Ben 10 PS4 Gameplay Part 3 Scrapyard

Ben 10 PS4 Gameplay Part 3 Scrapyard

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel of Joseph gamer for life my name’s Joseph so welcome guys to
another crappy game I gonna play is better I hate this game I freaking hate
this game so I lost like by scriber it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok like those
people who ascribe me man they all know what they gonna miss out a whole bunch
of fun in the future because in the future I hope so I get like 20 or like
100 or 500 more subscribers so I hope so I didn’t even mess up this rust bucket I
come out now come on now why why no what I JSON by my fair one see someone upper
class of one bad ten i watch it alright finished watching season one I’ll go get
it um season two at the end of month ok so we did the city fun house now we go
ahead to do the scrapyard oh wow boy 3 though oh wow ok if you keep doing that
you’re only gonna make it math if you want my advice whatever just don’t come
crying to me when you get stung after all the bad guys I’ve taken down some of
which are like a gazillion times the size of a bee you should show some
respect for my awesome moves this seems like deja vu or be shavoo but
you really need to keep that ego in check been an inflated ego always gets
in a way of success material not worried about puns at the moment don’t worry twenty grandpa let me guess
diamond here or Big Chill see what County is turned into nap for mom
forearm see stand up straight that kind of beep
bullshit he buys stand straight let go to that’s
already Price Hill damn slow Oh Ariel Ariel perfect let’s see the item I
hate this game I hate this freaking game why why yeah almost um up to like four
dollar because my own Bo TK more few so that good a Benton on the video game Ariel come on there you go
you fight all right they improve Tom Benton some more till
why so slow oh my god
oh do you guys see ya oh yes on the right fire oh my gosh no the original
dantana game way been into this one way better way better way better so holy cow Oh bunch of bees I hate these
no I’ll urge us to I’ll be saying so all that you’re doing
oh my gosh yes um almost in 2019 guys almost that good because next year guys
Nancy I’m I’m going through my first review to review at one time you say you
guys like first review come on Joe you do it like a other review company here
child play it chapter 2 I know guys but this year been them to movie come out on
October 2nd I can now wait go to the cinema to movie
I’m due to review app 1 come on get are combining together bend them the first
movie in a second one like I cannot wait to watch um they don’t do movie I cannot
wait to watch here why because I’m carnage and spider-man and movie be way
better than the first one is they’re kind of lame you might still name here we go man hey real Susa still lame
yeah the other movie are not going to see is Charlie angel I’m not going to
see that but I’m gonna see Jumanji Nassau Wars
I said lost everything about Sun I’m gonna watch um Jumanji in the movie I cannot wait to watch the
new Jumanji I cannot wait at this game I’m gonna play up beyond – so after this
gameplay I like guys know become the to view and one I mean – vo so two
different gameplay today so ain’t nothing is um sorry still say Shalom
taste of law today because I was at work because Robert Reich about 40 hours so I
did overtime today there we go nice nice nice nice nice oh
oh oh no other go to into for our probably
won’t be perfect nice alright
he play so slow she’ll run so slow that darn it
alright oh here we go alright so 11 remain I cool cool cool the whole bunch of them let’s see bees
hey spider I love scorpion because I can’t deal with our red tiles is
scorpion but spider held the fuck no stay the fuck away fall for me say we
fuck the phone all right no I don’t get it sooo lame to say that my arms are your – there you go perfect awesome I gotta say I wish I can’t throws up but
now get through this on there you go cool that was easy all right the way home well yeah lien this time
nobody needed upgrade why up gray is purple it should be green then I’m up to
what the hell alright you see what okay okay okay
not bad not bad sorry hate you to me of them damn I can’t believe a damn mess on they mess
up a great boys and mess up his color like upgrades will be green not purple
green that’s a mess up not bad not bad this right is all right that’s all right this usually mess up his voice in his
look like upgrade shall be green his voice sound like a kid oh wow vie so
like sound like the kid lame freakin lame okay face feel so lame silly defy skills so freaking laying
guys so sorry about that lame lame d-bus pseudo sound like a freaking kid I hate
you there you go there you go except for remaining there we go still lame still lame there you see
what down here mollify again oh my gosh why why ooh all right cool use air yeah
oh my god they took me of him there you be blasts yes oh my gosh
but now who is it Big Chill Diamondhead all right they mess up his
outfit but it got um his same thing right
does he talk he messed up his voice a little bit they mess up his voice a
little bit oh my gosh now even worse you gotta be kidding me
they mess up Diamondhead voice why why while you mess
up Diamondhead voice I so lame why oh my
gosh time here is almost like a damn old man until what time head can do see ok
fights go way better than our forearms I like it
awesome ok oh I got hurt there you go perfect okay that badass I like it there we go perfect I’ll try not to have an elevated
opinion of myself okay all right got one lock oh yeah great matter they can’t pull shut up all right cool awesome cool all right
Oh fine skill is good but you gotta piss so there we go jumpy skill is as perfect yeah yeah hmm beep I’ve you must there oh no guys
I know develop all right guys so I’m going Supper right
here so thank you for watching Benton I really appreciate don’t forget to
click the like subscribe comment share you think of or check out my channel of
just a gamer for life alright guys so see

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