Best FREE 2D Animation Software – For Beginners!

Best FREE 2D Animation Software – For Beginners!

Do you hate animating on paper? Of course, you do. Introducing…. Computers! We all like free things, so here’s some
free animation software! At number 3, there’s Plastic Animation Paper. This software is now obsolete, but the creators
were generous enough to let everyone use that version for free! How nice! And, if you can ignore the less than stellar
interface, it’s great for animation. Using this software, it’s easy to get stuff
done. That being said, this is a more traditional
workflow, since there’s no animation tweening. It’s fairly basic but is good for beginners. However, temper your expectations. Although this is perfect for doing rough animation,
it has no colour options. My recommendation is to use this for rough
animation and linework, then to import that into another piece of software, such as Krita,
and colour it from there. If you want something that is just simple,
this is it. At number 2, is Pencil2D. I didn’t used to like Pencil2D, and whilst
it’s still not my favourite animation software, it’s grown quite a bit since I last looked
at it. The interface is more modern than the previous
entry, and the entire software has more features. Colouring options, for instance, are here. You can achieve some good results with this. Like the last entry, though, there is a lack
of tweening. So, again, this is again for more traditional animation. That being said, it’s quite flexible, and
once I had learned the keyboard shortcuts, it was easy to whip up this bouncy ball animation. At number 1, it’s OpenToonz. This is some professional software. OpenToonz is an open-source version of the
paid software called Toonz, and the paid version has been used for many major productions throughout
the years. It has all the features you could want. Dynamic palettes, tweening, actually good
vector and bitmap tools, it has it all. This is the best software, for beginner and
intermediate animators alike. It’s quite easy to use, once you know the
basics, but can be pushed pretty far, in terms of its feature-set. It helps that Toonz, the paid version, is
almost identical, and is feature-film ready. And those are my recommendations for 2D animation
software for free! I create a bouncy ball animation, as any major
issues with software flag up once you produce something quite fast, and efficiently. Thanks for watching, like and subscribe, all
that YouTube stuff. Check out my Discord in the description and
check out my social media. Until next time, goodbye.

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  1. I've been using OpenToonz for a while and have had some problems, those problems being how my fill tool just stopped working, along with the erase tool, I was wondering if you knew a free software that is as advanced as OpenToonz, without those problems? Thanks.

  2. Opentoonz is da bomb. Once you get past the learning curve, it's excellent. And with the community working to improve it, it is much more stable than in the past.

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