Blind Bird Taste Test

Blind Bird Taste Test

Today we taste birds blindfolded. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. It’s the day after Thanksgiving,
and you know what that means. That means that you are
making turkey sandwiches. You’re putting a little a dark meat, a little white meat onto
a sandwich or whatever you prefer. That’s really what we’re
getting into, is the fact that there are two different
types of meat on every bird. And we each have our preference.
I like the white meat. – Link likes the dark meat.
– I’m a dark meat man, as shown by me using the sword
in yesterday’s episode. I went straight for that dark meat. And let me drop a little science on y’all. There is a scientific difference between white meat and dark meat. White meat comes from fast-twitch muscles that are used for short bursts of energy, – like the breasts on a chicken.
– (Link sputtering) It’s like, he ain’t got
to fly all the time. – And he got to rest.
– But he’s got to stand all the time. – And so his legs…
– Are brown. …are dark meat,
and they have myoglobin, which is a richly pigmented protein.
That’s why it’s a dark meat. It also has more fat and more nutrients, so you gettin’ a little bit of fatter and a little bit of healthier
when you eat that dark meat – you love so much.
– And it’s juicier. I just like that. So what we’ve done many times
is discuss the differences between white and dark meat
and our preferences and such, which led us to say, you know what? I betcha I could
tell the difference blindfolded between white meat and dark meat. But after how poorly we did in
the burger blindfolded challenge, I have no confidence
entering into this contest. I will get all of them wrong probably. We are widening this to
not just be about turkey, not just to be about turkey and chicken. Multiple birds will be involved.
We don’t know who the birds are. Those birds have been
chosen by the crew for us. But in every round we will have
to say what kind of bird it is, whether it’s white or dark meat,
and then the third thing is – what specific body part it is.
– Is it leg? Is it a thigh? – Is it a breast? Is it a wing? Is it a–
– Those are all available points in every round. And there’s a bonus
round for extra points. – And you know how it works.
– And the winner is crowned – Chicken Ceasar.
– (chuckles) Yeah. I will say that the last time
we did this format, I was fed cooked bull testicles,
so I’m not excited. So was I. It wasn’t like you got those. – I got those testicles too.
– I don’t care about you. I care about something
like that happening again. I’d rather have a bird testicle. So if there is one of those available–
than a bull testicle– I assume it’s smaller. All right, so let’s begin.
What are we calling this? (Rhett) The Blind Bird Taste Challenge! All right, let’s dawn the official
Rhett and Link blindfolds. All of the birds will be delivered on the patent pending poultry plank. It’s a lot like the pizza plank,
but don’t ask any questions. All right. I think
I’m ready for round one. It’s now being revealed to the audience. – (Rhett) Round one!
– (chicken clucking) All right. It’s coming in. (muttering) – Mmm. Mmm!
– Mmm. (intrigued) Mmm. It’s very familiar. – Okay.
– But I’m– wow. – (Link) You know what?
– It’s saltier than I expected. – My mind’s playing tricks on me.
– Me too. This seems pretty obvious. I know, but then it starts
going two different ways. You’re like, turkey or chicken?
Chicken or turkey? And now I’ve swallowed it, and I can’t even think
about it anymore. I’m ready. – Okay.
– All right. I’ll go first. I’ll say that this is chicken,
it is white meat, and it is meat of the wing. (laughs) You’re so confident. I’m just gonna mix things up, and I’m gonna say that
that is turkey, that is white meat, – and that is a breast.
– Mm. (Stevie) The answer is chicken wing. – (both yell)
– Early lead for the [inaudible]. How did you know it was wings, man? (chuckling) Am I gonna tell you? (Stevie) That means Rhett has one point, and Link has three points. It seemed I got way too much
meat for it to be a wing. Where’d you get them wings from? All right. I’m on a roll.
Round 2, bring it on! – (bell clangs)
– (Rhett) Round 2! (turkey gobbles) (mutters) Oh. Oh. Oh yeah. Okay. I’m stupid. – Mmm.
– (Rhett) Okay. – Smokey.
– All right. I’ll go first on this one. – Link, are you ready?
– Yep. This is turkey. I feel like a moron for thinking
the last one was a turkey. – Okay.
– This is (raspy voice) dark meat. And this is a (raspy voice) leg. This is the old caveman turkey leg
from the state fair. All right. I was gonna say
the exact same thing. – Mix it up a little bit.
– I’m gonna say– I mixed it up last time;
it didn’t go well. It’s a turkey leg. It’s brown meat. What? That’s not an option. Dark or light. I know it’s a leg. I have to say that,
’cause I know that’s what it is. Okay. (Stevie) The answer is turkey leg, which means Rhett has three points
and Link gets three points. You tried to get me
to change up my answer, ’cause you knew you were right.
That’s cruel, man. I got the first round
wrong to set the hook so you would get the second round wrong
when my plan backfired. – (bell clangs)
– (Rhett) Round 3! (muttering) (crew laughing) It’s in my crotch. Should I get it? – (Eddie) Alex, get it.
– I got it. (laughter) Oy. – Gamy.
– Still a bird. Huh. Mm, you know what? This is very familiar to me, even though I’ve only
eaten chicken and turkey. (crew laughing) All right, Link, you’re up
first, buddy roe. Because it tastes so much like chicken, but I don’t think you replayed
chicken, I have to– mm. I’m gonna guess duck,
even though I’ve never eaten duck. I’m gonna say it’s dark meat, ’cause I don’t think
there’s any white meat on a duck. – Bingo.
– And I’m gonna say this is Brizzest, the best breast of the duck. – Well, uh, so…
– I bobblehead for action. I don’t know what you’re doing over there, – but I’m kind of afraid.
– I’m bobbing my head in confidence. – Like a bird.
– So my answer is the exact same. I was thinking that it was duck,
that it was a breast, and all the meat on a duck is dark, so I give the same answer as Link. – (Stevie) The answer is…
– We might be really good at this. (Stevie) …Cornish game hen breast. Cornish game hen?
Is that another word for duck? (Stevie) Rhett gets one
point for the round. Link gets one point for the round. – Cornish…
– Cornish hen. Dang it. – It tastes like duck today.
– Yeah. That Cornish hen has been
hanging out with them ducks, man. Are you sure it’s not a hybrid? – (crew laughs)
– Okay, so… Half duck, half Cornish hen? A Cornish duck. That was a Cornish duck. All right, next round. – (bell clangs)
– (Rhett) Round 4! (duck quacks) Alex, this time I’m gonna open my mouth. Why don’t you put it inside of it
instead of in my crotch area? – (crew laughs)
– Are you ready? (Alex) Copy, yep. Ready. Here you go. Right on the money. Ooh. – Ew.
– (Rhett) Ah. Now, the gag reflex is already kicking in, but I’m gonna really fight it, ’cause I don’t want to be
known as that guy anymore. – (crew laughs)
– Wow! (Link) Y’all kinda put some sauce
on this or something if you wanted it–
like salt and pepper, anything. – Nothing on this.
– This is tough, man. I know it’s gonna get worse if this is the side of what’s to come. Oh, this is not a happy Thanksgiving. All right, are you going first?
Am I guessing this? – I can’t get it down.
– I can’t either. Boy, this is so gamy it might be goose. I want to say duck, because I feel like it was probably easier
for you guys to find duck. I want to say goose, though,
because it’s funnier. I want to say duck, duck, goose,
’cause that’s a game. I’m gonna repeat my answer
from the previous round. I’m gonna say that this indeed was duck and this indeed was a duck breast,
which is dark meat. I believe that you’re probably right,
but I’ma take flight here. And I’m gonna guess goose, dark meat, breast. (Stevie) The answer is duck neck… – (Rhett laughs)
– Eww!! (Stevie) …which gives Rhett
two points for the round… – All right!
– (Stevie) …and Link one point – for the round.
– I made up a point, Link! – Hey, you went with goose breast.
– (everyone chuckles) And I will every time. – (bell clangs)
– (Rhett) Round 5! (quail tweeting) – You went to– oh, gosh.
– (makes funny noise) Okay. Mm. A little stringy. There’s some hardness
in there and some softness. It’s like a sparrow. That’s a little bird. It’s not the whole thing.
It’s just a little piece of it. (crew laughs) You think they put
the whole bird in your mouth? – That’s what I’ve been thinking so far.
– (laughs) Okay. It’s got the consistency of chicken. – But there was a hair.
– (crew laughs) Hairy birds. Okay. Let me brainstorm in
the hairy bird category. It’s tough. It’s like gum.
It’s like bird gum. You had the new bird gum? The more you chew it,
the more it becomes something. It quenches your thirst. – Now, I will say…
– It’s not that bad, though. – …it tastes good.
– Yeah, it’s not gamy. I like this. – I think there’s a little skin in there.
– I’ve got an answer. But you should go first,
’cause this is your turn. – It is a smaller bird.
– (Rhett) Yeah. (Link) I’m gonna guess quail. And I’m gonna say that that’s dark meat. And I’m gonna say it is
the exquisite leg of the quail. Okay. I agreed with you
that it is a leg of a small bird. – Mm-hmm.
– That– – You know what? You know what?
– I could be wrong, though. (Rhett) You know what?
You know what? You know what? – I think it’s a wing.
– (surprised hoot) – A wing of a small bird.
– I think you might be right. And I think– can you even get pigeon? I can get pigeon anywhere, dude. – It is a…
– Parks. …pigeon wing, which is white meat. (Stevie) The answer is quail thigh. – (Link screams)
– What?! – Yeah! Two out of–
– You’re like a bird genius! Yeah, I’m the chicken Caesar. (Stevie) Which gives Rhett
zero points for the round – and Link three points for the round.
– Oh, my goodness. The reason why I guessed quail
was because my Uncle Dan – used to hunt quail.
– It was good. And it was good, and quail is good. But I’ve never eaten
quail until right now. – (bell clangs)
– (Rhett) Round 6! All right, heading into the last round, Link has proven that
he’s quite a bird genius. But this is the bonus round, Link. I have the opportunity to win here, because each one of these
is worth two points. I’m sure nothing about
this is gonna be nasty. I had a tough time getting duck neck down. All right, let’s open our mouths
and pray to the bird gods. – (Jen) Open wide.
– Open wide? (crew laughs) – Eww.
– I just put it in my cheek. It’s resting in my cheek too. It’s slimy. – It’s not like bird poop, is it?
– (crew snickering) – It’s real juicy.
– I know what it is, and I know I can’t get it down. I mean… – Oh, guys.
– (crew laughing) I’m afraid. Can I guess?
‘Cause I’m not gonna swallow. – It’s my turn to guess first.
– All right, go ahead. – This is a liver.
– Oh, you think it’s a liver? This is a goose liver… – Ugh.
– …which is dark meat. I think this is a ostrich eyeball. I don’t know where y’all got it. You think it’s a ostrich or something? – Yeah.
– It could be an ostrich testicle. – Do they have testicles?
– (crew laughs) I’ve never looked down there. Okay. (Stevie) You guys ready? Yeah, give up the answer,
’cause I have to spit this out. (Stevie) I might pronounce
this wrong. It’s balut. Balut? That sounds appetizing. (Stevie) It’s a duck
still inside of its egg. (Eddie) A duck embryo. – (Link screaming in horror)
– (crew laughing) It was eyeball and
everything else of a duck! – (gargling)
– Did they pay you to purchase that? (crew laughs) – Poor, poor, poor little thing.
– I made a little home for him right in my cheek.
It actually started to feel nice. I’m not gonna think about it,
because if I do, I’m gonna wretch. And you know what?
I’m not gonna wretch in this episode, because that ain’t me anymore. I’m strong. You’re the chicken Caesar.
I mean, you really did it, Link. You really pulled it off.
Do you get a crown or something? – Oh.
– (crew laughs) That was just a cough. Put your crown on.
Congratulations. I mean, listen. If we ever have to– if we ever have to– If we ever got to go somewhere
where our life is on the line and our captors are like,
“Listen, I’ll let you guys out if you could taste some birds
and tell me what they are,” I’m gonna let you do that. Whoops. – (Link wretches, spits)
– (crew laughs) Thanks for liking and commenting on this – bad, bad thing we just did.
– That’s a baby duck. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Jill.
– I’m Amber. And we’re from Mass, Michigan. (both) And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! – ♪ (Wheel of Mythicality music) ♪
– Help us bring back our favorite childhood drink,
Clearly Canadian. You can click on the link
in the description, where you can pre-order a case, which will allow you to be
invited to the live-stream event where we toast with Clearly Canadian. People around the world toasting. Click through to Good Mythical More, where we find out
the story behind the balut. And don’t forget all
the Black Friday deals at “Link reveals he’s Rhett’s grandma.” (elderly voice) Rhett,
I want you to know something. – (puckering lips)
– Why are you– why are you– why are you doing that? ‘Cause I don’t really have teeth. But I’ve seen them. I saw them
a second ago. I’ve seen the teeth. I took them out ’cause
I want to confess to you BTW. I just saw the teeth. I saw ’em.
They flashed. I saw your molars. Work with me. BTW. – BT-Dubs?
– I’m your grandma. And those aren’t real teeth either.
I got another pair. (click) Oh. Hey, Grandma! [Captioned by Sebastian:
GMM Captioning Team]

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