Blender 2.8 – Fast Movie Style Logo Animation in Blender!

Blender 2.8 – Fast Movie Style Logo Animation in Blender!

hey is this Kev with blender binge back
with another tutorial we’re in 2.8 official now and we’re gonna be creating
this really famous cool style logo that you’ve probably seen style-wise around
I’m sure somewhere anywhere so anyway so anyway let’s get to it
so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to import an SVG file now I’m
gonna make this file available for you in the description should you want to
use it but you can also use text to do the same thing it doesn’t matter this
just makes it easier and faster for the tutorial so I’m gonna go file import I’m
going to say scalable vector graphics and I’m gonna load it in and you see
that it comes in and it’s really really really tiny so if I hit one of these
little things here and I hit the little and I hit the little period on the
number pad on the keyboard zoom in and there we go
nice and I don’t know kind of crappy you kind of cool Wow whatever so I’m just
gonna do a little bit of a fix here so I’m gonna grab that and we’re gonna move
this down a little bit and a nice thing here is that sometimes you will get the
scalable vector graphics that come in like this they don’t all come in at one
as one piece so this is kind of cool and I can show you how to go about setting
this all up and making this work for you so the first thing we’ll do is we’re
gonna figure out which parts we want a group so I’m gonna group these guys
together because I’m gonna do a bevel on these and I’m gonna group this and this
together this is gonna be separate and you’ll see
what I do so I’m gonna select this this this will select all of these guys and
I’m just gonna go to object I’m gonna say join and that joins them into one
path and if I hit tab you could see these were all still paths so you can
like edit this if you want then I’m gonna go here that’s fine I’ll leave
that as is we’re gonna select this guy in this guy object join I’m gonna go
here actually this guy this guy and this guy because they’re about the same size
object join this guy I’ll leave as is and him I’ll leave as is too wonderful
so now I can start making the extrusion so to do that I’m gonna select this I’m
gonna go over here to object data and I’m gonna say resolution
I’ll just jump up cuz I if my computer handles it it’ll be fine it’ll look
better if your computer doesn’t leave this you know down where it was I’m
gonna go say geometry and I’m gonna say depth
let’s see Wow look at that I don’t want that an extrusion so let’s figure out a
good extrusion I’ll say like point oh five that looks pretty good and bevel
depth I will go ahead and say 0.005 gives a nice little bevel edge on there
so now I’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing for this and this and this so
this one will be a little bit less so what did I say here 0.005 0.005 for the
depth so the same thing err point zero five and 0.0005 okay same thing for here
0.005 bevel dev oh oh oh five and these are smaller so I’ll do point oh oh five
here and my depth will be smaller point ooo maybe two and same thing for this
guy now this guy’s like all like faceted so I’ll just go here resolution jump
that up extrude 0.05 and depth 0.0002 gives a nice bevel on there done so now
you can see these things are all like out in the middle of nowhere so what
we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna go ahead and move those up into this area
now there are a lot of ways to do this I’m just gonna do it for the sake of
this video I’m just gonna do it manually and I’m gonna move these all up as one
one two three four five or I could actually just right-click on this and
say select objects and it guess everything inside that little collection
there move it up move it up and there we go so now I’m going to make
this even easier here I’m gonna add and empty and I’ll say plain access that’ll
be cool and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna select all of these guys so 1 2 3
4 5 holding shift last one is empty object parent object or you can hit ctrl
P same thing object so now these are all underneath the empty and if I rotate the
empty now it rotates the whole object and if I want to make it exact I could
say go here and type in 90 there okay so all I did for that was I just hit n on
the keyboard or you get his little thing comes out and I just typed in 90 for
that so there we go nice and cool however if you zoom out
it’s still really tiny so I could take the empty here and just scale it up so
scale to maybe 50 that looks pretty good wonderful great that part’s finished so
now what I can do is start the animation so I’m gonna select my camera and I’m
gonna zero it out so for that I’m gonna hit alt G on the keyboard that zeros out
the location then I can hit alt R to zero out the rotation and then see you
got zeroed it all out now I could just go and type 90 on the X and that just
points it at the logo then I can move this back I can hit 0 on the keyboard
and now what I can do is I can just use this little thing over here if I go to
view and I hit lock camera to view now if I use my scroll wheel on the mouse
and hold down shift and middle mouse click and drag I can Center it up and
make it put it up about there that’s cool that’s a good time to pause and
save my scene ok I’m back so now what we can do is start shading this thing so I
want the timeline here so what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to go ahead and
move my mouse down here now 2.8 includes really cool workspaces for this tutorial
here I’m not gonna really use it so I’m just gonna scroll up down here click and
drag and pull this guy up and then I’m gonna click on this little area and
change it to shader editor so now what I can do is if I select these guys you see
I have this material and use nodes is not on and you see that I have all these
other materials in here Deb just brought in a whole bunch with this thing so I’m
just gonna go ahead and say use nodes and I’ll just select any one of these
doesn’t matter and I’m just gonna rename this one to letters and this will be my
this will be my shader I’m not gonna worry about the other ones right now for
the sake of this tutorial you can just let them be and I’m gonna go ahead and
turn on Eevee over here so I’ll go to rendered view and there we go so now you
see I have no lights in the scene so I’m gonna add in one little light just so I
could see what’s going on so light I’ll just say point light and bring this guy
up maybe let me take off lock camera to view so I can move around and pull him
out a little bit maybe make him about 150 so I could see what’s going on and
that looks pretty good so now I hit zero again back inside my camera view I’ll
select this guy and I’ll give him the base color so the base color will be
somewhere around here that looks pretty good right there and I’ll make this guy
metallic and the roughness I’m gonna control with a map and everything else
should be pretty cool so I’ll just go ahead and give these other guys that
shader so scroll up find it letters here scroll up letters here so on and so
forth you get it repetition is repetition is key when you’re learning
there we go so now everything has that and I can play around with this so I’m
just gonna break up the metal to make it look kind of
you know dull and and and cool so that’s the roughness roughness here at zero is
black which is perfectly shiny and at one it’s pretty matte so what I’m gonna
do is control that so I’m gonna plug something in here so to do that I’m
gonna hit add texture and I’m going to stay Musgrave and I’ll take the factor
of muffs great for now put it out to roughness and you see here that I have
this all kind of dark so what I’ll do is I can start playing around with the
scale I’m bringing it in and start playing around and getting something
that looks like that and then I can take this and change it to say like hybrid
multifractal and then I can take the dimension down detail up a little bit
lacking arity up that breaks it up and it gives me a really interesting
looking breakup and then I’m gonna add in something to control that more so I’m
gonna add in vector converter color ramp throw that in and now I can control so I
don’t want everything to be too black too shiny and roughness not too rough so
that just kind of controls it a little bit more and you can see if you scale it
in more you get more of a you know break up pattern so then what I can do to make
this even better is I can go ahead and multiply this with another one and we
can get a better look to this so though I’m gonna go shift a I’m going to go to converter math throw that in now I’m
going to take another one of these guys so I can just hit shift a texture this
time I’ll say Voronoi take the factor plug that in and take ad and change it
to multiply and then what I can do is I can take this distance turn it to
one of these guys like chef yes chef chef chef chef chef chef sorry my
Russian is horrible and play around lastly here we can tell it that we want
to map it to these objects so add input texture coordinate and I’ll just say
object plug that into vector here plug that into vector here and now it’s just
mapped to these objects and then I can just keep playing with these values so
in the essence of time I pause the video and play it around a little bit and got
this much better closer look and for that I just changed us back to fbm scale
19 detail 15 Lacan Rd about 1.6 and I changed the scale on the Voronoi here to
48 and it broke it up pretty nicely so now what we can do is we can play
with the lighting and we’re almost there so I’m gonna play with the lighting here
I’m gonna look at this light and I can control it here with item and maybe
bring it out a little bit and I can duplicate this guy so with the light
selected point light they control D pull this guy down here
alright control D pull that guy up here and I can actually take these guys here
select all three control D and pull them in the back back I said back back at the
object and maybe move these guys just around a little bit okay just by
selecting them and you can hit G on the keyboard and drag okay and now I hit 0
and we can look at the lighting and that’s probably pretty good I can leave
all of these about the same and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn on
some Eevee settings so while I’m here I’m gonna go to world and I’m gonna take
the color black that out and you already see it’s looking really nice and then I
can go over here to the render settings and I’ll turn on I don’t think I really
need ambient occlusion you can turn it on I’m not seeing much of a difference
here I could turn on bloom and I can turn on not need motion blur
screen space reflections I can turn on I don’t think I need either one of those
on don’t and that’s pretty cool so what I’ll do lastly here and here’s where the
magic happens is I can take all these lights I don’t go ad I’m gonna say empty
which is a non rendering object let’s see I can add in a sphere so it’s
visible and now I’m just gonna select these so I’m gonna go here hit shift
select shift select shift select shift select shit select and then I’m lastly
I’m going to hit the empty I’m gonna go control P or you can go to
object either one parent object and now they’re under this so I’m going to go
ahead and call this light control and what you can see now is if I take this
light control and I move him around right I can start getting that effect
and a cool thing about having is light control is I can like scale out the
lights right so if I go to scale or I hit s pull them out or pull them in and
they’re really close right so what I can do here is with my scale right scale at
one I can set some keyframes so if you rotate here you get this nice rotation
so we could start this rotation I’ll scale it let’s see I can go about a
second in here so let’s say I’ll go about 24 frames in and I can right click
over here and say insert keyframes and then I can go to about go to 120 insert
keyframes and now on the back end here and I can start rotation here so I can
go at one I can rotate it find a good spot that’s probably pretty cool right
there inserts insert keyframes and at 1:44 I
can rotate it around a bit more find something else there right-click insert
keyframes okay this is kind of arbitrary and now what I can do is the magic is I
can fade it in because the lighting is is kind of like dependent on you know
how the distance from here I can scale this so frame one I can scale it up
pretty big insert keyframes and then I can go to 144 same thing scale it up so
that it darkens out insert keyframes and now if I hit play there it goes it’s
nice it’s fluid it comes in it does its thing and then it disappears so that’s
about it let’s hit render so to do that all we have to do is go over to output
output here okay so I go to output okay context output I go to output and I’ll
find a place to save it found cool logo animation so cool up type in cool logo
animation dot mp4 hit enter hit accept alright file format will be ffmpeg video
encoding here I’ll just choose h.264 in mp4 okay hopefully you guys should have
this in 2.8 now and I think everything else is probably good HD that’s good so
what I’ll do is I’ll hit render render animation and it should go fast there it
goes and I’ll pause the video and come back when it is finished okay so here we
are back and here’s our animation not too shabby
we can all we can always like rotate the lights more and do some more stuff but
that’s uh that’s getting there so I encourage you to go and play with this
the the SVG file will be in the link description and you can follow along and
it’ll it’ll be good so hopefully you got something out of this video if you did
hit like subscribe share it I’ve been holding onto this video for 2.8 to come
out so I’m pretty excited to start start getting these things out there now and
have at it go forth and create and be awesome talk to you later
see you next video bye

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  1. I get a chuckle out of the popup disclaimers about knowing there are other ways to do things. I can only imagine the crazy comments you have gotten in the past.
    P.S. Nice Tutorial.

  2. It is crazy what's been going on latly in the hobby film industry!! With Blender 2.8.
    I love that so many people are now teaching others what they love and I really hope I will become one of them.
    So thank you for making this video!!

  3. I've got everything down except for the Shading, so many nodes and "foreign" terminology. I am going to need a lot of help in that department.

  4. I posted yesterday on my Instagram that I’m making a tut kinda similar to this one soon, so don’t be alarmed when you see it lol

  5. Somewhere, anywhere ? your voice makes the tutorial so much better ? btw.. That's really good one!! Amazing stuff

  6. this was a cool tutorial, the biggest thing I learned that I didn't know was that importing .svg files brings them in as a completely editable object!!

  7. If you first scaled up your text object, is it possible you would not have to deal with such small numbers on your Bevel? Also it might offer more control over your lights and textures? Smaller. sub-decimal numbers limit your range in adjusting settings. I haven't tried it, but its just a thought.

  8. It's not a bluff when people are saying this update is a game changer. This is the update that challenges the supremacy of Autodesk and the other major softwares. They really got it together with this one. We're not in kansas anymore.

  9. You should of told beginners that you can control shift click on a node to view it in isolation in the viewport, messing around with the musgrave with it plugged in to the shader didn’t really explain what you were trying to achieve

  10. Usually I'm doing title animations like this in After Effects. Not anymore. 😉 You are showing again some really neat little tricks. Big Thank You! #blender #blender3d #3ddesign

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