Best 2D Animation Software for Beginners

Best 2D Animation Software for Beginners

What is the best 2D animation software for
beginners? I’m assuming hand drawing and taking pictures
is not on your list. No, and neither is Powerpoint’s built in
animation. You could try Corel’s Painter 3X. It feels
like you’re painting on a canvas. I remember stories of people using Corel Draw
in the 1990s. One of the classic 2D animation tools is Flash
Professional. AKA, all the infuriating Flash animation that
crashes your browser and does not work on mobile phones. You can convert Flash animation files to HTML5
and JavaScript; in fact, Adobe has a tool for that. Of course they do, or they’ll go obsolete.
Speaking of which, I hate their revised pricing structure of forever charging you money. FL Studio, one of the other major 2D tools,
has a lifetime of free updates if you buy their software. Only a value if I choose to continue using
it. You might want to use FlipBook. It does animation
in a digital format like people used to do cell animation. As long as I’m not painting each cell by
hand. It is still used to make cartoons and a lot
of other visual effects. A lot of artists use it for their projects, as do many animators. I’d almost rather use Blender. At least
that is free. And Blender does 2D as well as 3D. The large user community and tons of free
online tutorials are what make me want to use it. Blender’s biggest rival is Maya, based on
the online discussion boards. That’s like Lisp versus Haskell. More like Scala and Java versus Objective
C and Swift – Maya has lots of users and more functionality, but Blender’s popularity
is the ability to mix up some animation fast. I like the idea of more functionality, assuming
I can afford it. There are jokes that if you have to ask how
much, Maya costs too much. What do you think of Maya? It is an animation tool by Autodesk that can
do a lot of effects from modeling to skinning to physics to particle effects, Maya can do
it. So make the model and put skin on it and clothes
and coloring and make it move and add glowing whatever. All for a very big price tag. The side benefit
of Maya is 2D and 3D with the same quality of work as many special effect houses. And a price tag that only the gurus and pros
can afford. So go with Toon Boom Studio. It is used for
a lot of actual cartoons. The name kind of implies that. It is used in a lot of cartoons and animated
movies, assuming you do not mind looking like Saturday morning cartoons. As long as it is easy to use. You could also work with Adobe Illustrator
CC, letting you work with vector graphics to make dazzling animations. The price tag is blinding. Yes, but a lot of those annoying multi-media
popups you see on websites were made with Adobe Illustrator.

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  1. i dont know why this video doesnt have many views and comments. its exactly why i was looking for when i search for an animation software video. it has many options with their pros and cons, im going to check some of those. thank you so much.

  2. Good information thank you. But FL Studio is DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) which is used for producing/composing music.

  3. Honestly, I don't want any of these (Except maybe Blender) because of how the girl was bitching about every option.

  4. I didn't realize Blender could do 2d animation also. I love Flash, personally, and have used Pencil 2d, Flipbook, and Toon Boom Studio 6.

  5. Hmm. . .Not a word about Synfig Studio.  OK so it IS intimidating but there are enough tutorials out there that it's approachable.  Barely.

  6. Me: Yeah! I'm gonna get into animating! Better see whats the best software to use! clicks on video
    Video: uses go animate
    Me: Fuck it, I never wanted to animate anyway.

  7. Easy =/= Good. Just because GoAnimate is easy, doesn't mean it's good. I clicked this video because Pencil is a steaming pile after a while, but Pencil is like a god compared to GoAnimate. I'd rather stick to a steaming pile than a steaming pile of diarrhea horse shit covered in Smeagol's piss.

  8. Excerpt from the description "script": "FL Studio, one of the other major 2D tools, has a lifetime of free updates if you buy their software." facepalm ..FL Studio A.K.A Fruty Loops (Which I'm sure you already know–) is for MUSIC. And about you using GoAnimate, I'd rather use stop motion hand drawn with CRAYON. Or an outdated version of Flash with a product key found online just to get it for free.

  9. "One of the classic 2D animation tools is Flash Professional."

    No a pencil, tonnes of paper and a lightbox was the classic 2d animation tool.

  10. You want "FREE" 2D animation? EASYTOON 1.9.5, or PIVOT, end of story. if not use ms paint or something. Fruity Loop Studio…are you serious? I know they have that plugin but really..? That's like saying stick a series of pictures in RPG Maker 2003 and animating it in the skill animation section or using M.U.G.E.N. If you want to invest, Photoshop or Flash or do your own research on what people use in the industry. Also, an animation software does not make you an animator, It's the time and effort you put into it.

  11. holy god this GoAnimate program makes me want to kill myself
    such quality ,much wow

    tip:don't use text to speach

  12. Ugh it's so annoying like why would you animate it and make it insult websites it's so fukked up

  13. "The price tag is blinding." 
    Some cs2 products are free now and macaroni flash is to. I have download link to give if you want it also.

  14. With Adobe Flash, I can create not only animation, but Games, Sites etc.. 😉 For less time than other apps, and no use other programs, only flash.. 😉 Cheers (beer)

  15. This is so fucking hard to understand and also, don't turn this video into a crapy rp that's just weird….

  16. blender 2.8 will be way batter then toon boom
    end they toon boom Duse has some issues when it comes to animation
    batter option will by after effects or carburetor animator from adobe
    or if you want free stuff well open toonz end krita a option to

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