Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ

Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ

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  1. 18:00 It was hard to tell, but maybe the bad guy had some kind of leather armor or chain mail which slowed the arrow. And Legolas must have taken that into account cause he knows how much penetration each type of armor can take.

  2. "Even has my name on it, kinda cool"
    So what you are saying is, if you shoot something with that arrow…
    They got penetrated by Cameron Hanes

  3. I knew I was a bow hunting expert when he said he would have moved in a zig zag motion, which is exactly what I thought when watching botb in GOT

  4. Not gonna lie my dad shot a robin hood at like 15 during a competition, I never got into bow, more gun, but the man walks with no sound and still to this day is a rough one to listen to.
    If anybody doubt about my pops, i’ll get the full story and pic(which hangs in his room) to dm you on whatever platform. Its an art though. Mad respect every day

  5. Oh yeah Legolas rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! and here's a thing about Ramsay, you can clearly see the playfull-smug face he got.he's been nothing but a jerk when rickon is trying to get to jon; but when the time is there you can see ramsay's face is focus, boom goes rickon

  6. This bow Hunter was pretty relax with the bow criticism because I saw a million problems lol. But I mean a "bow Hunter" doesn't mean bow expert. I mean I don't shoot compound so I wouldn't act like an expert on it. Just because someone bow hunts doesn't make them an expert on all bows and action involving any bow.

  7. If I was told to run as somebody shoots arrows at me, I don't even need to run. There's plenty of reaction time, I don't have to worry about it. All I have to do is look at the shooter and walk backwards. As soon as he releases the arrow, I take a few steps sideways to avoid the arrow.

  8. A guy who uses a compound bow and a trigger release cheats far too much to have any right to talk about real archery.

    Probably doesn't even know that thumb draw is a thing.

    Get Lajos Kassai to do this.

  9. The fact that this guy may have killed animals or something triggers me. And y'all give him publicity as if it was a nice thing. Americans are trully sick in the head

  10. Nobody going to mention the way that Jennifer Lawrence holds the inside of her elbow so painfuly, PAINFULY to the inside of the stance. Like hit me!!!! Make me bleeeeeeed!!!!!!

  11. The most impressive archery iv seen in movies was 2019 Robinhood movie and the actor actually trained and actually shot multiple times accurately in a single jump…

  12. I thought he might talk about small ladies and draw strength a bit. In movies they've always got the ladies using bows and hauling that string back like its effortless. Pulling a bow back isn't easy; not one with some decent draw strength, and while practice can certainly help, a really small person without a lot of upper body strength is going to have a tough time getting a bow strong enough to shoot distance with lethality.

  13. Why didn't they put "War of arrows" it's even more baddass than those other clips.. Check it out guys and Correct me if you are not impressed

  14. Actually legolas’s arrow is passing through the ow, he goes form the right side to load, and shoots out of the left rest, I guess if you practice enough you get to do that, also during that time the rest was on the right for that exact same reason

  15. What about how Bard the Bowman shoots arrows in The Hobbit movies, with his thumb down? Is that a thing? Is it better, worse, unrealistic? Legolas was only pretending to draw. His arrows were cgi. 😉

  16. Lol most of the people watching cant imagine the amount of huge bull elk this man has taken..legend I'm a bow hunter myself

  17. Nothing but love for Cam Hanes, but if you want to see hitting targets on the move watch Tim Wells "Relentless Pursuit."

  18. I'm more amazed by the physics of the hole thing, than the actually shooting. Amazingly complex math to do to your brain, what to do with every single muscle, the breathing…and all for one fragment of a second move.

  19. Fellow archer here, I can honestly say what he's saying is 100 percent. I've been shooting for 18 years and while I haven't noticed those bad forms in the past as I'm watching for entertainment, as I looked closer I noticed the bad form of several of these characters, primarily Hawkeye and Rambo, while Merida and Katniss I saw no issues and everything was just seamless w/ perfect execution.

  20. For the Lord of The Rings, you have to keep in mind that orc skin is like leather and their bones are much stronger. Plus he's shooting through armor

  21. so you do an entire 20 minutes video about shooting arrows and you don't include The Green Arrow? tv show about the archer? wtf

  22. So what you are saying is… I should go and watch Brave again so I could appreciate it so much more than I already have.

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