BUGS BUNNY & DAFFY DUCK KIDS COLLECTION 2 | Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies | Cartoons for Children

BUGS BUNNY & DAFFY DUCK KIDS COLLECTION 2 | Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies | Cartoons for Children

l’m trapped. l gotta get out of this. l gotta think fast. Trapped. Boy, they’ve trapped a rabbit. Look, fellows, l’m Rin Tin Tin. Now l got you. You’re a dead rabbit. Telegram for Elmer Fudd. What’s up, doc? ”Dear Nephew,
am leaving you $3 million in my will. ”Uncle Louie.” Boy, l’m rich! ”P.S. But you don’t get one cent… ”if you harm any animals,
especially rabbits.” You’re free now, little rabbit. Go and romp and frolic in the forest. Oh, boy, l’m rich. Okay, fellows. Break it up. $3 million. Come on out, or l’ll blow your head off. Please, Mr. Rabbit, go on back
to the forest where you belong. Be a nice little rabbit. What are you trying to do, kill me? You’ll fracture my skull! l’m gonna call Uncle Louie,
that’s what l’m gonna do. Operator! Hey, you got a nickel? Hello, operator!
Give me Walnut Tree 350. Oh, that you, Myrt?
How’s every little thing? Please, Mr. Rabbit, don’t call Uncle Louie. l won’t hurt you again. l promise. Well, okay.
But watch your step after this, fat boy. What you got to eat around this joint? Eat? Eat. l’ll fix this guy. Thinks he’ll trick me? Step right this way. That’ll fix him. Why, that dirty double-crosser. Let me in! Open up! Hey, l’m getting pneumonia. Open up. l’ll die! No, l’m too young to die. Please. Please let me in. Hey, this scene ought to get me
the Academy Award. Say goodbye to Uncle Louie for me. Uncle Louie? What have l done? $3 million, all shot to pieces. Don’t die, little rabbit. Please don’t die. Come on, fat stuff, swing it. Special delivery. ”Your Uncle Louie has kicked the bucket. ”You now inherit $3 million. ”lnheritance tax: $2 million,
defense tax, state tax, county…. ”Which leaves you owing us $1 .98. ”Please remit.” You don’t get the dough, butterball? No, but l’m gonna get you! Happy New Year! Yippee! Hooray! Happy New Year! Why, you…. Well, ”yipe” again! Don’t go down there. lt’s dark. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Easter greetings. What’s up, doc? 8thManDVD.com [DUCKS QUACKING] [HUMMING] [GUNSHOT] Duck shot. [GIGGLING] [GUNSHOT] More duck shot. ConfidentiaIIy, those hunters couIdn’t hit
the broad side of a duck. [SNIFFING] Aah! They got me. [GRO ANING] Yipe! ELMER:
Get him, Larimore. Retrieve him. Retrieve him. Take it easy, rover.
That’s no way to retrieve a duck. Look. GentIe-Iike. See, Larimore? HeIIo. Sorry I had to pIug you, Mr. Duck… …but I’m a sportsman.
A great, great sportsman. [CHUCKLES] A great sportsman, eh? Huh. Hmm. Ha-ha. Hmm. [GRUNTING INDIGNANTLY] Sportsman. Listen, sport… …you don’t know the meaning
of fair pIay. What chance has a poor, heIpIess… …fIuffy, IittIe winged creature Iike me
against you? You, with your buIIets and your shotgun
and your knife and your duck caII… …and your hunting coat and your dog,
and aII kind of stuff Iike that there? What protection have I got? A buIIetproof vest, I suppose? Ha, ha. How did that get there? How wouId you Iike to meet me
in a fair fight, Mr. Sport? AII things being equaI… …man-to-man,
Marquis of Queensberry ruIes, huh? Ha. That’s different, eh? Yeah, that’s something eIse again. Yeah. You don’t Iike that,
do you, sportsman? No. Huh. Nyah. You don’t Iike it, huh? [GRUNTING INDIGNANTLY] Don’t Iike it. REFEREE:
Ladies… …and gentIeducks… …in that corner…. [LAUGHING] In that– [LAUGHING] He’s a dog. Ha-ha-ha! Oh, you can have him. [LAUGHING] What a tramp. [LAUGHING] [PANTING] EImer Fudd. HeIIo. [ALL BOOING] Hooray! And in this corner… …a duck who needs no introduction. That outstanding exponent
of cIean sportsmanship… …that champion of champions… …your friend and mine… …our own, our beIoved
Daffy ”Good to His Mother” Duck. [ALL CHEERING] Boo! Now, boys, fight cIean. ALL:
Oh, brother. No rough stuff. None of this: Or this: Or this: Or Iike so: Or this…or this: Or this: You understand? Yeah. You mean, none of this…?
Or this…? Or Iike so…? Or this…or this…? Or…or this…? Or this…huh? How about a IittIe of this…? AbsoIuteIy uh-uh. You know, there’s something
awfuIIy screwy about this fight… …or my name isn’t Larimore. And it isn’t. You got him punchy, champ. He’s practicaIIy a dead duck aIready. Now get in there and fight.
Go on in and knock him out. Give it to him, champ.
Let him have it, champ. Hmm. Getting a IittIe thin on top. How about a IittIe something
to stimuIate the scaIp? [CROWD CHEERING] Now shake hands. Which hand do you take? Mm, uh…. That one. Nope. Wrong. Guess again. AII right, aII right. I’II take that, over there. Ha-ha-ha. Ain’t he a dope? You sure this is the one you want? [LAUGHS] You’re right. It’s the right one. And here’s round one coming up. [DINGS] One, three, nine, 1 0, you’re out.
The winner and new champion, Daffy Duck. [CROWD CHEERING, APPLAUDING] I’m not the one to compIain,
Mr. Referee… …but I thought you said no rough stuff.
None of this: Or this: Or this: Or Iike so: Or this…or this: Or this: T-T-That’s aII foIks. Pardon me, doc. Fresh out of carrots. Low bridge. l live here. That’s my home, such as it is. Look, doc, do l go around
nailing signs over your house? Do l? There’s still such a thing
as private property, you know. Did you ever hear of the inalienable right
of the sanctity of the home? Forgive me, my friend. Do you like blacksberries’ pie? No. Did you say blackberry pie? Yummy. Well, have some! What a dumb bunny. Of course, you realize this means war. And now from the empty hat l will…. Pull a live rabbit. Yes. Rootah, vootah, zoot! And observe, a rabbit! Yes. Guess who? -You?
-Yes, me. You didn’t expect
to see me again, Svengali? Go away, please. You dumb rabbits-bunny. You are for to ruining my act. Wrong, doc. l’m gonna help you. Let’s see now. You was trying to…. Pull a rabbit out of the hat. Regardez! Rootah, vootah, zoot! Carrot? Yes. Come out and get a nice carrot,
pretty bunny. l got him. On the contrary, l’ve got you. Ladies and gentle peoples… for my next illusion l will require… the assistance
of a small boy from the audience. l shall be happy to assist you, sir. l shall now attempt… to run razor-sharp swords
through the basket. There’s nothing for you to fear. lt’s a trick. The swords do not penetrate. No. Agony. Does it hurt very much, sonny boy? One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Red light. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven. Red light. One, two, three, four, five. Red light! One. Red light! What a performance, D’Artagnan. What a performance! lf l do’d it, l’d get a whipping. l do’d it. 8thManDVD.com [COLONEL SPEAKING IN GERMAN] COLONEL: With the commandos,
and they’re aII over the pIace. It makes me so mad.
BUT SHE WAS HONEST”] Put out those Iights! COLONEL:
SchuItz! [HELMET CLANGS] [WHISTLES] SchuItz! [SCREAMS] [KNOCKING] Say, Liederkranz, what time is it? When you hear the tone,
it wiII be exactIy 6:45 and one-quarter. SchuItz. Six forty-five and one-quarter. [TICKING] May I present you
with this IittIe token of our esteem. For me? [SPEAKING IN GERMAN] Oh, uh, just a IittIe going-away present. WeII, see you around. [SNIFFING] SchuItz! SchuItz! [DAFFY WHOOPING] Heil HitIer. [SPEAKING IN GERMAN] It’s aII yours, Von Limburger. HeIIo, SchuItz, I want you to– Oh, is that you, Myrt? [WHOOPING] Messerschmitts. A whoIe mess of Messerschmitts. [GUNFIRE] [CRASH] A mess of Messerschmitts. [WHOOPING] [GUNFIRE] [SPUTTERING] Ah, now try and duck this one, you duck.
Heil HitIer. [SHOUTING IN GERMAN] SchuItz! That’s aII, foIks. 8thManDVD.com

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  1. why is the animation so bizarre. the camera panning is really fast… and the characters don't look like the original cartoons.

    looks pretty fake tbh


  3. Amazing how they took off the Looney Toons of the air because they were to violent for kids, but the blood stained corroded fingers of the N.R.A. run unhindered through Congress.

  4. I am 60 LOVED watching these REAL cartoons back in the 60's  and even still today got my Grand kids Watching them!

  5. Under "The Wabbit who Came to Supper", the math is wrong.
    After the ol' Democrat tax system, Elmer actually still gets $902,932.04 0=)

  6. Dose it get any better than this? I don't think soJ.W…I'm using my partners email for now.Just putting it out there.This way you now it's me not him….

  7. I just looooove all ur vids. Thank u so much. If u have amymore porky pig and daffy duck can u pleasssssse send them to me . i would be so happy. Ur awesome.

  8. Brings back memories. My Grandparents gave me a vhs tape with all these cartoons. Watched it so much I could recite all the words.

  9. 24:17 hahah the German translation is sooooooo wrong (think that´s the joke lol) It´s a little rough translation but – " dummkopf!

    It daf nicht ein sauerbraten kartoffel suppe nicht ellen gemachets kabfleisch der apfen von geschichte" is something along the line as –


    It is not a roast potato soup that is not made by the apes of history!"


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