Ben 10 | Ben Becomes Friends With Vilgax | Innervasion Part 3: Strange Bedfellows | Cartoon Network

Ben 10 | Ben Becomes Friends With Vilgax | Innervasion Part 3: Strange Bedfellows | Cartoon Network

you’ve been trying to destroy me all
summer, insult me if you wish child you doomed this planet just as I always said
you would I don’t even know what I did is the Omnitrix about to explode to save
this planet child you don’t take it off you go inside it inside the Omnitrix now
I know you’re lying the signal released by that heap of rampaging refuse
established a gateway a gateway through which the most unstoppable army in the
cosmos will invade Earth the fulmen im5 foreman i what is that
Italian that’s supposed to make me nervous
it only makes me hungry guys Earth’s doomed remember right so what is this a
fettuccine Empire have to do with my watch going all weird blue and I it’s
the real name of the alien race you call shocked rock the Gateway you open is
inside the Omnitrix inside will they gotta be tiny they try to get out I’ll
just go forearms and squash fool they are an energy based species once they
escape the confines of your watch they will use the earth against itself they
must be stopped before they set foot on solid ground
Tennyson family huddle what should I do I can’t just Vilgax that’s there’s an
old Italian saying then keep your friends close and your enemies closer
you know what that means yeah you’re still thinking about Italian food yes
but also look Phil gets is our enemy yeah it’s Flo and
I our enemy too but they’re also Vilgax enemy and the enemy of your enemy is my
friend me but if this is just another one of his schemes to get his tentacles
on my watch we need his help why does he care about this plate at all
of a sudden I don’t however the fate of the universe and more importantly the
Omnitrix are at stake I know the device better than anyone I
am the only one who can stop this invasion fine but you better be telling
the truth or else yeah and we’ll stand guard if anyone other than my cousin
comes back out safe and sound they’ll be calamari on the menu um sorry
still got Italian food on the brain if you are finished with your threats
the Omnitrix if you please hey your feeble mind wouldn’t understand
no but I know who would may I continue be my guest
now be still while I activate the transport access portal well I see
built-in for maintenance of the device Oh clever mistake transport access panel
is a bit of a mouthful you might consider using the acronym path as in
tap tap tapping at the door although I do have security concerns well I’ll be in the rust bucket the rust
bucket for what gonna make some pasta something tells me it’s gonna be a long
night I guess so wait here your resilience is impressive that felt where are we we’re inside the
loading chamber odg he inside the Omnitrix this is where the aliens
genetic material is combined with your inferior human DNA
so that’s accelerate Heatblast diamond wait what’s up with that one it should
be up but it’s full the shock record fulmen them whatever you call it energy
straight very strange speaking of strange how did you know about the tap
there are many things I know about the Omnitrix that you are unaware of
Tennyson and I will not bother explain it to wit we will never stop this
invasion if you question me in every turn you

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  1. Ben 10 from long ago: Vilgax is a frightening and an unstoppable juggernaut with a strong,manly voice.

    Ben 10 from this year: Vilgax is an alien teenager who gets beaten easily and becomes kid friendly with Ben

  2. Ben 10 original:
    -Ben: Stop vilgax, if you wanna get the Omnitrix, you will explode with the entire universe
    -Vilgax: I don't care if that's the case

    Ben 10 Reboot:
    -Ben: Stop vilgax, if you wanna get the Omnitrix, you're going to destroy the entire universe
    -Vilgax: Actually im here to help you because i suddenly care for the universe i wanna conquer

    …. Wow, that escalated quickly

  3. Well they completely downgrade the Tennes family they were badasses with cool powers and worked like a team but now there just kid shiny watch

  4. So Vilgax, posessed by Ben from franchise past, consulting with Jaco on stopping an alien crime syndicate.

  5. I understand this is supposed to be more humorous and "kid friendly" but Ben 10 was all about the action and plots.

  6. Vilgax looks like he has a different art style altogether but his design looks awesome, his voice idk isn’t bad but not the best. This is one of the best looking Vilgax I have ever seen

  7. Well im gonna be watching sometjing else. Hope people that enjoy this version of the enjoy it to the end.

  8. Ahh the voice, hurts my ears. Why does Vilgax sound like a teenage bully instead of a galactic warlord?

  9. Was expecting a slumber party or something. ::Looks up definition::


    a person who shares a bed with another.
    a person or thing allied or closely connected with another.

    Me: ….oh…oh well that’s less exciting then.

  10. Jesus christ, remember when Vilgax was a terrafying villian in the original series? They somehow keep on making him worse in every Ben 10 series his in.

  11. Vilgax: I know about more about the omnitrix better than anyone.

    Azimuth: You do realize I created it, right?

  12. I… don’t understand why everyone hates the reboot. Yeah, it looks way different and I much prefer the original run from Classic to Omniverse, but this reboot seems pretty harmless.

    At least it’s not Teen Titans Go and PPG 2016 where the characters are just caricatures of their original versions. This reboot seems to have a pretty decent grasp on the characters’ personalities.

    Personally I’d be interested if this reboot somehow clashes with the original series like the many times OG Ben saw different timelines and universes.

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