recent decades, Donald Trump stands out as the president who’s been the most hostile
in his attitude towards Hispanics. Perhaps the most hostile in the entire history
of the United States. His comments against immigration, Mexicans,
Salvadorans… you don’t have to look very far to understand why a good part of the Hispanic
population can’t stand President Trump. But don’t get me wrong. Here on VisualPolitik, we’re all for people
changing their mind and their behaviour. Come on, I’m sure that ten years ago you
didn’t have the same views as you do today. That’s certainly true for me. After all, self-correction is a sign of wisdom… And you know what? It may come as a surprise but this is what
Trump is doing in his own weird way. You don’t believe me? Well… He really is! Check this out: What a change, don’t you think? So the question is… What on earth happened? Well… No, Trump didn’t undergo a deep spiritual
transformation, nor was he suddenly moved to empathize with the Hispanic community’s
situation. And no, it’s not even because he’s a fan
of Jennifer Lopez’s last hit. Do you want to know what really lies behind
this game change? Well… listen up. (INTRO) The Hispanic vote. Yeah, remember these three words because they
may be key in the 2020 US elections. To give you an idea, Hispanics already account
for 18% of the entire United States population and this percentage just keeps growing. (CHART) Hispanics are already the largest minority
group in the country. (CHART) According to every projection and demographic
model, by 2060 the percentage of Hispanics will exceed 26% of the population of the United
States. In other words, just over 1 in 4 Americans
will be Hispanic. Obviously, this will give them a gradually
increasing electoral influence. So making policies or giving speeches against
Hispanics doesn’t look like a great way to reap political success. Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? However, just a second, because nowadays the
electoral weight of the Hispanic community, is much, much weaker than it could be. Why? Because if there’s something that characterizes
the Hispanic vote in the United States, is that it’s very hard to mobilize. Hispanics are known for their low voter turnout
in United States elections – Bad, very, very bad. But… Why does this happen? What exactly is the Hispanic electorate? What concerns do they have? How is the Hispanic vote distributed throughout
the country? It sounds like a lot of questions, but I promise
you that we’ll answer each and every one of them. Do you want to get a cross section of the
Hispanic vote in the United States? Well… here we go… (HISPANICS, THE MAJOR MINORITY) If we take a look at the main ethnic groups
in the United States, we’ll notice that the Hispanic population has some peculiar
characteristics. And as we’ve said, we aren’t exactly talking
about a small community. Almost 60 million Hispanics lived in the US
by the end of 2018. This makes the United States the second largest
Hispanic country in terms of population. Although it seems hard to believe, the United
States has more Hispanic people than the entire populations of countries such as Colombia,
Argentina or Spain. The Hispanic community of the United States
grows, in demographic terms, at a rate of 2% per year. And in recent decades their standard of living
has also improved a lot. To give you an idea, the current rate of unemployment
for Hispanics is close to its historical low, below 5%; the dropout rate decreased from
29.4% in 1992 to 9.2% in 2015. And the rate of Hispanics enrolled in universities
rose from 25% to 47% in just 10 years, between 2005 and 2015. These are very, very good numbers… And these changes guarantee Hispanics a much
greater economic, political and social influence in the years to come. To illustrate this, just since 2000, Hispanics’
purchasing power in the US has increased by 181%, rising to $1.4 trillion. And… do you know what this means? That the United States is the largest Hispanic
economic power in the world. The Hispanic economy in the United States
is larger than the entire economy of Spain or Mexico. Hispanic power will only increase in the United
States. However, it’s not all good news. If we talk in terms of income and poverty,
the truth is that the Hispanic population is still far behind the white population and
other minority groups such as Asian-Americans. Despite their rise in upward mobility, more
than 19% of Hispanics, that’s roughly 1 in 5, are still below the poverty line according
to US standards and their average income per capita doesn’t surpass $19,000 per year,
which is half of what the average white person makes. But… let’s not get off track, let’s
RETURN to politics… which is what this video is truly about. The Hispanic population is very young. Their average age is 10 years lower than the
national average and 15 years lower than the average age of the white population in the
US. These demographics obviously influence the
community’s political preferences and their degree of participation. It may also explain why, while Hispanics already
account for 18% of the country’s population, in terms of potential voters they barely account
for 11%. And on top of that, they vote less frequently. That’s why their political influence is
still relatively small. But this is also changing. (THE DYSFUNCTION OF THE HISPANIC VOTE) Dear friends of Visual Politik, at first glance
of the map, the distribution of the Hispanic population could indicate that they are a
determining community when it comes to the elections. (MAP) Why? Because, as you all know, in the US elections,
the presidential candidate who obtains the majority in a state gets all of that state’s
delegates. That happens in virtually every case… It’s all or nothing. That’s why the presidential victory depends
on getting more delegates than the opponent, not more votes. And that makes the states with the most delegate
seats the prize that all presidential candidates desire. Well it turns out that Hispanics have a very
high presence in those prized states. The Hispanic population is mostly concentrated
in California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois. Five of the six states with the most delegates
distributed in the elections: 171 out of a total of 538. Do you see why at first glance they seem to
be so crucial in the elections? Well… The truth is that they are… and they aren’t. Let’s see, many analysts claim that the
Hispanic vote can decide presidents, but the truth is that it isn’t so clear today. At least not for the 2020 elections. The problem? We’ve already told you: Hispanics hardly
vote. Among all ethnic groups, Hispanics are the
least electorally mobilized. For example, in the last presidential elections,
in 2016, just over 57% of Hispanics with the right to vote registered to do so. That’s a low number, but what’s even worse
is that in the end only 47.6% actually voted. Almost 20 points less than the political participation
of non-Hispanic whites. (CHART) So why is it that Hispanics avoid elections
so much? Well… Well, there are many factors, but the most
important one is that it’s mostly a young population. And what can I say, outside the VisualPolitik
Community, it seems like many young people tend to skip politics. But that’s not the only reason. The lower average level of education and income
also feeds political apathy. But, at this point, many of you are probably
already thinking… Come on, this is normal, it happens in lots
of countries. Well yes… and no. We’re here to tell you: Little by little,
this divergence regarding the non-Hispanic white population is lowering. Hispanics are studying more, making more money
and voting more. For example, look at what happened in the
most recent elections, the midterm elections. (AUDIO: Latino turnout up 174% in 2018 midterms
elections, Democrats say. The Guardian) And, of course… you may be thinking… If the problem of mobilizing the Hispanic
community is being solved… Could they be decisive in 2020? Well… Let’s see. (COULD HISPANICS DECIDE THE 2020 ELECTION?) Do you have a good memory? Do you remember Trump’s words which we saw
at the beginning of this video? No, no, I’m not referring to the ones in
which he insults Hispanics, but the later quotes, in which he suddenly seems to love
them. Well, that change of opinion could have a
lot to do with what we’re going to see next. (AUDIO: Hispanics could make a difference
in 2020 (if they turn out to vote). – Univision) An important fact: the 2020 elections will
be the first elections in the history of the United States in which Hispanics will be the
minority with the most electoral power, surpassing the African-American population. Yes, With 32 million potential voters, by
2020 Hispanics will account for 13% of the electoral roll. There will be 2 million more of them than
African-American voters. And nowadays Hispanic dynamics are quite clear:
2 out of 3 usually vote for Democratic Party candidates. But the explanation for this isn’t that
they are Democrats or Republicans, it lies in the systematic commitment that the Republican
Party has had to oppose them in recent years. Yes, Despite what is commonly believed, the
Hispanic vote is extremely volatile, perhaps the most volatile. Most don’t identify themselves as dedicated
supporters of one particular party, but rather oscillate based on the candidates and the
political proposals they put on the table. And the Trump campaign is well aware of that. You see, all studies suggest that the economy,
along with the improvement of education and safety, are the three issues that Hispanic
voters care most about. And the truth is that the US economy has been
performing quite well in recent years. For example, the income of Hispanic households
is the fastest growing, and also remember that Hispanic unemployment is at a record
low. In fact, even though it’s still low, at
just 30%, Trump’s popularity among Hispanics has slightly rebounded. Therefore, although it may come as a surprise,
the Trump campaign hasn’t given up on the attempt to improve their support levels among
the Hispanic community. The “Vamos to Victory” campaign is a good
example of that. (AUDIO: More hispanics think that Trump’s
campaign have the community in mind, but those who say they will vote for him are a minority. – Univision) And the question is, could this be Trump’s
last card? A demobilized Hispanic vote would definitely
benefit him, but… What if they were to mobilize? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to reinforce
his position in that new voting ground? Or at the very least stop giving Hispanics
reasons to mobilize against him. The truth is that everything indicates that
in 2020, more Hispanics will vote. Their participation is set to break all records
for a presidential election, just as it did in the midterm elections. (AUDIO Hispanic voter turnout in 2018 increased
dramatically in six states, analysis finds. Hispanic voter turnout increased significantly
in the 2018 midterms as compared to the 2014 election, according to a Univision analysis
of turnout in California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Texas.” CBS News) Do some of these states sound familiar to
you? Exactly, you got it. Out of the five states where the Hispanic
vote increased the most, no less than four, California, Florida, New York and Texas, are
among the ones with the most delegates. In other words, they are the most important
regarding presidential elections. So, having seen this, will the Hispanic community
be the deciding factor this time? Will Trump manage to improve his popularity
among Hispanics? Because, in spite of everything, if the economy
continues to do well… it’s not entirely unlikely. However, the trade war with China is having
harsh consequences for the US and economic slowdown is a reality. If 2020 gets worse, it may even be Hispanics
who end up throwing Trump out of the White House. That would be ironic… Don’t you think? Anyway… now it’s your turn: Will Trump get re-elected by seducing the
Hispanic vote, or are we on the verge of an epic revenge? So I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
hit like if you did, and don’t forget to subscribe for brand new videos. Don’t forget to check out our friends at
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  1. Hispanics in the US are not a homogeneous group. Trump's tirade was against the illegal immigration coming across the southern border not against Hispanics in general.

  2. Simon, I am Hispanic and my family and I have always voted. Even at 80 years old my Mom still goes and votes ever year, not just for President.

  3. He won an election with out massive minority voters he could do it again Trump dont need to win any minority vote maybe just maybe he wants to help everyone in the country

  4. I’m Hispanic and I became a US citizen this year. Let me tell you, most Hispanics tend to be conservative in social issues. A big one is abortion. However, it’s impossible to forget how much the Republican Party has ostracized Hispanics. This is why I believe the Republican Party will disintegrate over time and a new Conservative party with emerge. The Republican Party won’t survive after Trump

  5. This doesn't matter too much anyways. Most of those states are going to vote for Democrats anyways. So in a way, they are only of so much importance. If Dem nominee wins by 52 percent or 30 percent in a state it doesn't matter.

  6. As a Latino, most of my views are conservative. One thing I can say is this orange clown of a president is no conservative. Almost 4 years later and no wall?!

  7. The Hispanic vote is broken up into many different nationalities, but the majority of the Hispanic minority in the US is Mexican/Mexican American. Most Mexicans Americans were aware that Trump wasn't necessarily talking about Mexicans when he said "They're not sending their best" what he was talking about were the convicts that were being sent over along with the Salvadorian and Guatemalan economic migrants by Mexico. Essentially, Mexico didn't want to deal with the economic migrants coming from south of their own border so they gave them free passage through Mexico on to the USA. This became very apparent and pretty much vindicated Trump's remarks with the "migrant trains" situation that boiled up. I think most Mexican Americans realize this and they will vote for Trump in greater numbers in 2020.

  8. Hes been the most hostile towards latinos really? Except president polk declared war and tried to annex much of Mexico. Bit of an exaggeration don’t ya think?

  9. Illegal immigration is fantastic gir Mexico. Money from illegal immigration into the US is Mexico's number one industry far-out ranking 2nd which is oil. It's also great for rich people and people who hire illegals under the table. It hurts Americans mostly low-wage income and minorities, especially black men.

  10. You know Hispanics have the tendency to work and get payed cash so they won't have to report the money they earn which usually is the major source of income in the garage Hispanic household

  11. Trump's comments about Mexicans when he started his run for office was less than artful but his point
    was not incorrect, illegals are bring crime to the United States.
    Overall Trump is probably the least racist president we have had, he generally treats the general population
    as "Americans" and not as some minority subgroup.
    He is not afraid to point out the obvious, like some nations in Central America and Africa are sh*tholes and
    it hasn't gone unnoticed the millions feeling from them. But on the whole Trump, unlike Democrats
    is not playing off one group against another.
    The way things are now, there really is no one important voting bloc in the United States, combinations are
    required the gain office. The Democrats played the race game and loss blue collar white workers, causing
    a loss for them in 2016.
    Now if Simon wants to talk about one of the gamiest aspects of American politics, he should do a deep history
    of the Democrat Party. A whole lotta dirt there, good for at least 2- 20 minute videos. They were one of the
    inspirations for the National Socialist Workers Party and well, you know how that story ended.

  12. i wish you would do better when addressing contemporaneous american political issues. eg the opening video clip you show of trump apparently disparaging hispanics. you don't include nor indicate that he was speaking of those who were entering the country illegally and why they wouldn't be permitted legal residency.

  13. Yes, he can conquer the Latino vote. Trump voters are of below-average IQ points or billionaires that want to pay no tax. so as they say in the USA do the maths

    Sure! No reason that he can't!
    Heck, his support among the *black* community is now at *34* percent (IIRC)! ( No surprise, given that unemployment – including *black* unemployment – is now at 50-year lows. )
    So, yeah, if he can get the black community "on board" then he can *surely* get the Latino community on board as well!

  15. Latino here… who knows the truth. Trump never hated us. The media spun his words with sound bites and never would show his whole answer or interview. He tells it like it is. The Mexican government releases hardened criminals not affiliated with cartels. And they allow them to flee to America to safe money.

  16. There are definite Latino Trump supporters. I ain't one. I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 and Bernie in the Dem primary. If Bernie gets screwed again by the DNC I vote left leaning Third Party. I have voted 3rd Party since 2000.

  17. Some Hispanic people are analogous to Sicilian people, black people and Native Amsricans. As a kid, I thought Filipinos were close, as they often had Spanish names. My old filipina landlady told me no one speaks Spanish P.I. side anymore. Politics involves machines in many U.S. cities. Italian-Americans went from mostly Democrat as they landed mostly in Democrat cities. As they stayed in the U.S. they became partly Republican. My Sicilian Grandfather became Republican in 1960, but didn't tell me why.

  18. Hispanics have voted in many elections. Many Republican Presidents has done a lot . For Hispanics. Ronald Reagan, George bush and George bush JR . Look what happened in Florida with George Bush Jr . Cuba is a major issue with Cuban Americans . Many Texans both Hispanics and whites vote Republican

  19. Media likes to lump Hispanics into one. But they basically divide themselves into two groups: citizens and illegals. Trump get a lot of support among the first group. And what about the second group? Why, they don't (supposed to) vote.

  20. The stone cold political reality is that both parties can safely ignore 42, 43 out of the 50 states. Latinos do not make up an important political block in those 7 or 8 "battleground states." So Republicans don't really need to pander to the entire latino community. The Democrats also don't need to pander to latinos, at least for the general election, as they statistically vote Democrat anyway. Even if latino activists are upset about Obama's number of deportations or the immigration policies of the Democratic candidates, latinos are not so upset to threaten to vote Republican, and a vote for a 3rd party candidate would be futile.

    The issue is that when the political parties do engage latinos, all they talk about is immigration and nothing else. There is no talk about the economy, healthcare, foreign affairs, education policy, etc…. The problem is compounded when latinos with a large media presence, like the activist (and journalist?) Jorge Ramos specifically tells the political parties that latinos only care about immigration as the defining issue. There are also militant immigration activists that heckle the parties for not "doing enough" for immigrants. These are the minority in the latino community but they are the loudest voices, giving the mistaken belief the latino vote will go to the one that promises "green cards to illegals".

    Because of that, we get the scramble of candidates for the Democratic primary trying to out-latino each other with policies ranging from abolishig ICE; decriminalizing illegal border crossing; only deporting those with "serious" criminal convictions; and other policies that is "open borders" in all but name.

    Just look at the flack heading Biden's way when he said he would go back to the previous Obama policy of deporting those with criminal convictions, multiple immigration law violations, and recent arrivals. He was confronted by one of these immigration activists mentioned above, that wanted a promise from Biden that he would not deport ANYONE, including those with criminal convictions. Think about that……the activist wants a policy of NO deportations. The general public would never accept such a foolish proposal!

  21. Trump has an orange face and purple eyes – and an IQ that can be counted on the gangrenous toes remaining on his left foot. The "man" is a fucking moron.

  22. Hispanic can never decide nothing. Because Hispanic is not a race, either you’re African, indigenous, or white Spanish speaking person. As an African Spanish speaker from the DR I am aligned with my Afro people.

  23. A lot of Hispanics (which is an ethnic group not a race ) and latinx (which is a culture not a race) identity as white even the ones that are only part European and are sometimes racist towards the afrolatinx people in their countries depending on which country. So yes the ones that come here would vote for him.

  24. What about voter suppression of the Hispanic community???

  25. Why is it so hard for Hispanics to legally migrate to the US as compared to people from the EU or Canada?
    I am no expert on the history of the US but Texas, California, and Arizona used to be part of Mexico, therefore, there must be a significant presence of Hispanics that have their roots in these states.

  26. 11:24

    As a son of immigrants, I hate these kind of people. So fucking disrespectful to who actually is American, it's mindblowing.

  27. Illegeal immigration is not the most important issue to latino voters. In fact most latinos that are US citizens & immigrated to the US legally are opposed to illegal immigrants who try to cut in line. Under Trump, hispanic unemployment rates are at a record low & wages are rising. Most latinos also identify with conservative family values represented by the republicans. It's no longer a given that minorities will vote democrat.

  28. Simon I wish I could talk to you – you are for sure in the top 10 😀 of you tube channels with immaculate content and the quality keeps improving with every video – seems almost impossible

  29. Trump wont get re-elected by "seducing" the hispanic vote. Trump gets re-elected by winning the americans on his side, no matter the skin color.

  30. Latino immigrants vote Republican by second generation to begin with, its always been that way and trump going to get even more of there vote this election, Hispanics lived in regressive leftist countries before thats why the came to USA. He won cuban and Venezuela votes because they know the dangers of socialism

  31. #SimonWhistler you are soooo biased against Trump and it shows, please show the clips where Trump speak about people in their entirety. Trump is against illegal immigration not legal immigrants

  32. This video is misleading and distorting facts. When Trump says "we love Hispanics" he is talking about those who are in the USA legally. Decades ago, long before he was in politics, Trump won an aware for being an inclusive employer with a large percentage of Hispanic and Black tradespeople. When he talks about the drug guys and rapists, he is talking about the ones who enter the USA illegally. You are taking his words out of context. Before you guys all get your knickers in a knot, I can state that I did not vote for Trump. I am not a citizen of the USA. I do not live in the USA. I am an outsider and I believe I see things clearer than those within the USA who are bombarded with propaganda.

  33. You should put context to the clips you show. Trump was talking about illegal immigrants when he was saying that they bring drugs etc. Trump never said that he hates Hispanics which you implied that he did.

  34. Trump didn’t just start saying good things about Hispanics
    He has been saying them since the beginning, even before becoming president.
    People are just noticing?

    And just so people understand
    Illegal immigrant does not mean Hispanic

  35. South Park Las Mexican, where is Mexican and Latin America Pride, Mexico one of the most corrupt countries in the world steal taxpayers money and don't care about voters (the reason why low vote percentage in Latin community), every Mexican dream is to emigrate to USA and have "normal life" , why? Mexico by resources is 2 times richer than USA and Argentina is 6 country by richness of resources in the world, and USA politicians don't care if Mexico official invests money into USA (steal money from local Mexicans taxpayers and invest into USA) the same and Brussel pumping money into the ex-Soviet union but money disappears and brain drainage of population makes life even bleaker.

  36. You're confusing the difference between Spanish-Americans and Spanish people of other Latin Countries. As you clipped the videos and doesn't give the proper context of what Trump said. In the first couple of clips, he was talking about illegal immigrants, and his statements are accurate. Most people crossing the border are criminals or being smuggled across by criminals. In the second clips, he's talking about legal immigration and non-white American citizens. At the end of the day, Trump is for Americans, you are correct to say that he doesn't care about other countries and that's a good thing. He's the President of the U.S.A., not the world and for decades Countries around the world want the U.S. to butt out of their business anyway. I'm an immigrant to the U.S. and I find nothing wrong with what he's done and what he's doing.

  37. This is why I am voting for Trump. We Hispanics are not stupid, we know what Obama did to our communities with his mass deportation and detention centers. Trump is not a racist either.

  38. Trump’s attitude toward Hispanics has been a lot more consistent than you suggest. In the 2016 campaign he was already saying that he loves Hispanics and immigrants, that he was concerned about the economic prosperity of Hispanics, and shortly after election he stated his relatively sympathetic view toward dreamers. In the 2020 election his hyperbolic statements about border security and illegal immigration has not gone away, and his policies have undoubtedly been restrictive to low-skilled immigrants and refugees . His strategy has always been about betting that helping the Hispanics citizens (who can actually vote for him) economically will outweigh his negativity and hostility toward Hispanics who are trying enter the country and obviously can’t vote for him.

  39. I'm still waiting for you guys to explain the huge protests against neoliberalism in Chile and your video on the "Chilean miracle".
    If it was such a miracle why is Chile so pissed?

  40. When he was saying Mexicans are rapists , he was talking about the Cartels which control the human smuggling at the border. It is a known fact , that they rape a lot of the woman.

  41. This video was REALLY bad. You didn't cover the different populations of Hispanics, the different generations, or anything about the group at all. You just said Hispanic and grouped them all together. Trump also did receive a fairly significant portion of the Hispanic vote all things considered; the amount and reasons why he did should be explained. Then for some reason you started to complain about the trade war and seemed to imply our economy is somehow doing poorly despite the fact it is not. I mean come on bro I know you do not like Trump and are neoliberal, but you usually put together an informative video on a topic,this one seemed more like you were just trying to say the economy is crashing and Hispanics go vote against Trump.

  42. The unstated premise here is that the interest of every Latino voter is identical with those who advocate unauthorized migration, in violation of Section 1325 of the U.S. Criminal Code. Normally, VisualPolitik videos are of a higher quality, with clear thinking about diverse political interests and relevant laws.

  43. I dont understand it. Everyone in a country benefits if low educated foreigners are kept out. American latinos do also. Because the goverment can only spend a dollar once. So would a latino american rather have that dollar spent on his kids education or on some salvadorian refugee wich will need a lot of social money to integrate???

  44. I love this channel but there's just way too many repeat stock footage shots in this one. What happened here man, seems rushed and kind of…how do I put this? "Filler"? Not the topic itself, just the way the video was produced.

  45. When you mix ilegal with legal latinos. Nice cut on the Trump speach where he says the latin gangs and ilegals are the ones that bring rape and drugs… he is correct… Jajajajaja best belive the legals hate the iligals and that includes me.

  46. I'm Hispanic…never much interested in politics, but voted in mid terms and will definitely vote against Trump! Will also recruit as many Hispanics to do the same in 2020! #VoteBlueNoMatterWho!

  47. I would love to find out what the "Hispanic race" is the Americans. Because people born in Latin America are no more a homogenous race than north Americans. In central and South America, there are people of Caucasian and Mediterranean European descent, Asians Arabs and Africans. If it's people whose ancestors speak Spanish, then that would exclude Brazil, Suriname and French and British Guiana but would include those whose ancestors come from Spain. But wait, Spain was in Europe last time I checked. So Latin languages then. This would mean Italian descendants are Hispanic too. It's so confusing. The only way it works is that Hispanic race means the descendants of native Latin American peoples like the Incas, the Mayas, the Quechuas, the Guarani, etc..

  48. Being puerto rican myself, my dad’s family is quite, for lack of a better term, traditional. Growing up in southern california made me realize that this is very common amongst various hispanic groups, leading many over the age of 30 or so being rather socially conservative. A lot of these people are the ones that got trump there in the first place, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it again, regardless of how much people keep yelling that trump hates hispanics or whatever.

  49. It's very hard to group Hispanics all in one. There are Hispanics from many different countries and some support while others don't.

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