, right? Even if I agree, you’€™re going to keep talking, aren’€™t you. You sure are so funny. I’€™m way funnier than Starfire. Ugh. Do you want me to get naked first? I really need to move this along. Oh, crap. You know what? Don’t worry. She’s all yours. Wait, really? Yeah. I’m sure you’€™ll have plenty to talk about. Here, I’€™ll start you out: Um, politics. Starfire or Blackfire? Go. Oh, that’€™s easy. Definitely me. That’€™s the last time I ever try to fill Robin’€™s shoes. Get her tiger! Starfire, what’€™s wrong? It’€™s just Robin… I think he may be the kissing with Kitten! These boys are all the same. I caught Beast Boy with Terra a while back. Are you angry at him? Nah, it’s Cartoon Hook-Ups. Everyone
is hooking up with everyone. Does that mean we are next? It was bound to happen. Are we going to the kiss? Sure. Could be fun. Oh…my… Don’€™t do it Robin. Don’€™t… you… dare. *Kissing Noises* It’€™s the most beautiful thing I’€™ve ever see- What the? Way to go, dick fart. Well, that wasn’€™t very clever. Can’€™t be on 100% of the time. Robin! I’€™m the sorry! I didn’€™t mean to- No Starfire, it’€™s okay. Really? Robin, with the save?! Yeah, really. Go ahead. Ew! Get out of here! Dammit, turd tickler! You did it again! Turd tickler? What is wrong with you today? Hmmm… not sure. Okay, let’s see… Butt nugget. Dick knuckle. Twat bucket. Douche nozzle. Rump jumper. Corn holer. Knob gobbler. Oooo! Got it! The Gotham Gobbler. That’s you! Ha Ha! There we go! You wanted to see me Star? Yes. I do not understand something. Ok, how can I help? I am having the strange feelings. Beast Boy said this is where people come to explore them. I see, but why bring me here too? I thought you would be the best person to analyze the situation. You are my first choice. I’€™m flattered Star, but wouldn’€™t you rather Robin be here with you? No! He has small and clammy hands. I want your big, strong hands. I do have strong hands. Booyah! I am going to remove my clothing now. Please do not be gentle. Of course I’€™ll do whatever you need. just Let me get undressed. You need to get undressed to give me a massage? To give you a… But what about the feelings you have? The feelings of pain in my lower back. I was quite the clear. Oh, hell no, you were not. I thought
you was gonna get freaky! Not end in another Starfire misunderstanding plot line! Can’€™t it be both? Alright, who is the next? Oh… Seriously? This cannot be right. This must be a
mistake. I bet it’s not a mistake. Are we going to… Ha, I don’t think so. Oh, good. No way. Ugh… The NO. Nope. Uh… Yes, we should the do it! Hell, no. Hey, you can’t blame me for this one, guys. I
tried. Robby Poo! Oh, it’s you. Is it…you? I don’t think we’ve met before. You just remind me of someone. I’m guessing you’re thinking of my sister, Starfire. Ew. Yes, that’s it. Not a fan, huh? I don’t know why, but she doesn’t like me much. That’s strange. It’s probably because Robin has a crush on me. She’s probably jealous. We’re just way prettier than she is. Yeah, we are, aren’t we? Pretty much better than her in every way. Why haven’t we met before? I don’t know, but I think we’re going to be great together. I totally have an idea. Oh, yeah? We should totally get Robby Poo in on this. That would make Starfire sooooo mad. I’m down with that. I said… I’D BE DOWN WITH THAT. Guess he’s not interested. His loss. I guess there’s just nothing for me here anymore. Fine. I get it. I’m not going to ruin another hook-up. I’m outta here. Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed watching all thos old hook-ups as much as I did. Please hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and suggest your favorite characters in the comment section below. And we will see you next time. Peacce out, homies!

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    Me; still a better love story than twilight

    Also excuse me while i delete my watch history

  4. Teen titans go is the worst show ever and mostly the show is for adults and not for kids and the teens are always trying to destroy

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