Blade (1/3) Movie CLIP – Vampire Killer (1998) HD

Blade (1/3) Movie CLIP – Vampire Killer (1998) HD

That’s him!
That’s him! Get him! Fuck him up! We’re gonna jack you up.
Make him hurt bad. Whoo! Yaah! Yaah! [screaming
in slavic language] Quinn… I’m getting a little tired
of chopping you up. [beeps] Thought I might try fire
for a change. [speaking
salvic language] Give my regards to frost. [screaming] No! Please don’t! [radio crackles] Put him out. Yes, sir.

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  1. Snipes is absolutely perfect in this role. His physicality and how he does all the fighting stunts. Ahead of its time this movie

  2. "Vampires" truly are possibly slaved humans whom have been forced to have weaken-ed states, and possibly controlled by something other than their brain, and truly "ended" (possibly not killed) when a "stake was driven through their chest" andor other actions were done, having "effect" because they are forced to be in a weaken-ed state.

    "Werewolves" are possibly slaved humans forced to be in weaken-ed states, not possibly controlling their bodies with their brains, and "ended" after specific actions occur, without their choice/agreement.

  3. We gonna jack you up 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Blade should appear in the next black panther at least Wesley the crowd will go crazy 😜

  4. بليد لو اريد الزمك اضربك كل نعال لاستك من شكل

  5. The movie that saved Marvel from going bankrupt. Then you look at all the hype for black panther and realize how gullible and stupid people are.

  6. Highest-grossing R-rated Marvel movies:
    1. Deadpool 2
    2. Deadpool
    3. Logan
    4. Blade II
    5. Blade: Trinity
    6. Blade
    7. The Punisher (2004)
    8. Punisher: War Zone
    9. Man-Thing

  7. He shouldn’t be in the MCU at all

    They’re just gonna sanitize him

    If they do. I’ll just stick with this

  8. Blade o cassador de vampiros, o melhor filme que já vi, Porque não transformar em seriado, o filme é muito bom 🇧🇷

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