Badla Naag Ka (2012) – Raghav, Monica, Thambi Ramaiah | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

Badla Naag Ka (2012) – Raghav, Monica, Thambi Ramaiah | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

Pandit ji Pandit ji my son has curse of snake
in his horoscope from birth We were advised to
perform an oblation But we neglected A cobra tried to
bite him las week Since then he is having
nightmares of cobra daily Let’s go We are here to
perform the oblation Pandit ji, you need to help us Please save my child Not even a small shop here Snake bite me Help me What happened son? Son The snake has clamped his neck Save him Nanjupuram A village where neither
letters can be sent Nor it has good
transport facility Here hills are the home
of poisonous snakes There are several stories
about the snakes here People fear and pray are
fully related to the snakes The village has
only Two rich man First, village
chief Naresh Sinha Namaste! all well? Is he your son? Yes, he has passed 12th and
want to be engineer now Being a chief, he behaves
well with everyone in village How are you? Sir, Supan seized my land I will speak to him,
your work will be done He pay attention to all But if someone tries
to be equal to him Then he can’t bear it He never bow to anyone Except one place Second rich man of
Village is Kundan Singh The richest in village Namaste No work in the village
is done without him Kundan’s son the
hero of our story his name is Velu He completed BA
(History) in city He helps his father
in coconut business One important thing about him He doesn’t fear the snakes While the entire village does Snake! help him Someone Save him It will bite Move Dont cry Take him Thank you so much He saved the kid Look He is acting smart What are you doing? leave it Leave it He killed the snake Fools It should not be killed How to hide this sin now? You are our only Son If something happens to you?
then But nothing happened mother What If something
would have happened? Why do you invite troubles I saved the kid mother Shut up! You don’t care about us But you ready to die for others Two unknown met What a coincidence! A sweet innocent girl Aunty! mutton Wait i am coming.. Mala Sunita Long time, no see How are you? Fine, you forgot me since
you shifted to city Oh! All the boys look
at you only Mala Don’t say that Sunita Velu Where is this boy?How many
times i have to call him Aunty Why are you coming so slow? Mala has to give mutton
to other people also Don’t act like my mother in law You will tease me
throughout this vacation Velu Listen Why are you not responding? Give her the money for mutton Ok fine We will go tomorrow Hey! you didn’t go around? I just met my friend,
I will go afterwards yesterday only my
brother became young Thats y he is feeling very shy Hey! what was that? Nothing Wait Grandma he is harassing me Why you do this? you should not touch that girl I don’t believe in this caste system,this
caste and all we dont believe in our city Aunty! mutton Who asked you to
bring mutton here? Hey, Why are you shouting?
I asked her. Prepare some
delicious food today Hey Listen Give this money to you mother Keep it Tell her, I will come tomorrow Half Kg? Yes enough I have given extra fat Delivered to all? What happened to her? Take this Chief has given to me He will come tomorrow I will never go to
his house again Oh God! What happened She is crying Please save her Oh God! What happened? Open your eyes Sunita Wake up! Kid come here Say something What happened to my grandchild? How did it happen Mala? We both were walking
on riverside And suddenly This should not have happened Does Anyone has lime here? Give me Wake up Sunita Hey! get a car GO Ok, lets go No use of car It takes nine days
to reach Bhajipura But we can reach Nandur in 5
days and she can be saved Oh God! Or she is destined to die She came here on
my responsibility How will I face her parents? God please take my
life instead her Is there no other
way to save her? Son! What are you doing? Where are you taking her? Wait, let the car come? Dad We can not save her
if we go by road So I am taking her through hill Oh God What are you talking? Velu These hills are very dangerous Wait for the car If you guarantee her life I won’t go Velu, dont go Everyone knows about
the snakes of hills It is impossible to cross them You can not neglect the fact I will go, nothing can stop me I will change everything God bless you son Grandma You dont worry, I will
also go along with Sunitha Be careful This way Wait Velu What are you doing here? Who is on your shoulder? Going to nearby village Hey Listen Did you forget everything? We studied together till 5th I dont want to talk to a thief Mala has become beautiful Looking pretty Do Villager travel
through jungle now? Then where will I go? Brother, Sunita is
bitten by a snake she has to reach to
Dr soonest possible Ok, go Don’t be scared Mala How we see the Snakes and get scared
Even the snakes are scared of us Come Come What do you want? What to do Velu? Business is very down nowadays I need some money And I saw gold glittering here Don’t expect decency from me My hands are itching Hey! leave my way Give me what I want
and I will leave He will not understand like this You wait here I will see him So your hands are itching? Wait I will make you right Relax! why do we fight? She is dying and you want gold? Do you have humanity? I am a thief,robbery
is my profession I told you once but you dont understand Think again, if
you fight with me You will not reach to the Dr. What you want? Her
life or necklace? You think I am afraid of knife? Hey my name is Velu Take this and go you dont have to fear him stop See you again Whatever happened
let it be, Lets go Come fast We will reach to the Dr
after crossing the river Drink it It will take 48 hours to
neutralize the poison Till then She has to be awake If she sleeps, the poison
will infect her body again with in a minute The she can not be saved It is your responsibility
to keep her awake You story is still good At least some people were there Now listen to my story I was playing with my friends And suddenly I fell down Then I felt it happened My clothes were wet with blood And I thought What has
happened all of a sudden Even I am not injured I was so afraid to see the blood I thought I am dying An uncle lifted me He put some water on my head and gave me something to eat Then more people came with Sweets, chocolates and cakes I ate everything full belly Then an old lady told me “Dont be afraid three days of
the month will be like this” “Take rest on these days” I thought If this
happens every month Then I will get so much
delicious sweets to eat It will be more fun But next month I kept waiting That somebody must be
coming with sweets But not even a
single mosquito came Oh god! Sunita If your friend likes
sweets so much Then I will bring some Sweets Chocolates And Cakes Sunita Wake up Sunita Dr. Have patience Open your eyes Sunita It is your fault I told you to keep her awake You scared us Why did you sleep? I just had a nap Please let me go Come closer to me Let me go please Come closer to me Don’t touch me, These dry logs Son, You discuss with
our client, I am coming Coconut leaves scattered
are on the log Mala What is she doing
under the tree ? Has she gone mad? What are you doing? Nothing I was plucking fruits But the branch bent and
the egg was about to fall Ohh! that’s why Hey listen Come here Why are you shouting? What happened? Hey hold the bicylcle Who is there in the garden? I will wait for you Tomorrow
same time same place Will you come? It’s you brother Step back I am scared Stay away keep quiet It is going inside the house Why did you make so much noise? The snake got frightened
and entered in the pipe No I will remove it How? No Stay away What are you doing? Keep quiet Mom No Velu Stay away from there Dont put your hand Why don’t you say something? Be careful son, it may bite you What is he doing now? Stop him Oh god! Son Be Careful son Ohh god! Disturbing my parents? I will not leave you Son Give me that But Dad Listen to your father Snake should not be killed I will wait for you Tomorrow
same time same place Why she’s not yet come,what
happened to her? She must be busy with some work Mom are you going somewhere? Go, Sell it in the market Count the money properly No Mom I have some other work I will go tomorrow Are you a collector that
you have other works Go and sell it in the market Mom Mom Can I leave? The young age and your walk Come in Are you going to the
market to sell the crust? I told you to cook
tandoori, is it ready? Yes everything is ready Serve me Come Waiting for a long time? What are you looking at? lets go Hey Mala Wait, where are you going? Listne to me Why not listening? Stop Forget me, we can
never be together Dont you love me? I may have lots of dreams But I dont want to be
someone’s second wife I dont want to be like my mother But I dont want to be
someone’s second wife What are you talking? Girls of low caste are treated
like this by higher caste men Second wife You And I will come to your house
the way the chief comes You are thinking the same.
Right? Mala, do I look like that? I will marry you But how do I? I don’t believe in
cast and creeds I love you from the first sight When I didn’t know
anything about you I didn’t bother about your cast I love you very much And I will always love you I don’t think of any other girl You don’t believe me? You don’t believe me right? You will believe me now I will bitten by snake If I lie Am I going very fast? No Remove your hands I beg of you Now you have faith on me? What happened Did snake bite you Move move Fast Be careful Pull the rope Hold it there (Unaudioable sound)… You are my only son Think before doing such things The next forty days
will be very difficult How will I save you? He is my only son His life is in danger You stay here to save him My plan is to prevent him And not let the snake bite him I brought this from city,
It will save you from snake (Unaudioable sound) Son, come here God Don’t worry It happened because of me only Next time I will kill that snake Be Careful Velu What are you doing? The water is very cold It’s fun Finish the work Ok sir And inform me ok He always follow me This pond is deep I will show you Cool water Help Help Mala! it will bite you Mala Did You scare of this? Is this so scary? The snake is escaping Velu Go and catch the cobra Cobra is very dangerous Dont leave that Velu, don’t let it go It went inside Get something to dig that Find it carefully Don’t stop No We can’t let it go Go search for that everywhere Let’s go to other end of this Ok let’s go You have to find that anyhow Nanjupuram people believe that An injured cobra
is most dangerous It kills it’s enemy in 40 days Till then It keeps
searching it’s enemy Why are you so worried? When the snake will
come here searching me I will kill it And bury it We are in trouble because of you Shut up Mohan Yes uncle Selva, you too come here Now you all are his bodyguard Be with him all the time Come here Hey where are you going? I am feeling thirsty Little water You are trouble because of me Leave it Where were you? I was
searching for you I bought this from City Snake can’t harm
you if you tie it What? Tie it Do you believe in this? For me. please Ok I think he will drink
all the water of well Velu, the snake shouldn’t
be able to hide So we are removing
everything from your room Oh Mom Only for 40 days Then everything will be fine Velu, it will have to
cross me to reach you He is my only son You please stay here to save him You are thinking of saving
him after snake bite But I am plannig to
save him from the bite Many years ago,same
incident happened In Palikuti village They did a trick to
prevent from snake We will do the same It is believed that snakes
don’t climb on 4 legged things They applied the same
formula to save Velu They made a loft on four logs And asked Velu to stay
there for 40 days Get a statue of the
snake at your home And worship it daily for 40 days Then donate that to this temple That will erase all
the curse of snakes Ok Pandi ji I will go now Ok Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? Difficulties are lying ahead And I am alone Tensed and worried About the situation Difficulties are lying ahead And I am alone Tensed and worried About the situation Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? I am tied up here Can’t come to meet you Listen to the wish of my heart And come to meet me I am tied up here Can’t come to meet you Listen to the wish of my heart And come to meet me Meeting you is a joy I can’t live without you You are my world sweetheart Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? The world has become dark When will the sun rise? Even your eyes Seems disappointed Now there is only one hope Oh god please help us Forgive me And save me Everything obeys you God help us Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? I want to walk with you Hand in hand You are the heaven of my life How will I meet you again? The happiness came From your lips to mine Don’t ever leave me again All the joys of this world Are because of you Something went wrong What will happen now? Who will save us now? Are you Ok? Yes Did you eat? Look there What is it? What are you doing? What is this? What? What is it? Look there I wrote something Meet me at river side tonight Listen Don’t let them drink too much Got it? go Are you all careful? Yes we are Don’t sleep Yes, we haven’t sleep
properly for days Ok Did you eat? Yes, mom sent the tiffin That’s good Give me that bag Slept If someone watch us like this They will kill us both Why did you call me here? I called you to talk nonsense Sometimes my mind doesn’t work That’s why I fell
in love with you You can’t find anyone
better partner than me You all are sleeping Wake up Idiots Mohan Why did you drink so much? Wake up drunkards Wake up Mohan Wake up You all are lazy Can’t do even a small work What happened Dad? Why are you shouting? See, everybody is sleeping They are sleeping but I am awake Even I am unable to sleep And these drunkards
are sleeping here Uncle, we made a mistake We won’t sleep again Hey Don’t act smart My son is dearest to me It is yours responsibility Take good care of him Ok uncle Son, take care He is reading a book
while I am restless Hey listen Listen! Hey Listen to me Hey Hey You are kidding? You know, I can’t come down What can you do even
if you come down? Wait, I will come Don’t come, somebody may see us Listen to me You walk so slow Walk fast I asked you to wait here Oh! she is gone Mom You also eat once
he had the food Son, Velu Yes mom I brought the food for you I will eat after a while Hey keep this place clean You throw everything here Clean it fast The cobra came here
searching for him Very good Is a cobra any big
deal to our village? And what is the proof that
it was the same cobra? Unnecessary drama You heard that? Did the snake come for you? Everyone says so But I didn’t see that I am very afraid This time it escaped If I had seen I would
have killed that But why are we talking
about this topic? Let’s talk something else Something else will
lead to something else What do you mean? You have become very naughty What? What naughty? Remove your hands Thorn stung Show me What are you doing? Leave me What did I do? Why are you crying? Don’t cry, listen to me Why are you crying? Stop it now Don’t you have faith on me? Answer me Let’s go Let anything happen
only you are my wife Velu You are my wife Hey! somebody here What happened? Snake there There Velu, You go on loft Fast Go fast Search everywhere Search that side Where did you go? I was unable to sleep So I went for a walk Uncle, we are trying
to save his life And he is roaming around alone At least you could tell us Even we were awake Velu It’s good we saw him
on time and saved him Enough, no more dialogues As if you had a great victory He got down the left and
you didn’t even notice And talking big things Son We love you Tha’s why we are doing this Whether you believe it or not But we do My son is mad in the love
of the low caste girl If people come to know about it It will be a prestige issue If I try to explain him He will never understand me I thought he will be
fin after the 40 days And will forget her He is gone crazy for her Yesterday he would have died Brother! why did you keep quiet? This is the pestige issue of our society It happened with you today It may happen with
my family tomorrow Brother! we will
not let it happen We will threat her If she doesn’t listen,
we will kill her Tell me her name She is the daughter
of Mutton vendor Her daughter How dare she? You don’t worry, I
will handle her Within 40 days I will solve the matter
before Velu get’s down Mother is out, she
will come in evening I said she is not here Let her come, you get a glass Hey! Cook something for me Hey! Throw the knife We cut mutton with this knife I will cut you too in to pieces,it
wont take much time to do it Rascal! what were you doing? You ruined my life and want
to ruin my daughter’s too Don’t you have humanity? You are scolding me
because I touched her You are her mother but
I am not her father Hey She is lucky today But this will always not happen Do one thing Get her married soon I will bear the expenses One important thing, his bridegroom
must be from other village Not from out village It will be better for her
if she stays away from me And for you too We don’t know we
are saving whom? Because the cobra will
come here for him? Or because he will go to cobra Dr. tell me one thing If snakes don’t climb
four legged things And if he stay there,
will he be safe? Then why are we four
here for security? Son, The snake seeking revenge Tries diffrent ways to kill You are here to stop that There was a King in old times His name was Parikshit One day when he was
in Jungle for hunting He forgot his way While He was wandering
thirsty in jungle He saw a hut of a saint He went there and asked
for drinking water The saint didn’t reply
because he was in meditation King thought he is not
replying to the king And felt humiliated He got angry And he thought to humiliate
the saint as well When he was going
he saw a dead snake The king put that
snake on the saint to take the revenge When saint’s son Shringhai
came to know about it Then he decided to Punish the kshatriya king Those people believed
the caste system? If the king dont
respect a Brahman He is not worthy of life Snake king Dakshak will
kill him in 7 days King parikshit has to die To save himself Parikshit build a
palace overnight On a single slippery pillar so that no snake
could climb there The pillar was high and strog The way we build for Velu Yes Thousands of soldiers and
wizard were kept there For the security of King 6 days passed like this Some saints came to meet
the king on 7th day And brought some
fruits as a gift And asked king to eat them When King took a bite he
saw an insect in the fruit On finishing seven days King was very happy He hold the insect and said Is this the curse of the saint? Is this insect Takshak
and will it kill me? And he put the
insect on his throat And actually it was the
snake king Takshak even those saints
were not humans Where did you go Mom
without telling me? I went to city Why? At Poonam’s house She told me about
a boy last time I wanted to talk her about that Mom why are you so scared of him That you started
searching for a boy Why are you in so hurry So will you never marry? Your age is perfect now I will not delay any more Everything should be
done on it’s time Everyone will try to
molest a young girl I am doing this for
your betterment Hey! what happened How did he come down? What happened? I don’t like the boy I won’t marry Who asked your opinion? Mala Mom, He misbehaved so
he should be punished But you are punishing me Hey! get lost Hey! you illmannered girl You trapped that rich
boy with your beauty That’swhy you are
showing attitude You are denying to get married Dreaming to marry in upper class Please understand
I can’t get down I will kill you both if
you don’t listen to me Don’t cry Mala Why are you crying? I am waiting for you my destiny But tell me where are you? Don’t go away from me I have left everything for you Come and meet me The world has
killed me 100 times But you keep me alive Where the good time has gone? I miss those moments My heart don’t listen to me I am restless You gave us right idea Dr. My son is safe so far I hope he will be safe What should I do? I can’t live without you What should I do? I can’t live without you Each moment is heavy on me My heartbeat calls for you Beloved I can’t live without you Beloved, I can’t
live without you Help, The cobra came Help Help It’s me, Mala Help What happened? Why are you shouting? Where is it? Search around It will be here only Why did you come here? Nothing, just Go from here Hey! you saw a bad dream I left everything I feel like dying Come and meet me The world has
killed me 100 times But you keep me alive My eyes are waiting for you I am waiting for you my destiny Where are you my love? Don’t go away from me Lunar eclipse is falling on 40th day You will have to be
very careful that day If you survive that night Then he will be
safe from the snake How is it connected
to Lunar eclipse? Many connections are there It is believed Two snakes Rahu and
Ketu swallow the moon Which results in
to lunar eclipse Is it the original gold? God, please save him tonight Then my son can live
without any problems Thief Catch him Catch him He is going towards farms Surround him, I will
not leave him today Lets go fast Catch him Don’t let him go Fast That way Thief Listen The thief is here He is here Come here quickly I will not leave you today Shut up I didn’t come to steal anything But to tell you about Mala About Mala? I know your love story Mala is getting married
tomorrow morning You may not know You think nobody knows
your love story But your father and
Chief knows it well They frighten Mala’s mother And threat to kill her So mala’s mother is
getting her married Mala was trying to tell you But you are not getting down She was killing herself What are you saying? But don’t worry I saved her She’s all right now There is only one way now Elope with mala No? Then keep tolerating everything Why do you love each other? You think you are very smart? There’s no difference
between you and chief You used and left her Hey Don’t talk rubbish I never
thought to leave her I want to marry her but This night.. I can’t get down tonight Tomorrow 40 days
will be completed Then no one can stop
me to marry Mala What 40 days? Oh you are afraid of cobra? Don’t laugh U don’t know about cobra It is not so easy That is very dangerous You dont know the
stories about it It avenge so many people It won’t leave me too Ok, so you are afraid
of the stories I will also tell you a story Do you know Tolar
the jungle’s robber He was very brave 20 cops surrounded him But he killed all
of them and escaped I accompanied him for
some time in jungle He was real brave One day an injured
cobra escaped from him And people started
telling the stories That the injured snake
will take the revenge But he was a brave man But after some days he
also started to fear And suddenly a brave man
turned in to a coward Blowing wind and grass
sound started scaring him The cobra will bite me And what happened in the end? Sir His body turned blue Froth came to his
mouth and he died Do you know what bite him? Not a cobra but a
Centipede bite him Do you understand
why did he die? Because of fear Fear killed him Fear is poison And your fear has
kept you tied here Hey look the thief
is there on the left Come fast She is waiting for you
at the river side Now you have to decide That you want live with
your fear or your love Leave me Leave Leave You came to see whether I
am dead or alive right? I didn’t know anything Everything is finished Only my death is remaining No, don’t say like that You didn’t come to
meet me even once I kept waiting for
you here like mad What happened? Mala is missing since evening Seems she ran away
from the house You understood what to do Uncle when did you come here? We tied up the thief They will catch us
if we go by road We will have to
go through jungle Crossing the hills? This time? Can anybody tell me? What is happening here? Naresh My son was last seen
talking to this thief There must be some
connection between them Hey! Where are both of them? Tell me Brother They can’t go far away Maximum 5 kilometers Or must be hiding somewhere Hey! let’s find them We will kill the girl
and bring Velu here Dont worry Come with me and and
arrange a horse cart We will find them Be careful Hold my hands What happened? Don’t be afraid What happened? Lunar eclipse The jungle will be
more dark on eclipse We will halt here Till eclipse It is… It is the same cobra I am afraid Don’t be afraid lets go Come on Come on you go Mala, you go Cobra is coming here You go Go mala Listen to me I said go Come fast Run Fast you go I will come Mala, fast Fast Velu, come fast come here We have reached the road Come fast Wait Stop Stop the cart You still dare to
stand in front of me Hey kill her Kill her No Stop Cut her in to pieces Wait Don’t leave her Stop Kill her No I said Stop No Velu What happened? Velu Velu, my son What happened to him? Tell me what has happened? Velu Did the snake bite him? Why don’t you tell me? What has happened to my son? Velu What has happened to my son? Velu Velu, Velu What happened to you my son? Velu My son Velu Velu People kill our own people Velu survived 40 days But could not survive the
poison of cast and creeds Nanjupuram still
carries that poison Velu’s child was on Mala’s womb And she gave birth to a boy This is junior Velu One thing to mention about him he doesn’t fear
the snake at all.

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