Bizarre Local Laws (GAME)

Bizarre Local Laws (GAME)

– You could be a criminal and not even know it.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ – Good mythical morning!
– Now Rhett, you’re a law abiding citizen, right? – Yes. Oh yes.
– You think you are. Now I don’t think we’ve broken any laws on this show. But I
don’t know for sure because as it turns out, there are a bunch of laws around
these United States that are truly odd. So, at any point, any of us could be
breaking laws in any state and not know it. What I’ve done is I’ve dusted off the
local law books and I’ve unearthed some of – the weirdest laws that are still in play.
– Okay. And it’s time to play… – Cool, I love Cops, man. I love that show.
– Okay, you gotta fill in these blanks to real but odd local laws, okay? If you get
four of these blanks filled in correctly, you win an amazing commemorative
wanted poster which you’re gonna want. Four out of eight? These are kind of tough. – Okay.
– Kind of open-ended. – Well that’s what I mean.
– I’mma – I’mma try to help you out, okay? – If you need some hints–
– Good. you can – you can beg for hints. A pickle… To be a pickle. A pickle’s a cucumber, did you know that? No. A pickle is a cucumber.
I learned that last year. I always thought it grew on a pickle tree. – Right, but if it blanks, it’s–
– I love pickles. – a pistol – pickle.
– A pistol? – A pickle.
– Yeah. That’s the correct pronunciation. Uh, well, I mean… I feel like it’s gotta (makes snapping sound).
It’s gotta snap! And you wanna snap into it like a Slim Jim but it’s
not a Slim Jim, it’s a– – Snap into it!
– Like the – what is it, Vlasic? What – yeah– – That is a pickle brand, yes.
– If it doesn’t snap, it’s not a pickle. – I’m a Mt. Olive man. Final answer?
– Yeah! – Wrong answer. The answer is bounce.
– Oh, what? – It has to–
– (inaudible) bounce your fricking pickle! – What, no.
– Once you bounce the pickle, you can’t – eat it anymore. Bounce it off what?
– Off a desk or a table! – A clean sanitary surface, I hope.
– Yes, I agree with that. But I mean, I also agree with the law ’cause if it’s not
bounceable then it’s basically just a… – a green banana.
– (laughing) Wow. Wow okay, well I’m using my logic muscle
here. Don’t get desperately hungry in Idaho, it’s the only state where getting
desperately hungry is illegal. (laughs) – I mean, I caught you! I got you!
– (both laugh) I’mma help you out here.
You didn’t catch me. – Okay, so come up with a better filling for the blank.
– Well what do you do when you get – desperately hungry, you starve?
– Okay. – But then you–
– Or? eat voraciously. Eating…eating fast. It’s the only state where
eating fast is illegal. I thought you might get this one but you’re not.
I’mma give you one more chance. Eating a lot. Eating too much! – Potatoes.
– Eating – oh okay, potatoes. That’s a – good guess, it is Idaho.
– Not eating potatoes! The answer is people. It’s cannibalism.
The only state where it’s technically illegal by name of cannibalism. Uh, title
eighteen, chapter fifty, Mayhem states that any person who willfully ingests the
flesh or blood of a human being is guilty of cannibalism. You can get up to
fourteen years in prison for that. Oh wow. Unless they’re made out of
potatoes, then you could eat ’em. No, unless it is an extreme life-threatening
condition as the only apparent means of survival. – Oh, really? They put that stipulation in there.
– They did. And just to note, I made sure that we had code for all of these because
there’s a lot of odd, dumb laws floating around the internet like fishing
from the back of a giraffe. That’s not a law anywhere, guys.
That’s someone trying to get your clicks. – Yeah, get those clicks.
– And we got your back here. These laws– – We got your back. You get the clicks.
– are for real. – In Dunn, North Carolina…
– Woo! This is like – this is ten minutes
from where we grew up. Best place on earth! – …it is illegal to–
– The cocaine capital of the world! What? – It was known as that.
– Yeah. It was just on the I-95 corridor and I
don’t know why but yeah. Uh, it is illegal – to blank on a city street in Dunn.
– Not be cool. I mean, you got to ask Dunn, man! I’ve never been to Dunn and seen a
not cool person on the city street. Gosh! To talk trash about Erwin.
No. That would – no that’s– – The denim capital of the world–
– That’s regulated, that’s– – is Erwin.
– required. Take a crap? – I hope that’s illegal but that’s not your answer.
– Yeah you can’t take a crap on any city street. Basically I’m giving you as many guesses
as you need in this game at this point. – Drive backwards. – (laughs) Go in reverse?
– I don’t know why– – i.e. reverse a vehicle?
– just seems like a – I’m just thinking about a street. You can’t drive
backwards for more than twelve feet. Tell me I’m right. – No, it involves a bodily function.
– You can’t pee on a city street. – Nope.
– You can’t poop on a city street– – Nope.
– I already said that. – Nope.
– You can’t vomit on a city street? – Nope, you’re getting closer.
– Oh gosh. The only other bodily fluid I can think of is spit. – (laughs)
– Yes, you got it! – Yes!
– Okay, I really want you to win this wanted poster. I saw a guy spit out front
of a Rose’s and a cop rubbed his face in it. – You know the Rose’s?
– (Rhett) Yeah I do. I used to always go in that
Rose’s out by Restler’s. Blanks. Childrens. – I love a long one of these on a porch.
– Uh…I think I know where this is going. Furniture. This is – you put – you’ve got –
this is when you put the couch on the porch. This is something that’s
done all across the South. – That’s right.
– You can’t do that. University of Colorado Boulder’s a party school.
They have a habit of burning couches– – Yeah.
– when they’re celebrating stuff. Like they just, “Put tater tots back
on the menu in the dining hall!” Yeah, right. – But no jail time.
– First thing that comes to mind is a fly. Your fly. – You know?
– That would be– – The barn door’s open, which incidentally,
I went on a date the other night with my wife and three hours into the date,
she was like, “Your fly is open.” – And you were like, “So is yours, we’re even.”
– (laughs) No, I was like, “Well thanks – for waiting until now.”
– (laughs) – That’s not what it is.
– That’s not it. – Window? Some kind of window.
– It’s Wyoming. Here’s your hint– – Corn.
– This is Wyoming. To close an ear of corn. To close a farm. You can’t close a farm. Can’t close a street. Can’t close a cow. – It’s fence.
– Oh, fence. Which makes sense, prevent livestock
from escaping, that’s their livelihood. I’m trying to take hints
from the region, Kansas. – It’s not gonna help you.
– You can’t own more than four Wizard of – Oz trinkets.
– Here’s a hint, Wellington– – ‘Cause you know you want more than that.
– That’s true. – To hand out to the grandkids.
– And they all have ’em. Wellington, Kansas has zero single women over the
age of forty, as a correlation. Zero single women? You can’t own
more than four single women? That’s… – I don’t think you can own any women.
– You’re not – my hint is not helping you. It was kind of a joke hint
but it should help you. Bottles of cologne? You can’t own more…cars. – What?
– No. It has something to do with the women? If you’re single and you’re over forty and
you’re a woman, you leave the state ’cause you can’t own more than four of these. High heels. It’s cats, Rhett. Oh. – I was throwing cats–
– You should’ve said older. – I was throwing cat ladies under the bus.
– Okay, alright. Okay, got it. Everything doesn’t go in West
Virginia, this does not go. Illegal to hunt or pursue a wild
animal using an alias. (laughs) (Old Western accent) No it’s not me. It’s
Richard McClellan (laughs) that’s hunting today. – You’re like – you’re like yelling at a deer?
– No, it’s Richard McClellan! Everything’s – gonna be okay!
– Chill out, deer! I’m just gonna aim at you. – (normal voice) That’s my go-to alias.
– No, it’s a pet that I’m afraid to pet. – That’s your hint.
– Oh, a raccoon. You can’t – no a cat. You can’t pet – a ferret. – You can’t pursue a wild animal using a ferret?
– That’s right! How did you get that? – I don’t know!
– My hint wasn’t that good. Fun fact: ferrets are not real, they’re
just stretched out noodle rats. Oh. – Next question, this is–
– Noodle rats? – This is for the win. Look it up.
– Okay. In Mississippi, M-I-double S-I-double S-I-
double humpback humpback-double I? – No.
– Single I. If you blank in front of two – or more people you can be fined up to $100.
– Mississippi. – If you blank in Mississippi in front of up to two people–
– Up to two people. – In front of two people or more, I should say.
– If you say you’re a vegan. – In Mississippi, you gonna–
– (laughs) You think they put that – officially on the books?
– Yeah. You gotta keep that to yourself! Keep that to yourself,
don’t say that in front of us! I’m not – I’m not saying that’s not on the
books but that’s not the law I found. I think if you pass gas,
I think this is a fart-a-rooney. If you fart in front of two or
more people you can be fined– – The fine’s $100.
– $100, yeah– – A fart, that would be more than $100.
– Really? Just a little (makes fart sound). – Just a little one?
– Yeah. – This involves the mouth.
– Mouth fart. – (both laugh)
– (Rhett makes fart sound with mouth) Hey, $100! Burp. You can’t burp in front of people? – (laughs) No, it’s curse.
– (both laugh) – I’m only thinking–
– You were getting scared for a second. I’m only thinking bodily functions. – You know what?
– I never grew up. I know, that was difficult, man.
I’mma give it to you anyway. You win this super cool wanted poster.
It’s Mike and Alex in the Good Mythical Crew episode. They wreaked havoc at a
putt-putt place, broke all kinds of laws – and they’re wanted. Or at least–
– Yeah I can tell. – That’s a wanted poster they made.
– This is official. – Put this at the post office.
– We’ll have to watch to get the full story. In the meantime, thanks for
liking, commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hi, it’s Sandy Beeler broadcasting live
from Elko, Nevada and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. If you want to hear an exclusive bedtime
story from us, the only place you can get that is on the Trivy app if you complete
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Chubby Bunny, doughnut hole cop version. But not before face battle! 3, 2, 1! You win! 3, 2, 1! You win! Tie breaker! 3, 2, 1! Captioned by Lovely Luna
GMM Captioning Team ♪ (outro music) ♪

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  1. 5:18 – I can tell you with confidence that "spit" was not the bodily fluid Rhett had in mind when he began that sentence.

  2. In Nebraska, it’s illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket
    In Washington, it’s illegal to intentionally bring harm to Sasquatch

  3. Two years later, a pickle is a preservation process, the most common vegetable pickled in murica is the cucumber. Not all pickles are cucumber.

  4. In a town names rogersvill Alabama a town near were I live there's still a law in the books that say before you drive through with a car warn all residents so the horses don't get scared I kid you not

  5. In Alabama it’s illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket. Like, that’s an actual law. It actually exists.

  6. Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue. In my state

  7. I'm from Connecticut. Oddly enough pretty much everyone knows the pickle law, but no one knows what to do if we find a pickle imposter.

  8. Oh my gosh! Link says that he likes the Mount Olive Pickle brand from 2:02–2:09!! I live not far from the Mount Olive Pickling Company. The days of the yearly Mount Olive Pickle Festival for 2019 is going to be on April 12th-13th. On the first day there is an average of anywhere from 2,500-5,000+ people & 100-500 activity booths/vendors. Some activity booths/vendors leave at the end of the first day, whilst others stay for the 2nd day. If the GMM crew would be able to come this year, it would make it THE BEST Pickle Festival of all time in Mount Olive, NC!!!!!

  9. I live in West Virginia and that is true. Never understood why it is illegal or why people would use ferrets for pursuing wild animals.

  10. Another weird law: You can't cross the border from Minnesota to Wisconsin with a chicken on your head

  11. In Australia we have some strange laws, like that only electricians can change light bulbs or (in my home town) it is illegal to blaspheme in public.

  12. I live in Mississippi I’m glad I know about that law now? I’ve broken it many many many many many times

  13. In Wyoming its illegal to photograph rabbits after April or was it before april… either way it had something to do with it interfering with there mating habits

  14. In ohio it’s for more then five women to live in a house, because it might be a brothel. I have two sisters, a step mom, and I’m a girl, so when my female cousin came to live with us we were a little worried.

  15. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberinos! In the "Ripley's Believe it or Not! Planet Eccentric book, it says that in one state Donkeys are not Permitted to Sleep in Bathtubs. ??

  16. A pickle is a vegetable collection boiled and soaked in brine until fermented. You can "pickle" many vegetables. Pickle is a verb and not a noun.

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