Blue’s Clues & You 🐶 New Series Trailer + Visiting Joe’s Present Store! | Nick Jr.

Blue’s Clues & You 🐶 New Series Trailer + Visiting Joe’s Present Store! | Nick Jr.

Will you play Blue’s Clues with us? You will? Great! This is Blue. And her best friend Josh. And they want to play
their favorite game with you. ♪ Blue’s Clues ♪ Help them find the clues. Blue’s paw print will be on the clues. Meet some special friends too. – Steve!
– Joe! – And figure out what Blue wants to do.
– Yes, that’s it. On Blue’s Clues and You,
the brand new series. Premiering this November on Nickelodeon. Mm, smells like cupcakes. Birthday cupcakes!
Let’s go! ♪ Happy birthday Blue ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Oh, look. Yummy birthday cupcakes for the party. But something is missing. Oh no. What’s missing from
one of the cupcakes? Sprinkles. Sprinkles? Huh. Where? There! OK. Good job. Yo. Wow. Look at all the birthday
decorations in the back yard. – Oh, yes!
– Ooh, la la. Nice. ♪ Happy birthday Blue ♪ Happy birthday to– Oh. Look. An invitation to the party. You know, Blue made these
birthday invitations all by herself. Mm-hm. They look really great. Come on! A clue! No, no, no really.
All by herself. Well, maybe I helped a little bit. ‘Cause you know,
I really love birthdays. A clue! Oh, a clue. Wait, where’s the clue? There! Oh, a clue. A clue to what Blue wants
for her birthday. You know, it kind of
looks like the color… Green! Green, yeah OK. You know what we need?
Our handy dandy notebook. Green. OK. You know, I think I’m going to need my green crayon
for this green clue. The color green. I’ll draw a splotch shape, a line that loops up and down and around. And then fill it in. There, the color green. So what could Blue want
for her birthday present that is the color green? Hm… We should find two more clues.
What do you think? OK, come on. Oh, the party table looks so great too! [howling] Oh, wonderful.
The party table is all set. OK. Let’s keep looking for clues. ‘Cause we still need to get
Blue a present. Psst, Mrs. Pepper. Could you keep an eye on
Blue for me for a bit? – Certainly.
– Great, thanks. Hey Josh! Josh! Joe? [gasping] – Is that you?
– Sure is. Oh, you could skidoo
into my present store. The present store! OK sure thing, Joe. Hey, let’s skidoo into the present store
and get a present for Blue. ♪ Let’s skidoo, don’t tell Blue ♪ Wow! We’re in the present store! Hey! While we’re looking for clues, do you wanna find a present for Blue? From you. You do? Great! Come on. Look at these adorable little stuffies! Which one do you think
Blue will like? What about the rainbow puppy? Blue loves rainbows. OK, the rainbow puppy will be from you. Come play with me and my puppy Blue
in Blue’s Clues and You. Coming soon to Nickelodeon
and Nick Jr. You can ask your parents to subscribe
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  1. I have such fond memories of this show…mostly of the toddler cousins I was babysitting yelling and screaming at Steve/Joe where the stuff/clues were at, running up to the screen to point to it, and then losing their temper at how "slow" Steve/Joe were in hearing them. They had some choice words some times for Steve/Joe.

  2. The party invitation looks just like the original! I had the blues big birthday party VHS and watched it often when I was little

    (He’s totally going to get Turquoise for Blue at the present store)

  3. Despite the fact that this show is for today's generation of children, I sure hope there will be an episode that includes visiting or skidooing to Steve's Detective Agency

  4. This feels just like the original. The pacing is on point, the backgrounds were recreated perfectly, and all the characters are the same (well, except for aging some of them up a little bit). They even got BOTH Steve AND Joe to make guest appearances, as well as getting Traci Paige Johnson back to voice Blue (at least according to IMDb, feel free to correct me on that). They didn't make it obnoxious and in-your-face like other kids shows nowadays are. They made the smart decision of sticking with the show's roots.

    I never thought a perfect reboot could exist, but this is it.

  5. The original blue's present from the gift shop is Blue puppy stuffed animal and a turtle, but in the remake a rainbow puppy stuffed animal and a turtle. The video release had extra content before the episode starts and after figuring it out blue's clues she gives a big present to the host and after opening 4 gifts there was a cookie that says thank you. Maybe they'll feature celebrities in the email saying happy birthday to Blue.

  6. Welcome josh! You'll do great, and it looks fun, blues clues is a lot of teens and adults childhoods and you will shape the childhoods of a whole new generation

    As an original blues clues lover I personally approve

  7. Glad to see Steve and Joe make a comeback in this reboot! But it's a shame Steve especially wasn't chosen as its host. But otherwise, this reboot is so cool!

  8. The piano music in the present store scene in this version of this episode reminds me of the original 1997-2001 Teletubbies TV series.

  9. What if in Season 2 of the classic series, the cash register was the manager of the present store, but in BCAY, Joe is the manager?

  10. i love that special effects have improved enough so that the world around the blues clues characters is even more interactive than ever before !!!! 💙💙💙 i didnt even realize that the green crayon was real until josh picked it up!! i love this show. so incredibly authentic to the original. 💙💙💙

  11. I'm 18 years old, and I'm watching this, sigh memories. 🙂
    Blue's Clues was my thing when I was a kid. Is anyone else that's older watching this for memories.

  12. my only issue is that this is the EXACT same episode redone, and since a lot of adults will be watching too that makes me sad. the cupcake missing sprinkles, the first clue is green, i hope the rest isn’t the same as the other episod

  13. As a child, I've only had access to Sesame Street and Barney. However, I came here because I read about the making of blues clues in the tipping point by malcom gladwell and how much background research they did before airing an episode. Truly awesome work.

  14. Blue is even cuter now. It makes me wanna cry. I loved Blues Clues since I was a little boy. I even had an inflatable thinking chair, Handy Dandy Notebook, and a Blues Clues stuffed animal.

  15. i usually dont like reboots of childhood favorites, but this honestly is just as amazing as it was when i was little

  16. I remember this show I used to love it and now my 3 year old loves this new "Blue Clues" and your doing so great new josh!!

  17. When you're 24 and finally realize that they live in a world where you can Skidoo through rips in times and space to go anywhere you want.

  18. My brother is 24, was 3 years old when he started watching Blues Clues. He had a thinking chair. I believe they got it from Sears.

  19. I can't wait to see this on Nick Jr and I do not want to miss out on it and miss it too on Saturday on Nick Jr and I'm going to love it and I sill can't wait to see this on Nickelodeon too

  20. I don't like this at all. First, Blues shouldn't be 3D. Second, I don't like the new guy. And I got my friends opinions on the matter and they agree this is just wrong.

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