Blind Breakfast Sandwich Taste Test

Blind Breakfast Sandwich Taste Test

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  1. How Is there a Wendy's breakfast sandwich and I've never seen one in Columbus, Ohio where Wendy's came from?? That's crazy!!

  2. "the early bird gets the breakfast sandwich"
    ah, breakfast sandwich, sure that's what you meant…😏

  3. It's absolutely amazing on these taste tests, including drinks, how many times Link will say "this tastes burned." Does he eat just raw food and peanut butter?

  4. I just saw this, but I think you guys should do a chicken Biscuit version of this! I only eat chicken so idk I feel like that would make my mouth water

  5. After watching this I've come to realize that they have never done an episode on breakfast burritos. I think it's about time they do.

  6. My favorite breakfast sandwiches are the Burger King Croissanwich (ham, egg and cheese) and the McDonald’s Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit ;)))

  7. I have so much in common with link like with everything he doesn’t like and what he does like and I know I would definitely be better with this breakfast challenge than I would be with any other challenges they’ve done and I can’t believe link got this great of a score like I am so much like him

  8. From this and the burrito test, we can conclude that Burger King has the best tasting food, aside their chicken sandwiches

  9. The best breakfast ever is Biscuitville but they wouldn’t know anything about it because it’s only in North Carolina and Virginia

  10. I love how, even though usually Link pretty much throws a Fiesta every time he wins something, this time around he just throws up a double peace and winks at the camera.

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