Cartoon Animator 4 – 【動畫】安傑貓新形象 & 會員制度正式推出!

Cartoon Animator 4 – 【動畫】安傑貓新形象 & 會員制度正式推出!

Planck’s constant?! Since when does Corpus console start using math equations?! *Hack Failed* *Alarm*
Oh…okay…Fine… Ugh!!! God! just how many are you guys?! Get out of my way…! FIne, I’ll just NUKE you guys! Phew… I’ll just use cipher instead. *Hack succeed* Ugh…Corpus are so annoying…! Oh! Oh…Hello there! I am…UGH…! Hey there, hi! AnJet here! Well, today’s plan is to introduce you guys to My new animated avatar How I design my old animated avatars And my channel’s new membership system! So first, starting today. I’ll be seeing you guys a lot with this new look of me! I also have plan to release more animated shorts like this one in the future. You can look forward to that! I also wanna thanks Reallusion For sponsoring me Cartoon Animator 4 software. This software is truely amazing! And now…Let’s talk about some dark history of mine. You might not know this… The first animated AnJetCat was actually released back at 2018.5.9 It’s also the very first time I tried to use CTA3. I don’t even know what I’m doing most of the time… Then in a series of chaotic events, AnJetCat 1.0 was born. It was released before my animated Q&A video. Back then I didn’t even know lip sync was a thing. He doesn’t even know how to breathe or wag his tail. I only gave him a few different pictures of his facial and right arm. And switch between them to make him looks like he’s moving. He was pretty stiff looking back then. And a half hard-working month later. AnJetCat Puppet 2.0 was born. He was released for my very first Q&A video. This time, he finally knows how to breathe, how to wag his tail, and how to lip-sync! I also gave him a tablet with a cat paw icon to read out the questions. The reactions from my viewers were pretty good. So I start using him as the intro of my other videos. Then, last year in November. Reallusion invited me to make an introduction video about their newest animating system with iPhone Live Face. So I tried to make a new AnJetCat puppet with their facial capturing system. A.K.A. AnJetCat 3.0 Well…the collaboration was pretty successful I guess…? But after the collaboration, I gave the iPhone back to apple company. That’s why AnJetCat 3.0 was never used again. So, a while after that. Reallusion released their CTA4 animating software this year. Featuring their newest 360-degree head system. And gave me a CTA4 software to try it out! Uh Huh…And that’s how AnJetCat 4.0 was born! This time, other than getting a battle-ready outfit. My free-turning head can also let me express myself in a much better way! And! Coming with AnJetCat 4.0… The channel membership you guys have been asking a lot is finally going live! Once you join the membership, You can have my VIP badge showing in front of your name, Be able to use my custom emoji, Watch some of my newest videos much earlier, With bonus behind the scene videos! And most of all,
I’ll also be putting your name in the end credit of my videos! If you like my channel,
Do consider joining my membership! It’s like buying me a coffee every month to help me make more videos! And, if you haven’t subscribed to me yet, Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to get a hang of my latest videos! *Stalker Noise* UH OH… *Stalker Noise Again* I gotta get out of here…

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  1. 安傑終於露臉了!!(好像哪裡不對

  2. 好像變胖了( ̄▽ ̄)~*而且貓竟然只有4支手指頭(驚訝
    總結來說好可愛,圓嘟嘟的 (^・ω・^ )

  3. 變得更有立體感了~

  4. 厲害!做動畫總是需要很多時間和精力的(尤其是比較細緻的動作部分),安傑棒棒

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