Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover

Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover

I got fired today. I’d jaywalk but I can’t
afford getting a ticket. Nooooooooooooooo. Change you stupid light. Augh! A cat? Or . . . maybe a dog . . . Huh… Guhhhhh!
Guhhhh! GUHHHH!
I’m such a loser. Oof!
My gutsss . . . my gutsss . . .
(knocking) Coming! Hey Hey, Deckard. I heard you lost your job. Oh… uh, yeah.
Too bad I can’t make a career out of getting fired, right? I’d be . . . like, a CEO or
a manager? Which one’s more impressive? President? Are you going to be OK? . . . Gahhhh! Oh My God! Oh, oh my God! Ah, wait! Uh, oh, I have uh, stuff for your stuff.
. . I got you ice for your for your crotch! I’m
shoving the crotch ice under the door! Oh. You’re awake. Wanna split a cassarole? Oh, hello. Well, well . . . What . . .? Ah! . . . . WAIT! Where are you guys going? Why does this make me feel so sad? AAAAAHHHH BAD DREAM! AAAHHHHH YOU WERE THERE! AAAAHHH LASAGNA’S GONE. Mmmm? AAAAHHHH I’M LATE! Nooooo . . . no no noooooo . . .
I wanna go hooooooome . . . You have no documentable skills. You didn’t
manage to finish schooling past High School. Your work history is spotty at best. This
is a temp agency not a charity. We don’t . . . Hello? Bla bla boring phone talk
Yes. All right. Great. Goodbye. You took too long. Now your candy’s gone.
That’s what happens. BKOWWWWW! Hello, peon. Bow to me. Ummm . . . no . . . thank you. Why not? Hey, dude . . . I got you pre —-se—-nnnntsss!
The pet store I used to work at is going out of business. Haha! ewww . . . . Lucky us. So . . . lemme see . . . I got you a bone . . . and wrapped a toy mouse
around it . . . A blanket . . . Eggplant pillow . . . dog food . . . cat food? . . . Shampoo
. . . a leash . . . and rain boots! Heh heh, yeah . . . Yeah . . . Crap! I ran out of food money! Relax, man. I’m not gonna eat YOUR food. Aaaaaaah . . . AAAaaahhh . . . AAAAAAHHHHHH Stop. No hitting. There better not be anything scary cryptic
written in here . . . I will scream SO. LOUD . . .And then totally lose my marbles . . . Pretty
stationary though. Dear Puppycat . . . Is that you? Please report to fishbowl space for temp.
work. Sign below. Oh, lemme get you a pen . . . Uhhhh? . . . Hello? Anybody here? I’ve been left behind . . . I’m all alone . . . Am i not good enough? Hahahahaha EWWWWW! AHHHHH
Whaaaaaaat- Theeeeeeeeeeeee- Incoming. Why – yeeeee! Welcome, Puppycat. You look different. And
hello, unrecognized intruder. Unfortunately, due to increased security measures, you must
now be incinerated. She looks awed, the fire glows in her eyes. Whoah . . . Hey, you talk! . . . kind . . . of . . . Oh! Like a trainee-shadow? Welcome! Initiating
uniform assignment! Peeeeewwwww! Uhhh . . . No. . . No, no, no, no, NO! I DON’T LIKE THIS
OUTFIT! Please proceed to fishbowl space. Aaaaaaah Aaaahhhh Bleeauuuuugh Let me know when you’re done! Um . . . What are we doing? Hi, Wallace. Hi, Wallaaace. What’s wrong? I miss my mama . . . She’s been gone FOREVER. Awwwww . . . Do you want something to drink? No, thank you. You want a snack? No. You wanna nap? No. He’s so sad . . . Don’t cry, Wallace. Can I have a story? And then what? That’s it. That’s your ending? That’s awful! And very- -interesting. Wahhhh! I knew it was you! Pretending it’s just a
fairy tale- Ahhh! Whuh? -lying to children, making them look up to
a hero; who, in really, – Uhh . . .? -is just an awful monster. Awwww, SIIIIICK! Puppycat!! Let him GO!! Bee! I’m gonna kill you! Don’t tell me what to dooooo! Ok . . . Why, what’s that gonna do . . . WHATEVER. Gwaauuugh! Whoah . . . Geeze . . . Hey . . . was that story you told that fish
true? Did you forget how to talk again? Aaaaaaahhhh! Waauugh! Woof. Oh, my God; I’m so glad there wasn’t anything
sharp on my couch! Whooo . . . Bleh! Wow! Hey! Caaaaashh! Whoah! Thank you! And thanks for not letting temp bot burn me
up. I think I’m gonna use my money to get Deckard a casserole since he bought me a casserole
. . . Whatcha’ usin’ your money for? Ignoring me again? Fine. I liked your fairy tale, Puppycat. If you want, I can help you figure out a nice
ending . . .

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  1. Bee reminds me of myself. I’ve had multiple jobs, have an apartment of my own, and yet I still have the mentality of a 12 year old lol.

  2. awww omg so puppycat is an outlaw prince who turned into a 'monster' ??? I never saw the pilot I'm shook rn

  3. Idk why, but puppycat’s story is so soothing and I’ve listened to it about 20x already… maybe it’s because he’s voiced by a vocaloid character

  4. I wish that all episodes were like this. They combine cuteness with disturbing elements. Some episodes are just cute and while I like that I feel like the show has more personality with the first episode.

  5. I remember first seeing bee and puppycat on the 3ds video app I fell in love with the animation and art style

  6. I have loved this fricken cartoon since I watched it when it came out. I adore this pilot and entire series

  7. + +

    = bee and puppycat

  8. When I first watched this in 2013, I thought Deckard had literally turned into the casserole

    Needless to say I was very confused

  9. Плиин, а тут она выглядит харизматичнее.)…По крайней мере до того момента как началась неведомая фантасмагория с путешествием в другой мир…


  11. this episode is too important to not be included in the series, this should be the actual episode 1 and 2 since it explains origins and not just throwing us into a story we dont know about


    The princess who gave her hair to the octopus is actually the princess who fell in love with the Space Outlaw (puppycat)! The space King found out about their love and their plan to run away together. Because of this he had the princess sent down to earth. Which is why she was lost. Then the King sent his men to the place where his daughter and the Outlaw were supposed to meet. He then had the Outlaw surrounded. The Space Outlaw was so furious because he thought the princess had betrayed him. He was so angry that the magic that was meant to capture him, ended up turning him into Puppycat. Later, Puppycat (the Space Outlaw) found out the real reason why the princess never showed up. So he went to search for her on Earth. While the princess was lost on Earth she ran into an octopus that was lonely. He saw her hair and feel in love. So she tied up her hair with a ribbon, and gave it to him as a gift. That way he wouldn't be so lonely. As time goes by the ribbon comes undone and the hair starts to float away. He ends up tieing himself into such a tight knot while trying to catch the hair that he explodes. The hair and the pieces of the octopus create jellyfish babies. One of the jellyfish babies is Cardamon's mom. Which explains why she cries jellyfish at the end. Also I think that's why Puppycat didn't recognize Cardamon's mom when he saw her because she is not the original space princess. She is actually the daughter of the princess.

    Cardamon is Bee's little brother. (You can see a picture of Cardamon, Bee, and Cardamon's mom on a wall hanging in Cardamon's house). The real Bee used to have purple hair until she passed away. She now has brown hair after her father created her into a robot. Also, Bee doesn't know she's related to Cardamon because she is now a robot and has lost some of her memories. And Cardamon can't remember Bee because she has been gone ever since he was a baby. After Bee passed, something tragic occured to her dad and Cardamon's mom. Which is why Cardamon's mom is in a coma.

    Also Deckard felt bad about leaving Bee because he felt like she couldn't take care of herself. This caused him to not want to go to culinary school. Although, after he worked with her at the donut place he realized she was alot stronger than he thought, and that she could take care of herself. This is why he decides to leave, and pursue his culinary career.

    This is my personal theory… What do you guys think happened?

  13. Интересно, а звуки которые издает щенкотик, они рандомные или есть в реальности такой язык….?

  14. …D…does anyone wonder what Wallace's mom thought… when she saw her son's body… zipped in half and empty…?

  15. Не кто случайно не подскажет какой вокалойд озвучивает ПаппиКэта

  16. Is it bad that I actually felt bad for Wallas just because his mama was gone for 2 min? I mean come on, I cried just like that Everytime my mom left to work when I was little. It just warms my heart to see someone loving their parent so much. And he looked like he really missed her. I was so sad for him and almost cried with him too. Then he became a monster and I was pretty sad he had to be one 🙁

  17. Wait i seen the other episodes and bee said she hated water

    And bee knows what Puppycat says and Deckard doesn't did i spell Deckerd right?

    So that makes bee a Robot!

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