Brawlhalla – Adventure Time Trailer | PS4

Brawlhalla – Adventure Time Trailer | PS4

Come on.
Come on. Oh no!
No, no, no, no. Again? That’s what you get
when you take on the Brawlhalla master. These things are whack! 1v1 me, bro.
For real! Yeah. I’ll toast your buns again, sure. Want to choose a different character? Yeah.
I choose me! Yeah!
Woooooo! Brawlgebraic! My burrito. Whoa!
There’s those guys from the game. What time is it? Adventure Time! Love that bacon hammer. All I do is win. Got ’em! Go for it, P.B. Princess Bubblegum gonna show you up. Homies help homies. This place has everything. Did somebody order a combo? Mathmatical! 25 million players. Dude, that’s almost 25 and a half million. Oh snap.
Look out! Bacon pancakes,
making bacon pancakes. Malalla? Brallalla? No, man.
Brawlhalla! Oh. Hey, welcome to Brawlhalla. This game is…

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  1. Sony just gave me floods of nostalgia and tugged at my heartstring i loved adventure time as a kid niw just add regular show mordecai rigby and… the baby ducks

  2. Ok, that's cool and all, but I am the only one who find it strange that finn has his robotic arm AND the finn sword.. even if he's supposed to get his robotic arm after his finn sword merge with his grass arm ?

  3. But what they don't see us that there all dead exept BMO unless this is in the past before "Come along with me"

  4. I had a feeling this was gonna be a thing and they released this update right when i was ending the show!

  5. It makes sense, knowing that this is the only way we’ll ever see Finn and Jake animated again

  6. I appreciate the crossover, buuuuuut, when Finn had his robot arm he didn't have Finn sword because I merged with his grass arm to make fern. But anyway coo' cool.

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