Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?

Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?

– (FBE) Welcome, Disney fans.
– Oh boy. – Yay, I love Disney. – (FBE) We will be showing
you some videos of kids explaining Disney movies
and you have to guess what movie they are
talking about. – Oh shoot.
– Oh frick. – Okay. – (FBE) Whoever can guess
correctly gets a point. The person with the most
points at the end of the challenge wins.
– Oh, okay. – This’ll be exciting.
– This is fun. I’m a huge Disney fan.
I know you are, too. You go to Disneyland
a lot. – Oh yeah.
– I know that. – I’m always at Disneyland. – I think I’m gonna kick
her [bleep] at this game. I think I’m gonna do
pretty damn well. I’ve been to Disney World,
Epcot, you know, the whole shebang.
– I went to Disneyland, Paris. – Oh, I’ve been to
Disneyland, Japan. – Oh wow.
We’re covering all the realm. – (FBE) So, the kids did
have some limitations when we filmed them.
They couldn’t say any character names
and they couldn’t use any words from the movies
that would give it away too much. – Okay.
– (FBE) So, are you ready for the challenge?
– I’m ready. This could go in any
direction. – I’m so excited.
I’ve seen you guys do these ones
and I’ve always wanted to try one, so this is my chance
right here. – Yeah, I’ve always–
I see the parents do it. I’ve always wanted to do it.
Sometimes, I have no idea what they’re talking about,
but I feel like I’ll do okay because it’s Disney
and Disney’s fairly easy. – (Lucas) So, it’s a bunch
of characters and the characters have an owner.
– Ah, Lucas. – (Lucas) The owner, when he
was going to college, donated all the characters
to a local daycare. – Oh.
– What? – Yep, got it.
Got it. – What? – (Lucas) Now, at this daycare,
all the characters are separated. – Ah, come on now.
Come on now. – (Lucas) One, there’s one room
which is a little kids’ room, one room which is
the quiet… – Oh.
– What? – (Lucas) They all get
separated and all the characters think this is gonna be
fun and everything. – Wait, guys,
I’m doubting. – (Lucas) They all break
and everything, okay? – Break what? – (Lucas) Talk to the owner
of the daycare. – I love the air quotes. – (Lucas) And say,
“Can you move us to the nice and quiet baby room?”
– This is not good. It’s not gonna be good for me. – (Lucas) They get moved there.
– I haven’t seen this one since I was five. – (Lucas) Thing’s daycare
was like… – I have no idea.
– You don’t know? – No. – (Lucas) At the end of the movie,
the owner of the thing… – The thing.
– The thing. – (Lucas) He was really evil
and he decided to throw one of the things
into the garbage. See if you can guess
the movie. – Thank you, Lucas.
– That was perfect. That last part was literally
all I needed. – I don’t even need
to hide it from you because I’m gonna get it
so wrong. – I feel good.
– Yeah, I feel good. – I feel real good. – (FBE) You can show me
your answers in three, two, one. So yeah, Jeremiah,
it was Toy Story 3. – Toy Story 3.
He said the college kid gave his toys to the daycare
and I was like, “Oh, okay.” – Yeah.
– Ah no! – It’s specifically the third one.
– That’s what I was saying. I don’t know if it
was one, two, or three, ’cause I don’t even think
I watched the second one. – Ay.
– Yay. – You got it, too?
– Yeah, yeah. – Nice, nice, nice. – Yay, okay.
– Hey. – I don’t know.
I got confused when he was like, “The thing.”
– I know, I was confused by the quotation marks. – I’m feeling less confident
because I realized that a lot of these movies,
I know the characters and everything, but they
don’t say the characters’ names and I haven’t watched these
in years. – (Katrina) This male gendered
thing that gets separated from his parental male
gendered thing. – Separated.
Aha. – (Katrina) And goes on
the ocean. – Oh, come on now.
– Okay. – Come on now.
– (Katrina) In another place. The parental male figure
tries to… – Got it in the bag. – (Katrina) Find the child
male figure and… – This is actually my favorite
movie of all time. – (Katrina) Because the little
male figure… – What? – (Katrina) Put in–
becomes a captive somewhere in a cage.
– Bro, this is me trying to explain a story. – (Katrina) In a box.
– Very good vague explanation. – Yeah. – (Katrina) The male
parental figure finds the child parental figure
and they get somehow reunited in a way.
– What? That’s all we get?
I just got parental figures and I was like, “Uh.”
– That’s all you need. – I’m just gonna take
a wild guess. – I was like, what movie
has a dad and then a son and that’s it
and there’s not a lot of movies like that,
so it cancels out a lot of movies. – (FBE) You can show me
your answers in three, two, one. So, Marlhy got it right.
– What is it? – Finding Nemo.
– What the heck? I put Pinocchio.
I was like, okay, it figures. – The little male figure
gets separated from his parental male figure,
so it’s Nemo getting lost from Marlin, Marvin? – Okay.
– Gotcha. Parental unit thingy. – Finding Nemo.
– Got it. – Yes. – Yay.
Oh, you got a fish too? – That was cute.
– Yeah. We’re doing really good at this.
– Yeah. – What if we get
a perfect score? – Oh, that’d be sick. – It sounded like
a tongue twister for me. She was like, “Parental figures
of the male parental with a son” and I was like doing math
in my head. – (Jordyn) She can’t go to
the ocean because… – Oh, come on now.
Come on now. – (Jordyn) They think
it’s not safe. – Oh, okay.
Already got it. – (Jordyn) ‘Cause they’d been
out in the ocean for so long and then ever since her dad
lost his friend. – Wait.
– (Jordyn) They never went out to the ocean again.
– Wait. The ending part
caught me off guard about the dad losing
the friend. – Do you know it?
– I’m chilling, yeah. – Oh God.
Doesn’t go to– what, what, what?
Oh, oh. – It’s about to be
all tied up, baby. – Oh crap.
Ocean, not safe ocean. Ah, okay.
There we go. – No! – (FBE) Okay, you guys
can show me your whiteboards in three, two, one. – Little Mermaid 2?
– (FBE) Yeah, Jayka got it. – I got it.
– Moana. – Moana is one of my favorite
modern movies. It is such a good film. – Oh, thank God.
– Look at that. – (both) Moana.
– Hey. – Yeah, okay.
– What gave it to me was that she couldn’t go
in the ocean because they though it
was unsafe. – Ha ha, dangerous ocean.
I was confused, ’cause I didn’t remember.
Dangerous ocean. – I can figure out
old classics and those immediately, but a lot of…
– The newer Disney movies. – Yeah, those are getting me. – I’m still feeling confident.
I feel like we’re on the same level in the head.
I’m tapping into my inner kid and understanding
exactly what they’re saying. – (Max) This kid loves a girl. – Oh, that’s every Disney movie.
– (Max) An important person. – Oh wow. – (Max) It is an important person
that he doesn’t know about. – Oh, come on now. – (Max) He gets sent to a jail
where an old guy, AKA the evil guy.
– I think I know. – (Max) “Hey, let’s go to
a place where there’s a lot of treasure.”
– Oh, come on now. – I don’t know if I know this.
– Are you serious? – Yeah.
– You don’t know this? – (Max) You can only touch
one thing. – Oh.
– (Max) All the other stuff is bad, so you should only touch
that one thing. All the other stuff is bad,
so you should only touch that one thing.
– What? – Oh. – (Max) His pet.
– I feel like I know what it is. – That’s the part I was
waiting for, right there. I got it. – (Max) The whole place
started to collapse, but the pet snuck
the thing that they– the one thing that
they could touch and then when they rubbed it,
a thing came out. – Oh.
– Oh, that was obvious. Why did he say that last part? – Oh my God, this one’s
tripping me out. Pet, though,
that’s the biggest clue. – Aw, come on.
I got that the first few seconds.
– Okay, okay. – (FBE) In three, two, one.
– Don’t know if I spelled it correctly, but…
– (FBE) So Jaxon got it. It’s Aladdin.
– What is it? – It’s Aladdin.
– Aladdin. – He went to jail.
– I don’t know the plot of Aladdin. – Aladdin?
– It’s Aladdin, right? – (FBE) Yes.
– Okay. – We did good. – Okay, okay.
– Yay, I’m so happy about this. – Easy.
– Yeah. – We’re good at this.
– We’re good at this. This is definitely a competition.
– We speak a child language. – We’re not that far.
– We’re not that old yet. Yeah, so we can relate to them. – (Sydney) It’s about
how there’s a war going on and so her dad has
to go away, but the thing is,
her dad is really old. – Okay.
– Oh. – (Sydney) And so…
– Oh, I’m ready. – Oh, okay. – (Sydney) And so she
doesn’t want him getting hurt. – Got it, got it. – (Sydney) She doesn’t want
him getting hurt. – I got it.
– (Sydney) His place to go fight in the war,
but the thing is, women aren’t really supposed
to go fight in the war. – Oh yeah, okay.
We got this. – This one’s pretty obvious.
– Yeah. – (Sydney) Her pretending
to be the guy and then also trying
to help fight the war and in the end,
she fights off the main bad guy and they all win at the end.
– That’s right, she does. That was a good description.
– That one was good. – It was really good.
When she talked about how the war, the moment
she brought in that key word, it was very easy to remember. – (FBE) Three, two, one.
Yeah, you both got it. This is Mulan.
– Yeah. What did I say?
I know my Disney movies. Disney movies are pretty iconic.
– He does know Disney very well. – (both) Yay.
– Wow. – We did good. – Okay.
– There’s a sequel, right? She has a two?
– I don’t think I’ve seen the second one.
– That’s why I put a question mark.
I wasn’t sure. – Oh my God.
– Oh, perfect score. Let’s go!
– Yes! – I was thinking it was Brave
at first, but yeah, when she talked about the dad.
They’re really good at explaining things, though.
– Yeah, that was nice. Good detail.
– Good job. – Gotta give it to the kids
on this one. I can’t give myself the credit.
They did a great job explaining it. – Aw, that’s sweet.
– So, good for them. – This was so fun.
– This was a lot of fun. – They’re so cute.
– Almost every kid in this, at the end they always said
that one last thing at the end where it was like,
“I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, I know what that is now.” – I’m ready to do Nickelodeon next
and then Cartoon Network. I’m ready. – Thanks for watching us
guess Disney movies on the React Channel. – You’ve got a friend in me
if you subscribe. – Bye. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. We are in the comments
replying to you guys for the first 30 minutes
of every upload, so be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell and check mark so you know when we’re there.

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  2. When u have a 2 yr old sister all you watch Is Disney movies and sometimes it’s the same one for about 3 months ???

  3. Don't know why they were talking about Disneyland, i never went , and i didn't watch most of them yet i still knew them all

  4. Who else got a perfect score? ??‍♀️

    My TV is literally ALWAYS on Disney Channel… I’m 22 now. ??‍♀️

  5. I thought most of these were obvious I’m surprised more people didn’t get all of them based on the comments, I mean I haven’t even seen Aladdin lmao

  6. I love Disney movies since I was a baby and now I'm 13 but that video make me want to describe my favorite Disney movie

  7. I love how the kids still know some classic disney cartoons and not just the modern ones. My 3 yr old nephew only watches cars 3 and Paw Patrol

  8. There is this character who wants more out of life, but their parent is against it, but then this thing happens that make them go on a big journey with this character they haven't met before and by the end they reunite with their parent in understanding and they have grown as a person.


    P.S Its was Toy story 3 :p

    Edit: The same as the second described movied in the past weeks at school i have watched the movie at school also known as finding Nemo

  10. I got all of them right even aladin and I haven't seen that movie in probably over 10 years lol i guess you could say im a Disney fan?

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