Birds of Prey Film Review – Just a Harley Quinn Movie?

Birds of Prey Film Review – Just a Harley Quinn Movie?

so as I’ve said in my previous few
videos please ignore the mess behind me and the fact that this is a really poor
quality and recording I’m currently moving cows on my usual
equipment is packed away but I wanted to talk about birds of prey before kind of
it’s all out of my head on ie I’ve been watching a lot of people’s reviews on
this to try and see if it really is as hated its kind of it seems to be and
really unfortunately the short answer to that is yes it basically is and I think
there are two main reasons for that one and one of them I understand one of them
I’m not the right person to understand but I do appreciate where that opinion
is coming from and so the first one is that people just seem to think that the
narrative wasn’t very good in the story wasn’t very well told and I completely
agree with that and I’ll talk more about that in a second but the other reason
why a lot of people feel let down by the film is because it was very much the
Harley Quinn film and so much so the film is actually being retitled slightly
but for me I wasn’t that bothered that Harley was the main attraction in the
film or the main kind of you know she was our main protagonist antagonist
would you call Harley a protagonist I’m not sure but for me that’s why I wanted
to see the film but if you’re expecting more from some of the other characters
then yes I completely understand why a lot of people have been disappointed by
that well it’s a Harley fun I think it went well Margaret we did a very good
job with the character and very very well acted character we didn’t get to
see too many of the other characters and I feel like there were too many
characters too many characters that we didn’t really get to meet properly we
had little bits of them the younger character whose name I can’t remember
I’m not that familiar with these other characters and their own stories I
thought she was great my favorite scene in the entire film and maybe the fact
that this is my favorite scene might not say very much about the film but it’s
the one in the shopping mall or in the supermarket sorry and there was a point
where I think it was that scene where Harley Quinn looked directly at the
camera and I was just so lovely I do like the fact that it’s narrated by
Harley I think it works well there were bits of the film and I
thought well that felt a little bit out of character for Harley but on the whole
as a Harley Quinn film I thought it was good
unfortunately the narrative itself was not like great visually though the film
worked well the car the costumes kind of really brought this to life especially
Harley Quinn’s she has some incredible costumes that I prefer to her Suicide
Squad getup and I should say that as a DC fan I loved Suicide Squad as a DC fun
I didn’t mind birds of prey the marketing for this was brilliant I
missed out on seeing Margot Robbie by one day when I was in Hollywood I was
right next to the Hollywood and Highland Center and had this whole Harley would
if they called it like set up for to promote the film and Margot Robbie was
there the day after I left which is slightly irritating um but apart from
the costume there wasn’t really much going for it the marketing the marketing
was incredible yes that was fantastic Margot Robbie acting brilliant the
supermarket scene great stuff everything else just completely led itself down
they could have done so much more with this we just have to remember is bad or
is disappointing if birds as birds of prey may seem it’s not as bad as cats

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  2. 0:19 thanks for watching mine Top notch review by the way. What other movies have you seen that you might review

  3. They often have too many characters in superhero movies. eg Xmen, Fantastic 4. Marketing often comes before good writing.

  4. I honestly thought Birds of Prey really sucked. Aside from Margot Robbie giving it her all as Harley Quinn, the film was an extremely over-the-top and shallow mess IMO. With one-dimensional characters that get little to no development, a story so stupid, unengaging, and all-over-the-place that I didn’t give a damn about anything that was going on, narration so annoying that it’d make Blade Runner blush, an extremely cartoony, misogynistic bad guy with no other traits beyond that, and forced female empowerment being hammered in your head with every chance it gets (which it tries to compensate by making every male character seem like an unlikable asshole just to make the female psychopath look good by comparison).

  5. I really have to disagree, I adored this film from start to finish! Yes it has problems but I think this was more of an introduction to Birds of Prey, that’s why Harley leaves them at the end of the film! I think we get to see Harley’s thought process as she decides whether to do things for bad or for good! Personally I think that this was 10x better than Suicide Squad and I am genuinely interested to hear why you don’t think so? This is just my own opinion! I thought this film was so much fun and was one not to take seriously, it was just a fun experience!

  6. I like the film because it FEELS like a Harley Quinn film. Basically a me kind of insane. 9/10 great film. (also, don't trust Bass Drip NCS. He'll steal your info)

  7. Haven’t seen the movie so nice to hear a spoiler free review. And have you checked out “The Invisible Man”? I would like to see a review on it because I went in without trailers and left satisfied. Maybe it’s because my lack of watching good horror films but I’d love to see your take on it! Great review 🍻

  8. I LOVED it, I knew I would, but I loved it more then I thought I would lol. I am in love with the DCEU. I don't get the hate, it was perfect to me and being such a DCEU fanboy, it's hard to hate any of the movies so far, 🙂
    I'm fine with it being a Harley Quinn movie, love her and she's back next year in The Suicide Squad, so I'm more happy.
    I thought all the actors did great. Wonder Woman 1984 Is next! I can't wait!

  9. Definitely just a Harley Quinn film. The other girls were pretty much forgettable. Not a bad movie but not a great one either. Great vid 👍🏻

  10. I thought the movie was okay, story wasn't anything speacial but Margot Robbie and Ewan McGregor made it all worthwhile.

  11. Nice review Amy. I thought it was a fun film to watch but hard to go and tell people it was a great film. Especially with DC coming off the back of Joker. My favourite scene was the police station scene. I thought the fight choreography was fun and perfect for Harley and reminded me of the comics.

  12. I didn't mind it. I am expecting movies to be terrible now, so I tend to switch off while watching and enjoy it a bit more.

  13. Margot Robbie was great as Harley Quinn per usual, but we certainly were not enamored with the rest of the film.

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