BEST GRAPHICS EVER? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

BEST GRAPHICS EVER? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to Call of Duty 4…wait. No, that’s not right. What’s up guys? This is birch gluestick and welcome to modern warfare remastered that’s on it with this game. I think I got it What’s up, guys? This is Marntch manatee and welcome to modern warfare 2019 I think this is technically gonna be my first modern warfare video I did stream the game on Friday, but this video should be my first official modern warfare video with some actual gameplay I’m planning on doing something pretty stupid for this video today I’m not sure if Infinity Ward has fixed this bug, but if you go to the film gram setting on general It’s set to 25 by default now if you want to actually increase this and have your game look like utter shorts or put it down to zero and actually have It look good. It just it doesn’t matter because for some reason when you go into a match it automatically resets at 25 I’m not sure if they’re aware of this book. I haven’t heard anything about it So I wanted to point that out today and on top of that. I wanted to kind of ruin Modern Warfare’s graphics So we’re actually gonna play with a hundred film grain We’re gonna turn the world motion blur and the weapon motion blur on and we’re gonna play it 20 Sensitivity and to make things worse. I’m gonna turn aim assist off There’s actually three different kinds of aim assists for this game, and I’m currently using the strongest one But I’m just gonna turn it off and I’m gonna turn off target assist. Oh my goodness This is gonna be brutal. And today Infinity Ward added a new version of gun fight called OSP I think everyone starts out with a pistol you have to actually find weapons and tactical and lethal grenades and stuff So yeah, this is absolute torture. This should be this should be good. I don’t know what I got myself into Oh, you just start with your fists. Okay, this is 20 sensitivity with motion blur I mean if you guys started vomiting, let’s go for our deagles. Come on. Oh I didn’t oh, you have to actually hold I see okay Get 316 Wow, okay, this could be impossible I almost 360 – dude This is not gonna be easy and I have not played the motion blur on like it just it looks so terrible open to medium for Oh Well, what was that backflip he just did we’re just watching goat boy games right now I’m gonna be honest the motion blur is actually kind of smooth in modern warfare I mean, I’m personally not gonna play with it Seriously, like I wouldn’t seriously turn on motion blur for any reason it does look pretty bad. Oh We won we had more help. I’m still ready for this one Oh Got him. Oh, how do you hear the shotgun? I can’t aim that I cannot aim that Faaak can’t do it. The aiming is too wobbly too loose. I can’t play at 20 with no aim assist That’s all poor the challenge. We have to try to win with these settings. Oh my god. This is terrible Never torture yourself like this never to actually do this Why is he already behind this? Okay? Okay in the course, okay, this guy just loves to came with a shotgun doesn’t he This is so intense He’s play peek-a-boo over here. Oh dude do not get jump shot it by him Don’t let him just jump up and down behind some tires and kill you Uh-uh Take the flag. Take the flag. Take the flag. You don’t have enough health just There we go I know everyone’s talking about how Tactical this game is gonna be how much slower pace it is and how much camping is gonna pay off? I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m gonna play this game with a rushing playstyle no matter what Well, where’s the last guy the last guy’s probably just hiding here at the shotgun yup, go figure typical There we go now that I’m not just spinning with the disgusting vomit inducing motion blur I can actually hit some shots. Although it is pretty fun to just spin in circles. I mean look at that It is probably just camping as usual Go figurehead glue chick in the back with what the m14. Oh my Boobie that we’re in an alpha dude, this is just an alpha. We’re just here to test the game We have people playing this like it’s the cod World League. This is just an alpha I kind of like this one where you get to pick up all the weapons though. It’s not bad first. I’m playing it Flan oh Gotta go You went you let this come on kill him. Did he just get punched today? I think my teammate just got punched enough. He did. Oh my cool He punched the gun out of his hands Hi, I am great I Like 20 sensitivity great. I don’t want to lose this. I mean we actually have a chance here my teammates better than you Actually, okay. He’s just as bad on the other team. That one dudes getting carried so hard though I think my best bet is to just go for the shotgun and just try to let them as soon as I can Come on the blood machine get the blood machine. I Bought them. Yes, we really have to win one more. I can’t believe I might actually win with this sensitivity emotionless. It’s so gross and Go. Oh my how did I actually go straight after that spin? Just something I wanna do is just camping in the back the other ones actually rushing You you can’t do that you can’t peek that guy he’s just he’s head glitching in the back. Oh my he had a sniper Okay, where’d you get the sniper? I want to hit some date quick the scopes We’re gonna summon feed booty to Tricia on the last round Rizzoli There’s a sniper good shot Good you see it’s for everything they could Go for the notes go faith food. Those cup beats booze. It’s gonna hit the first my Norfolk to help This kid. Oh These people under this game with these so much more dank if it’s like identical to monomer 32 Yeah, I can’t believe we actually won that it’s pretty much just because my teammate was half-decent this Hope had five a nine Oh my god, wait, the film greens back to 25. See that’s what I’m saying I had it all the way up before starting but apparently they added another map to I think it’s called Stax I haven’t had a chance to play that one yet. No streaming on Friday They had a playlist update and the game was down for 30 minutes while streaming It was just it was such a bummer. But thankfully I was able to get back in I got to play the new map Doc’s that one’s actually pretty good dude. We are smacking on this map this I like this map FAAAAk out of here. That’s a fAAAAking win. First time playing the map. Let’s go. Mr. Sweaty sack. What a name Well, I’m gonna put my settings back. I can’t actually play at this So the film where it’s always gonna go back to 25 though, which is so stupid I turn the motion blur off to okay now we’re good together But yeah, the whole point of this Modern Warfare alpha is to not take it too seriously I don’t think we’ve ever actually had an alpha version of a call duty game to play before so yeah this version of modern warfare That we have to play it’s not finished by any means. It’s definitely not perfect They’ve got some bugs to fix it to actually work out. Oh, well, we got the map stack I’ve never played stack before in the OSP like variance is completely new so I’m not gonna know which part of the map to go To for certain weapons and stuff like that, but you know go fight it’s okay I mean personally, I’m more looking forward to the beta because you know It’s closer to what actual Call of Duty is like it. Actually I could go for some squad feeds Game what I just we got the Claymore put it down to a guy who killed me over here disgraceful Okay lad have a good cherry plum in the bunk that’s definitely on a proper English welcome I kind of hate this I think I prefer regular gunplay where you actually just everyone has the same loadout and I’m gonna play this one all the way through So I keep going for this same like lever action Mk2, I know it’s not that bad but never played this map before I get the c4 We got to c4 I wanna see for the last dude Brizzy was it plain one? No, he me I Actually haven’t seen the c4 before the game. That is a huge explosion I kinda just want to run straight for the c4 just blow someone looks like the weapons actually kind of rotate a little bit nice There we go. They could this dude was he really just gonna camp there. That’s disgusting. Oh That target assist stuffs so beautiful, I gotta go for some Dacre quick scopes I’m not just gonna sit back and have anuses do everything you try to fly cus I already know you’re doing it. Oh We got quacks Gupta Are you still really I should have just executed the dude. I don’t know why he’s just crouching here in the middle I don’t get why people actually try to camp a gunfight in a 1v2 situation It almost never works wanna go for the execution since we have such a lead You know, you know he’s not good just go for something cool not just shooting him in the back when he’s defenseless They can’t do anything. But oh well, I mean it’s a win. My teammate was just slaughtering them But yeah, the new gun fight mode. It’s actually pretty good I do see it more of like a party game not something that’s supposed to be super competitive There’s certain people that I bumped into in the Alpha that take this so seriously And I just can’t believe that they do you got to realize this is just the alpha version of the game The game isn’t even out yet we’re not even in the beta and we have people sweating and camping in the back of the map trying so desperately to get a Win such a bra moment. Oh, oh, well my teammates just laying down. Okay fried kittens. That’s disgusting. Take that off the menu I’m getting so tired of hearing that they already addressed that but okay, I’m great I’m so good at this game. I just want to actually play the beta though It’s like a blow people up all day and gunfight if I really wanted to but it’s not you know It does get a little repetitive. It does get a little repetitive a little repetitive repetitive. I died This verse goes for modern warfare. I’d rather play team deathmatch domination. Oh Okay, yeah that makes sense to me but I think you guys what I’m saying I can only do so much to v2 before I actually just want to play the full game Which is what I think they were going for here with the Alpha in the first place You don’t have to prove it or anything to be able to get You didn’t have to prove Juking web I tried to do I know we won but yeah You didn’t have to pre-order the game to be able to get access to the Alpha It’s free for everyone, but they do have a thing where you can actually provide our modern warfare from the alpha so it’s pretty obviously they wanted a bunch of people to download this check it out and when they fall in love with it then They can actually just buy the game pretty small. I wanna be able to do an execution so bad I was doing it a multiple times on straight, but it was on afk players Now let’s even go for the execution. The other dudes not playing. Let’s do it. Let’s execute him. Get the fAAk. Are you Britt? Yes, that’s a win actually wanna do it on someone who’s playing? Oh There we go. Let’s go for it Here we go. Here we go. Oh I almost had the chance to do it. I don’t know if you have to 80s to actually pull off the execution I was holding circle I’ve done it at least like three or four times but I struggle so badly to do it on someone who’s actually playing Let’s go for it again Okay, there we go. We’re actually coming back we might actually win this one There’s one dude on their team that keeps going for the spawn shots, but he cannot kill me and it’s costing him every round There we go Well, there you go I would’ve gone for the executioner, but if I did he probably would have just killed me so As I’m sure you could tell I’m enjoying modern warfare so far but aside from that I want to let you guys know the few used code Merc right now up until the 27th You can get 30% off of G fuel If you guys want to get some thinking miss bacon miss G fuel if you use my code to save a short ton of money 30% to be exact so check it out but other than that I’m gonna try to bulk record some videos on the modern warfare alpha so I can keep posting modern warfare videos even though the game Isn’t out. So I hope you guys are looking forward to that. And with that being said, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoy technically my first video playing modern warfare on the channel if you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more modern warfare stuff make Sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. MW's not even out and people have already moved on from bo4. I guess that's the price you pay when you betray your fanbase and try to scam them outta every cent they have 🙁

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  3. Yo people its not a new engine infinity ward used a custom in house engine which is sledgehammer's engine that was used for AW and ww2 but with custom movement animations and physics stuff like that

  4. Is this illuminate or what so I’m watching this video and one of his other videos started playing on my tv because I was watching call of duty on YouTube lmao I looked up then saw his face then looked back st my phone and almost died

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