Man, I have to admit mining gets pretty boring. I find the same things over and over theres like nothing new to explore anymore What the heck was that I? Can’t see anything. It’s as dark as Africa in here there we go. That’s better What’s this stuff on the Walls? Dreams do come true. Okay, whatever you say Wow, I I’ve never seen this before what the heck is it? Hole lever. I don’t know what it is about me and levers, but oh man, I Can’t I just I heard youtube’s needed to be family-Friendly, huh? Oh But I mean if I do it just once I’m sure it will be fine, right? I’ll snap out of it steve. Just just pull the lever you don’t have to do anything else the sign says pull so pull oh What the heck was that did you guys hear it too? Oh well? Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa? Whoa? Whoa? Whoa? Whoa? Where did you come from? Hey, hey now Look, let’s talk about this. You don’t want to hurt me. I’m a rich dude. I have tons of diamonds. I could give you Let’s just talk about it. Whoa wow oh Man, what did I slip on? Don’t you do it? It was just a nightmare. Oh, thank God man. I got to take a leak Where’d he go? kind of sworn someone was in my toilet and I Pissed myself yeah, I’m going back to sleep you What’s that sound do you guys hear -? hmM odd That that was another nightmare, but how and how in the heck oh? All right, I need to get my mind on something else Hey, Sara. I really had fun last night. I was wondering if you wanted to come back over you know I could use the company Great see you then Wow, that was fast the doors open come on in Hey, sweetie. I can’t wait to get blown up when the heck you’re not Sara. Oh, no, not again ah Again, it was another nightmare screw this Alright, you stupid – for mickey mouse looking motherfucker. I’m getting real tired of your and what’s with the censor beep sound family-Friendly remember Family-Friendly, whatever you I know what the hell you want, but you better leave me alone, or I’ll kill you myself. You got me And what’s with that stupid grin you have all the time you think this is funny You think you should smile all the time Lord look at me? I’m a retarded looking to keep out that smiles all the time. Oh, give me a break Hey stop, oh God no, no, I’m burning up. No don’t don’t what state stop ah? I’ve had it already, please leave me alone You’ve got me, huh? oh Oh, it’s from Sara Hey, babe, the place you were mining last night I think you hit the jackpot go back there and follow the signs and tell me what you find Love Sara. Oh, wow yeah, I remember that place better head down This way okay? Huh, what the this is like Deja vu all over again. I Know I’ve been here before Oh, it’s you again. I remember you you’ve been in my mouth my Roof man, it’s getting a little late. I’ll come back tomorrow It was a dream this whole time. It was a dream You were never really around I quit mining just before I could set you free and you went into my dreams and tricked me to coming here Then after I woke up in the real world sent that email to finish the job dreams do come true

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  1. Hey everyone! A lot of work went into this. HIT LIKE if you want to see more and see what happens next! I may or may not come for you in your dreams but if you HIT LIKE and SHARE i'll be happy not to haunt you. There is a bunch of hidden things in this animation. Comment which ones you found. Can you find them all? Subscribe for more! See you real soon!

  2. Please make a part 2 or remake. Use a BETTER ink machine model, and use the chp 4 bendy.

  3. Okay than ?? anyone else see Herobrine because if they don't they don't have eyes? to see him OMFG every Minecraft he is in THERE IS ALWAYS HEROBRINE ??????? and please notice me Sempi ????????

  4. Me: Boy how bout this weather we're having huh.
    Steve: Totally, totes, totes magoats, totes huh.
    Baldi: Go for it buddy.
    Jay: Yay.
    Steve: Oh um Smash, may i have this dance.
    Me: (Snickering) You may.
    Bendy: Hang on, leave some room love birds.
    Me and Steve: Bendy.

  5. Alright you stupid discount Mickey mouse mother f_cker . I Am getting real tired of your sh_t what's up with the censor beep sound. F_ck kid friendly ??????

  6. Kyle: Say. Has anyone seen Steve around.
    Cartman: No, come to think of it i haven't seen him in awhile.
    Kenny: Me neither.
    Stan: It feels like we haven't seen him in months.
    Kyle: How's that make you feel Smash.
    Ashley: (Nervous laughing) Wha, why would that make me feel anything. He he it's not like i have a massive crush on him, or I'm in love with him, or I've been thinking about how many days he's been gone or anything. (Nervous laughing and blushing).

  7. Whoever disliked will be haunted by ink Bendy the normal bendy is kind he’s my brother and ink bendy my exe brother

  8. Futuristichub: Bendy and the Ink Machine:
    Chapter 1: Moving Pictures.
    Chapter 2: The Old Song.
    Chapter 3: Rise and Fall.
    Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders.
    Chapter 5: The Last Reel.
    Bonus Chapter: The Archives.

  9. reads dreams come true? YAY

    *dreams about having million robux
    wakes up
    checks PC
    0 robux
    me:*throws pc in a toilet*

  10. bendy is always hunting my dreams he is not scary anymore cause im scared of the dark revival I watched the trailer at 3am ALONE HE WAS THERE

  11. Well bendy guess what you are one of my best friends I loved watching your old cartoons and I play your game and I left alike and I will share it

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