Cartoon Hook-Ups: Robin and Starfire

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Robin and Starfire

Robin, I do not understand you sometimes. Can you please just tell me how you feel. I just, can’t… It’s complicated. Perhaps you do not like me? Speak plainly. No, Starfire, I have the biggest crush on you. That is terrible! You want to crush me!? No! Not what I meant. I have the hots for you! You want to burn me alive?! No, No Jeeze! I just meant… I think I love you, Starfire. I love you too. So… Does this mean… we can do it? Do it? You know, “bone”? You want stick some type of bone to me? Um… Kinda? I meant Bang? I do not know what you mean, but I think we should be the kissing now. You know what? The kissing sounds great.

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  2. me gusta me gusta me gusta los titanes los titanes me gusta me gusta me gusta los titanes siempre gustan los titanes porque yo le gustan los titanes ti latin latíe

  3. Está tan rica starfire en este vídeo que está mira quiero clavar 👉👌👉👌👉👌👌👈


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