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  1. I don't think I've ever been this early to an upload. Really makes you feel like you have to comment something lol

  2. Thanks for this great video Satori Graphics. Would love to get to know more about pricing logos and design work in general.

  3. This is an interesting video on the state of logo design and design in general. I'm with you on this one: are there a lot of logo designers out there? Of course. The slew of logo design software littering the internet has turned the industry into a commodity. Does this mean we should give up? Not on your life. More than ever, companies and businesses from all industries and from all size are recognizing the importance of design and design thinking which is why there has never been a better time to get into this business. Sure, they can design a logo on Wixlogo and the like, but they know it won't be as memorable. A software does not understand things such as Brand attributes or, more importantly, the "why" of the brand. Designers are the only ones capable of understanding this.

    This is an interesting topic, Tom. Thanks for bringing this up. Before launching my own design business and consultsncy, I worked as a business analyst for some 20 years so I know the principles upon how business is built and designers n no longer sit in the back end and take orders, designers are now at the forefront of all projects involving the making of a brand. We are here to solve a problem.

    There is no software that can do that.

  4. Yes it's, every freelance website is saturated with 50,000 Bengalis all lowering their prices, resulting in a race to the bottom. You'll make it if you are good at networking and market yourself outside of freelance websites.

  5. For me being a Designer (quickly emphasise that i wanted to go into product design and not necessarily graphic design) was primarily about getting "in with the crowd" or a creative culture that revolved around the practice here in London..

    Wasn't and still isn't simple…

    But Graphic Design is still a good entry point into the field, as Product design is usually locked into more complex systems..

    PS I want to be a Sportswear designer, because its what my family did throughout the 70's, 80's 90's and 00..


  6. Your every video is super duper and I love your videos and your tips such a great . You are great person and you teach a professional levels I really liked❤

  7. Desde quando tinha poucos inscritos já sabia que o Sartory iria crescer pois seus vídeos tem qualidade e experiência. Valeu! Forte abraço!

  8. In general, it is saturated. But that really depends on what you have to offer. If your work doesn't stands out you find yourself on the bottom. It's just that there are already many people doing a generalist style. But maybe there aren't that many people good at minimal design or typography design. So if you Excel in a style that's in demand but short on supply, you be successful. Otherwise it's a struggle.

    It's like me and I.T. many people can do what I can do with years of experience added to it, so I will have trouble finding work.

  9. I see you're putting your new camera to good use. I like the added dimension to your videos by making it more of a vlog format now. Amazing work as always!

  10. Hello Satori, in order to build my network, can you be my first friend/coworker network person?!
    I'm in the field for more than 9 years now, I'm from Egypt.

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