Baldi vs Pennywise (It Horror 3D Animation)

Baldi vs Pennywise (It Horror 3D Animation)

Аh? Ahahah! Ah? If I don’t come back, tell
the math I loved her… No way, teacher Baldi!
I’m not leaving you! We’re going together. All right, Bob… But if you’re in trouble- run for
your life to get help, okay? Okay Ugh! Your ruler stunk up my beautiful
face with this disgusting gross! Why do you need it? I use it to slap butts of the
troubled students like you! It makes sense! Well, all right, you
will pay for this! I will bite your ears off, dog,
and your giant nose, teacher! FROM DERRY WITH LOVE! Hey, no fighting in the halls! O-oh! I’ll see you around Principal, you saved us! This clown has eaten my student! And he told me he’s
gonna bite my nose off! No cannibalism in the halls! We need to teach him a lesson! A lesson? Hell no! Find another teacher – I
won’t be giving math lessons to him! No, no! Principal wanted to say, that we need to
fight this clown right back to defeat him! But the three of
us won’t beat him! Luckily, there’s a
lot more of us! Gotta sweep-sweep-sweep! I am coming! Ready or
not – here I come! No items- no pass! Let’s play! Wow, we’ll win together! Hahaha! Let’s go! What has he done to my class! Urgh, it’s actually stinking… Look, the boy is
there, he’s alive! So, do you wanna play? I wanna play! You, fools, think this is it? Your fear… I can feel it! Ha! Not so fast, clown! We’re not scared of you. We are a good team and
we can do anything! Enough of that already! You’ve lost, clown! I have lost the
battle, not a war, Baldi. I will come back! Hurray! Principal… Thank you, guys… It’s time to go back to school. The lessons are not over yet. Study after an adventure? Oh no!! Learning is the eye of the mind. Friendship and good
defeats evil, guys! What do you think,
will Pennywise return? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to support
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notifications on! Bye! See you soon!

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    Terminator or Ben 10 or freddy Krueger or FNAF or baldi vs his psycho evil brother or part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of the pennywise ( it the clown)

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