Baaz Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2020 Full Movie | Babbu Maan | Action Movies

Baaz Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2020 Full Movie | Babbu Maan | Action Movies

Yes, boss. I reached the godown. You come as soon as possible. Hey! You go there. The stuff is good. Remove it and keep it here. Come, brother. You have come? Welcome. Brother, come. The stuff has reached.
The stuff is absolutely pure. Take this.. look. Its color is white but it
works in an amazing way.. Nobody can complain. Am I right? Brother. All of Punjab’s youth is taking drugs.
From kids to college students. All our links have
been made by our men. Don’t worry. All the stuff is pure
even a bird can’t come inside. Hey! He is making video.
Catch him. What are you doing?
Go and catch him. Oh gosh! Rascal, you were clicking our photos. Listen.. you.. ..don’t feel scared of us?
So much dare. All these strong men
that roam around you. Do you think they are worms? Speak up! Speak up.. Satpal Likhari. Journalist. Crime reporter. Hey, my queen is in danger here.. ..and you are wasting
time with this pawn. What are you doing? There must be some way.. There must be some way.. There must be some way.. Is he real enemy? Right? Sir, the queen can be saved. Yes. If the queen is saved then
Darbara will spare your life. It is a promise. And the world knows that
if Darbara makes a promise.. ..he never breaks it. Yes. Brother.. What did you do? Nichhatar..
– Yes. You did not promise anything,
isn’t it? Yes, boss. Come on. This.. As you can see Punjab’s
famous crime reporter.. ..Satpal Likhari has
been killed mercilessly. Satpal Likhari was investigating.. ..the dangerous drug mafia of Punjab. The police say that they
have no clue regarding this mystery. Now the question is whether
the police is helpless against.. ..these drug mafia or
are they involved with them. To know more about this news,
stay with us.. ..I Jasmeen along with
cameraman Ankush from Punjab PTC. Yes. Keep it. Hurry up! Let’s go. Who are you? If I hit you.. your bones will break. If I tell you my name.. your pulse will stop. You will hit the police? Siddhu does not see time or person.. ..he only sees the situation. Bye-bye. Sit inside. Good morning, doctor.
– Good morning. Dear.
– Yes. Please see this report.
– Show me. Aunt, I have seen these reports.
You sit, I will just call you. Good morning, doctor. That ward is full with patients. Where is the doctor?
– Go straight.. and last left room. This is your prescription.
– Thank you, doctor. Bye.
– Come, son. Ma’am..
– Yes. Check please.
– Oh! Please have a seat. Nurse.
– Yes, doctor. Please check. Oh my God! Ma’am, not only dressing,
but he will need stitches. You remove your shirt. How did you get hurt? You surely must have picked
up a fight with someone. Wonder when you will attain maturity.
Let me see. It is a deep cut. This is a police case. Sorry.. till the police
report does not come.. ..I can’t do anything. Madam, you start your work.
The police will come too. Ma’am, listen to me for a minute.
– Yes. Excuse me. What is the matter?
– Ma’am, I think he is a goon.. ..why are you discussing with him? Quickly stitch him
up and send him. Okay. You get the anesthesia.
– Okay. Madam, start. What are you waiting for? Local anesthesia?
– That will come too. You start. Yes. I had heard doctors are very brave. Do it. My God! What the hell is going on, Mr. Sharma? What do you think? With all this happening.. ..the police department’s
respect is being raised. No. I don’t understand one thing. That the people of our department.. for the government
but are the slaves of criminals. It’s not possible. Sir, I also had a doubt. Now I will get an inquiry
done as soon as possible. No inquiry.
I want results, Mr. Sharma. Do you understand that?
– Right, sir. Sir. Mr. Siddhu.. sit down, son. You are a handsome looking boy. Thank you, sir. My dear, due to officers like you.. ..the police department
name is respected. Before Siddhu came,
news about Siddhu has reached us. Sir, because of this he gets
transferred in every three months. Mr. Sharma, mind your tongue please. Sir, this is a warning
for those people.. ..who’re in the department
and are working against it. Mr. Siddhu, I have an advice for you. Control your anger a bit.
Keep it in control. You know why? In this area the criminals
have support from the politicians. Thank you, sir,
for telling me their history. Sir, I can’t reform their past.. ..but the white dressed
people selling white stuff.. ..I will twist them in such a way
that their future generations.. ..will be scared of the color white. I like your spirit. Thank you, sir.
– That is why I have called you here. But, Mr. Siddhu, it is important.. ..not to lose your senses in all this.
– Sir. Whatever step you take,
think and understand and take. Sir, now it’s the turn of the
criminals to think and understand. Because Siddhu has come. Your son is in the same
condition as you used to be. Every day when he gets ready..
he must call out to me. And you got transferred every day. The Chief Minister of Punjab.. ..must have not seen
so much of Punjab.. much as I have seen. Mother, I am better than dad,
isn’t it? Let it be. I am better.
– Oh. I would be transferred
once in six months. And you are transferred
every three months. I will not let my
grandson join the police. If this is the case..
he will get transfers.. ..every one and a half month. Why are you going so far? I don’t have marriage in my destiny.
– Let it be. Okay, dad. I am leaving. He talks rubbish.
– Bye. Didn’t you hear? Clean it properly. The board should look clean. He gave 35000/-..
we made a loss of 5000/-. Why didn’t you ask? Pammi, count the money
properly and give. Till I don’t count the money
and put in my pocket. I can’t move ahead. You are talking nonsense. There is another tension.
A new officer has come. Listen, Pammi,
spend truthfully earned money. Your days will be good. Hey, you go and rest.. at home. At least now get agree, Pammi. Kher Singh was saying
that if his son is released.. ..he will make us happy. Look, I have to get
my daughter married. The groom is asking for a car.
– Okay. Sir, keep it.
I did not trust him even that much. And SP Siddhu is very strict. I’ve heard he has got transferred.. ..ten times in the whole year. Pammi, you disgrace us and you.. ..don’t give us anything.
– Yes. You take only so much money
as much as your height. Take this.. give it to them.
– Okay, thank you. SHO sir does not take small gifts. His godfather is a rich guy. Now their father is come to the city. SP Inderpal Singh Siddhu. Be careful. Brother, wherever
SP sir gets transferred.. ..there all bribes
are stopped for years. Let it be..
many such people have come here. This give and take
will continue like this. This will not stop.
– You are right. Gurpreet, keep the board outside.. ..and put the thief inside. It is time for sir to come.
– Yes. Pick the board and keep it outside. Take these papers. Good day.
– Jai Hind. Good day, sir.
– Jai Hind. Good day.
– Good day. Those people are very fortunate
who get jobs in this country. And pension in their old age. To earn from thousands
to lakhs to crores.. ..this greed of a person does not end. From today, pull the reins
on this greed. Robbery and bribery
are not in my dictionary. In this city, whichever goons,
thieves and politicians.. ..are linked with this department.. ..give them an alert
that Siddhu is here. Siddhu is here. Siddhu is here. Sir.. we have taken a lot of
risk and got the stuff from inside. Take this official permission.. ..and take the stuff
wherever you want. This is wonderful, Roop Singh.
Amazing. What do you think..
how much reward should you get? Sir, what should I say..
give me whatever you want. Before giving the reward, just think.. ..that betrayal with the government
department is very expensive. This police job..
if a person does not betray.. becomes difficult
to run the house. Tell us.
– Atleast one lakh. Take this. Give him. Boy, your position is low. You should keep a
big thinking atleast. You asked for one lakh.. ..there is much more
than that in the envelope. Hello. It’s a call from Delhi.
– Okay. Yes, yes. You are amazing, sir. You have made us happy. By the way, I should tell you.. ..your stuff was caught
by a new officer. He is a very strange person.
– Really? He did not spare the policemen too. And he has threatened
all the goons in the city. You are the King. He has to come to
kneel before you, sir. Congratulations!
– What happened? The Party head has given
you a ticket to be MP. Really? – If the ticket is confirmed
means the seat is confirmed. And the guy is standing
in front of us. Now you will be the Home Minister.. ..and I will be the Chief Minister. And I will become the SP. Great. And whatever you say,
our brother Rocky.. very punctual
because of this girl. The sun may be late in rising.. ..but he will not be
late for the college timing. Shut up. Your brother has found true love. He has true love in the night. I know the validity of his true love. Once they enter the room..
his love gets over. She has come, brother. I have to take notes from you. Bhole, leave me. This is Bhole’s bad habit. What Bhole likes,
he does not leave it. Why do you keep troubling her? You shut up. Bhole, leave me for God’s sake. We will look at God when we grow old. Till I am young.. Bhole will.. ..entertain with your beauty. Come. You go, girl. Hey Romeo, this drama
should not take place again. Understood? This is Siddhu’s area. SP Siddhu. Go and play. SP’s like you come to
our house and wash the cars. They massage us and press our feet. Your whole police department
is in my father’s pocket. You are an SP.. What? This is the same goon.. Run!
– Run! Excuse me, ma’am.
– Yes. I wanted to talk to you. I have given Nichhatar
Singh case to sir. Oh gosh!
Your cases have driven me crazy. There are many other
things to talk about too. You want to talk
about everything today? Whenever you want to talk about
anything say it and leave. Isn’t it? What? – Madam,
you just pay attention to me. Just me. Actually I wanted to say
something to you. – Tell me. Madam, when you are
in the police station.. ..there is fragrance all around. And Madam,
when he comes to the police station.. ..we need to wash it with detergent. Madam, don’t listen to him. Why? Does he emit electric shocks? He does not emit shocks,
I feel to slap him. Actually madam,
he does not look at you like that.. Then how does he look at me? The way I look at you. I will go and tell
the IPS about your actions. Don’t tell them mine.. his you know. Both of you will
leave from here or no? I am going.
– Get lost. Call everyone.
– Yes, sir. Come on everyone quickly. Sir is here. Who is he?
– Take care of him. Once click our photo
work will be done. Print his photographs
in the newspapers.. it is known what he does outside. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Come on. My photo should be good. Bring Camera.
– Come, you also be in the photo. This is useful during
the time of promotion. Mr. Singh, you do your job. Is everyone ready?
– Yes, we all are ready. Click the snap. One minute.
Let me set my turban properly. Are you ready?
– As if I have to apply lipstick. We have not removed
the cloth over his head. See this Romeo’s face at least..
who is it. Shivraj, remove the cloth. Hey, this is the MLA’s son. Where are they? He has hit me so hard..
now I will call father.. ..and I will show him..
what has been done to me. Nothing, Bhole, it’s a small wound. It will be fine in 2-4 days. Bring the juice for him. I will drink the juice..
but first tell him who I am. He will come to his senses. He has hit me so hard..
my bones are broken. He picked me like an animal.. ..and hit me here and there. He has made such a bad state of mine. If I don’t make him massage me.. ..then my name is not Bhole. Has he come from some
farmer’s hunger strike? That we should give him juice. Tell him, who I am. Tell him my father’s name. Call your father. Hello.
– Father, I am Bhole. Father, the police have caught me.
– What? Father, they are
beating me a lot. Father I.. Who has gone crazy that
he has touched Nichhatar’s son. Till now I have not gone crazy. But before I go crazy.. ..come and take your son from here. So you will call me
to the police station? If you insist I will
call your father too. Son, if you knew to whom
you are speaking right now.. would be worrying
about your uniform right now. Bhole! Where is my son? Where is my Bhole? Father! Father, get me out of here. Father, get me out of here. Please. You are in the lock-up? Father, get me out of here. Please. Father! Father! Father, they have beat me a lot.
– Son, I am here now. Father, I had just teased a girl.
– I am here now. Father, please save me. Enough. Don’t be scared. I am here. Please, father, get me out. Your father Nichhatar
Singh is still alive. Listen, with you being there.. ..who had the guts to imprison my son. Siddhu. Oh! So it is you? SP Inderpal Siddhu. Who are you? Nichhatar. So you are the MLA Nichhatar.
– Yes. What is to be done? You have not done the right thing, SP. The boys of rich families..
do such small things. If a dog’s tail does
not straighten up.. ..then an operation has to be done. Listen.. with the hands that
you done my Bhole’s operation..’ll join the same
hands in front of me like this. And then you will salute me..
with shaking knees. The people who clean the society.. ..these hands go on to salute them. And those like you who dirty it..
for them these hands.. ..become a slap. I will see you. What did you say? I will see you.
– Should I come home? Where are you going? Don’t you want to take your child? Mr. Roop Singh, release the child. Get him to write an apology letter. Yes, sir. Inder..
– Mother. Where are you going all dressed up? I am going for my friend’s wedding. You have attended many
of your friends’ wedding parties. Now tell me,
when will you invite them? Mother.. I know now what my
loving mother will say.. I also want to see my grandchildren. When will you get a wife? I am tired of working. Take care of your house keys. We also want to go on a pilgrimage. Keep quiet. Look at these snaps. Which of them do you like? Look at this.
– Oh, mother. A mother takes 25-30
years to bring up her son. Then he gets married,
then the daughter-in-law comes. Within 25-30 days
they start quarrelling. Then fights,
quarrels, taunts and then divorce. Anyone speaks against my mother,
I can’t tolerate it. And no one can cook
better than my mother. And I can’t eat anything
cooked by anyone else. You poet! Lord says whatever is the order,
obey that. You let it be. Oh Lord, I just pray.. ..whoever is written is his destiny..
make him meet her. Mr. Lawyer is smart. He finally won your case. Brother-in-law, in the court,
the judge listens to you. But in front of Preet, you cannot win. Yuvraj.
– Yes. Shall we start the exchange of garlands?
– Yes. Father, please wait for five minutes. I am waiting for my friend.
He must be on his way. Who is it?
– Okay. We will wait.. but everyone
has agreed with so much difficulty. He is coming. He is here. He is late but still he is on time. ‘He looks like the same guy.’ Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Hello, sister-in-law.
– Hello. Let me introduce..
my best friend Inder. Come on, Yuvraj..
exchange the garlands. Come on.
– Yes, father. Preeti, you come here for a minute. What is the matter?
– Come here. What happened to her. What is the matter? Preeti, is this Yuvraj’s friend? I don’t know, I have also
met him for the first time. What is the matter? Aunt, two minutes. Preeti, you still have time.
Refuse the marriage. Otherwise you will repent a lot.
– But why? Yuvraj’s friend is
a very big gangster. I am going to get married to Yuvraj..
not his friend. Don’t be emotional, Preeti. He must be just like his friends. I explained to her many times. But where does she listen to me? If she is getting married
according to her own wish.. ..then let her bear the consequences. Are you absolutely sure
that he is the same guy? I am not mistaken, Preeti.
I have met him. At the hospital. Dear, what is the matter?
Is there any problem? Uncle, you please don’t
get Preeti married to this boy. He is friends with goons. One minute. Yuvraj, I don’t want
to get married to you. Here you go Mr. Lawyer, she refuses. Didn’t you inform me too soon? You should have told me
at the time of the nuptial rounds. Are you okay?
What has happened to you? I told you..
I don’t want to get married. Good.
– The case has been dismissed. Preeti, tell us the reason. Okay, listen. Pal, I don’t understand
what is the matter. One minute. This is my friend.
Superintendent of Police. Inderpal Singh Siddhu.
– What? Sorry. It’s not necessary that
God makes everyone perfect. It’s not necessary that
one has beauty and brains. Excuse me. What do you mean? She looks pretty..
– What? We will give the brains. Let’s begin the ritual. Come, dear. “The boy dies for the
figure of the girl.” “The boy dies for the
figure of the girl.” “Dies on girl’s figure.” “Dies on girl’s figure.” “A girl dies for, dies for” “A girl dies for the heart of a man.” “Dies on girl’s figure.” “The boy dies for the
figure of the girl.” “Go home and check..” “Go home and check if he
has sent you a mail.” “My father doubts me.” “My father doubts me
when I sit on the laptop.” “My father doubts me.” “I am not bothered
about anyone now.” “I am not bothered
about anyone now.” “I don’t care about world.” “I want to die for you.” “I want to die for you.” “The boy asks for a girl
who is 5feet 8inches tall.” “The girl is fair but the
boy is dark complexioned.” “The boy asks for a girl
who is 5feet 8inches tall.” “The girl is fair but the
boy is dark complexioned.” “Just like a girl..” “Just like a girl..” “Just like a girl dies for this man.” “The boy dies for
the figure of the girl.” “Let’s be friends for lifetime.” “Let’s be friends for lifetime.” “Just hold my hand once.” “I shall keep the world aside.” “I shall keep the world aside.” “The boy dies for the
figure of the girl.” ‘Noor, by asking for a lift..’ ‘ have made a place
for yourself in his car.’ ‘Now how will you make
a place in his heart?’ ‘God, please help me.’ You will not ask or tell anything.
I’ll ask. When did you join
the police force? It’s a very long story. When I think of it..
I get goose-bumps. It is an old story,
my father was a dacoit. I was very small. The dacoits were
fighting with the police. In that fight,
the dacoits were killed. And the officer..
who was involved in that fight.. ..he brought me home
and got me educated. After being educated.. ..I became capable
of being a police officer. Really? How interesting. Wow! I was joking. You should not believe
anyone so quickly. Our department does not do so. You are right. When there is only one voice
from your heart repeatedly.. ..that believe it.. then? You have to do it. Thank you.
– Welcome. Bye.
– Bye. Excuse me.
– Yeah. There are so many crimes
happening in the city. If I have any problem,
on which number should I call? On 100. I am asking for your number. You shouldn’t ask for
a policeman’s number. Thank you.
– Welcome. Bye. The job is done. What is the matter, Noor’s father? Satwant, some photos have come. For our Noor’s proposal.
– Really? What is the use of showing me?
Show Noor. The one who has to get married. What is the use of showing her? She will reject them.
I will have to do something. All this is due to your pampering. Now what matter are
you both discussing? Your darling daughter has come. Now talk to her about it. My daughter has come?
– Yes. How was the wedding? Wedding? The wedding was very nice.
– Really? I can never forget this wedding. We will get you also
married in such a way.. ..that the world will not forget. You just select some photo. Photo? Father, I don’t want
to get married right now. Mother, you explain to him. But dear, photo..
– Sister, come with me. What is the matter?
– I want to talk to you. Come on.
– But what is the matter? Let’s go sister. Come on.. What happened?
– Sister, who was that? Who? The one whose number you took. Did you see?
– No, it was on TV. I saw, that’s why I am asking. He is SP Siddhu.
– SP? That means my brother-in-law
is in the police force. Brother-in-law?
It’s nothing like that. One minute..
really it is nothing like that? Really.. It’s nothing like that. Let it be, sister.
There is surely something. Crazy one. I don’t need your applause. I want that this area of ours.. be Punjab’s
best and peaceful area. There should be no
crime and intoxication.. ..intoxication should
be removed from its roots. You should also raise
your voice against every crime. And if you feel your voice
is being suppressed come to me. I guarantee you that I’ll
reach your voice to the government. And the thing is,
everyone works at their level. I will also work at my level. The mid-day meals at the
primary schools in our area.. ..I would like to
send the food for that Now this is a small
gift of Rs 10 lakhs.. ..for these lovely children
for the primary school. I would request the Headman.. come forward and
accept this small gift from me. Take it. Thank you.
– Thank you. Some lakhs of rupees.. ..some sacks of grains.. ..some sweet talks.. ..this is enough
to make someone a hero. Had you been there,
Nichhatar you would have seen. “Oh, he has come. Sir has come.” “Oh, he has come. MP sir has come.” Nothing can be done of these idiots. What happened? Why are you so stressed? Look, I will surely
become the MP. Okay? And the day I become an MP.. watch what I will
do for you and your son. Have it.. no problem. When the heart is burning.. cannot be cooled
down by the drops of assurance. Darbare, you’re going to be
the MP for the first time, isn’t it? I am an old player of this game. He’s that player,
whose son was beaten and dragged.. ..on the road by that SP
and taken to the police station.. ..and he could not do anything. And uncle, the way he was
insulted in the police station. You can’t even imagine. But even then he did not say anything. My father is so great. Son, if I wanted I could do a lot. But.. at this time my hands
are tied due to the election campaign. Otherwise I would make that SP stand.. the same crossroad
and got him shot. No, Nichhatar.. you.. Taking a gun, going into the jungle.. hunts lions like that. Not dogs. Darbara,
the one whom you consider a dog.. ..he is my lion.. lion. Really? Fine then.. he is a lion. You know, Nichhatar.. ..Darbara will make a lion
stand outside his gate as a dog. Call the DIG. Come on. Take this. Hello. Yes. Sir.. Darbara speaking. Mr. Siddhu.
– Yes, sir. I don’t know how to speak in riddles. So let’s come to the point. Look, we are all
a part of this system. The way the system works.. ..we will also have
to work along with it. It’s like a machine. The way one part makes another work.. ..and the second makes the third work. Yes, sir. To review the security
of Darbara Singh.. will have to go once. Sir, the matter you have
discussed in riddles but.. has come to the right place now. Anyway, I had to meet Darbara. What do you mean?
– Nothing, sir. You have an SMS. Oh! Okay.
– Sir. So you are.. the SP. Siddhu. I have heard a lot about you nowadays. Nichhatar was insisting
that I meet you. I said.. we will meet. Anyway, everyone comes to
bow their head at Darbara’s court. You did not come,
so I had to call you. By telling your senior. Have you ever done security before? Security? What happened?
– I was getting scared for no reason. Yes. Jaggar Singh. From Batinda? There was a police firing with him. Yes. I had killed him. You don’t take tension. You worry. I am sitting outside. He took a lot of feeling. “Billo, the police
will temper the dish.” “Have to make eggs.” “Today the pegs will
clash with each other.” “Have to make eggs.” Wow! Is it tasty?
– Idiot, add the salt atleast. Oh yes, just give it to me,
where is it? Give one more leg. I have not cooked a dog..
it’s a chicken. And there are only two legs. Where is the other one? The other one was of wood
which your uncle had fixed. You rascal.. how much will you eat. Das, listen to me.
Your legs problem does not end. Here you are saving the chicken legs. There in Jassi’s case you
are sticking your leg in-between. For the sake of my uniform.. Let my chicken get cooked.
Let my chicken get cooked. The chicken does not get cooked.
The bread gets cooked. Whatever it is, it is cooked. And listen to me.
Jassi looks lovingly towards me.. ..and he is interfering
without any reason. This is a matter of hearts.
Here the uniform does not work. Really.. let me tell
you about the uniform. Whether it is khaki color or yellow.. ..we are looking to fill our pockets. But today I have seen
the true color of the uniform. Where? SP sir taught Mr. Darbara a lesson. Darbara was roaming
around making noises. I have heard, Darbara
has a lot of people around him. They were flat like wet fire-crackers. No one could do anything. SP sir is a rich man.
He can show all his strength. What say, Malkeet sir. Sir, what is the matter? Nothing. This society makes
one forget his respect. I feel like killing myself. What is the matter? I had got my daughter engaged. They say,
the girl’s father is a policeman. Now we don’t want a small car,
we want a big car. What should I do? Here our boss has said,
hold on to honesty. Sir, you don’t worry.
Everything will be alright. Sir.. Sir, I want to talk to
you about something. Sir, yesterday night
Malkeet sir was a bit worried. His daughter was engaged. The groom’s side have asked
for a big car in the dowry. Sir, I am worried that
he may take some wrong step. Malkeet Singh has been
looting people since so long.. ..he has not even made
that much to buy a car. As you sow, so shall you reap. Let’s go. Here officers, have some sweets. Hearty congratulations, sir. First you have sweets.
– Have them. Sir, only sweets will not do..
we need something bitter too. That will also be arranged,
Garnail Singh.. ..first have the sweets. – Me too. Take..
– Even if you have had anything pure.. will burp on lemon juice only. Das, till the sweets are
not bought from bribe money.. ..they seem tasteless. Madam, you do one thing. Make them a bit sweet. They won’t become sweet.. ..if you say I will
make them fiery and come. No, no, don’t make them fiery.
Unnecessarily it creates gas. Sir, you go and offer
sweets to Siddhu sir. Let it be..
he will ask a million questions. And where do senior officers.. ..get involved in our happiness? Let it be. Sir, you don’t know this thing.
Only I know. If your daughter’s alliance
has been fixed there.. is because of Siddhu sir.
– What? Really? What should i tell about myself? Sardar is a special
friend of Mr. Sodhi. Millionaire.
– Millionaire!! Billionaire. Billionaire!
– Nice. Very nice.
– Billionaire! Yes, please tell us
how come you are here? What all do you want in the wedding? No, no, we don’t want anything. Chiku, shut up. No one stops the wealth
coming into the house. Which car do you want? Father, what do we
have to do with a car? Chiku!
– Shut up, Chiku. I will drive the car. Do you want the one with the star? Mercedes. Mercedes!
– Mercedes! That too of five years. Do you want the bangle one? Bangle?
– Audi! The one which father has? That too of four years.
– What guarantee? What are you saying, sir..
who gives guarantee? I am talking about prison.
– No! Sir, IPS. IPSS.
– What does that mean? Means Indian Police Services.
Mr. Inderpal Singh Siddhu. SP. To take and give dowry is a crime. Give Rs 101/- and get
Guddi married and bring her. We will bring. Hey, Chiku. As big as sir’s position is..
his heart is equally as big. First go and offer him sweets. May I come in, sir?
– Yes. Due to you, my daughter’s marriage.. ..has been fixed without any demand. Take sir, please have some sweets. This police department
is also our family. Happiness and sorrows
are to be shared. Your daughter.. like my niece too. Have some sweets. Sir.. ..since the last 25 years.. 25 years.. ..I’ve done a job at the
police department with dishonesty. But looking at you I realized.. ..I should not have done this. Whatever the job may be, Sardarji.. is useless without honesty. If needed..
for this thought of yours.. ..I will give up my life. Give me this sweet box and go.. ..and share the happiness of your.. ..daughter’s wedding
with poor children. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Now whom you caught? Sir, these hooligans were
drunk and were racing on the streets. Greetings. Please leave them, they are foolish. Drunken driving? I will not tolerate
this all in my city. Shut up.
– Please listen. Punjab police is not that bad. “He is not so hungry for alcohol.” “Punjab police is not that bad.” “He is not so hungry for alcohol.” “Every person does not take bribe.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Whenever the minister
goes the route is on.” “It is winter season and very cold.” “Like hungry policemen
are standing on road.” “If we do not lift a stick
then thieves come on us.” “If we do not hit sixes then
the score is not made.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “The government asks
to go to police station..” “And give a monthly amount to police.” “Rate is according to the town.” “The destiny of police
is according to money.” “Transfer happens so he
does not get bored.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Half of police force
takes care of ministers.” “Media thinks great about them.” “Their friendship and
enmity both are bad.” “Poor police does
not make the system.” “Without reason a person does
not become hard hearted.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” “Every policeman is not a thief.” I have so much pain in my knees. Inder! Son, Inder! Once he is married,
it will reduce my responsibilities. He does not listen to me. His phone keeps ringing. Inder. It’s your phone. God! Hello.
– Hello, who is it? I am Inder’s mother. Who are you, dear? Aunty, allow me to touch your feet. Let the feet be, dear. First tell me, who are you speaking? I am Dr. Noor. Inder’s friend. Inder’s friend? Since when did Inder start
making friends with girls? Okay, tell me your name, dear? Dr. Noor. Hear that..
on one hand you are Inder’s friend. And on top of that you are a doctor. And his mother is dying
of pain in the knees. Dear, Inder does not have the time. You come.
– Where, aunt? At home. To treat my knees. Okay, I will just come. Come. This knee pain has killed me. How are you feeling now, aunt? Yes, dear. Now I feel better. Hello. She is a doctor. She will treat me. She will not cook vegetables. Come on, dear.
You go ahead and press my legs. Yes, aunt. Mother, why are you
making her press your legs. If not her then who will press? I don’t have a
daughter-in-law sitting here. She is like my daughter-in-law. Aunt, why don’t you
bring a daughter-in-law? Whom should I bring? He says, “I don’t have
a marriage line in my destiny”. Oh! But aunt.. have a line for
having a daughter-in-law. Really? So bring one soon..
a beautiful girl. Like me. Like me. Like you? Why? What is lacking in her? She is pretty.
Educated. She is a doctor. What else do we want? And aunt, she presses your legs too. Yes. Who knows what happened
after marriage? I hope she does not press the neck. Come on, dear, stand next to him. Let me see, how nice the couple looks. Me?
– Yes. No, no, aunt. No problem. Come on.
– Its okay. Don’t feel shy, dear. Stand up. Let me see. Come on. Okay, if you say so, then.. okay. Aunt said.
– Oh gosh! Touch wood. Such a good looking couple.
No one should caste an evil eye. It is said,
to live, food is very important. But this food has become the enemy.. ..of these innocent children. As you know,
since morning, at the MAX hospital.. ..the children of government
schools are being admitted. The state of the
children is very serious. This condition of the children
is after eating the mid-day meal. All the mid-day meal
food has been donated by.. ..the famous social
worker and businessman.. ..Mr. Darbara Singh a few days ago. You stay with our channel.. ..we’ll keep updating you
with the news in this matter. Do it fast. Oh God! What do you think, doctor? The senior doctors
are saying food poisoning. But I think it is something else. Sir.. Sir, one question only. Sir, please. Pray that your name does
not come up in the investigation. What if it comes? Behind the prison bars,
the night of your life.. ..will become so long that
the sun will never rise again. You will ask for death..
I will not let you die. Are you threatening me? Chance. Sir, you too.. I just did a small
job for you and for that.. sent so much money. After all what did I do? Instead of the real
report I sent that report.. which it was stated that the
reason for the children’s death.. food poisoning. Dr. Noor, what is this? What is this? The real report, sir. It proves that the
statement you gave.. front of the media..
it was false. You were lying, sir. The reason for the children’s
death was not food poisoning. But it was the drugs that
were mixed in the mid-day meals. You should be ashamed, sir. I will show this report
to the police and the media. You will not do any such thing.
– I will do this, sir. I will not spare the murderers
of those innocent children. I will get them punished. Just wait and watch. And yes..
they will get punished, sir.. ..but you will also not escape. Sir.. must have heard everything. Sir.. my job.. sir.. sir.. I am getting irritated. Drugs worth lakhs of rupees.. ..why are you wasting it by adding
them to the mid-day meals of the kids. Not waste.. invest. Today the kids on whom
I have invested lakhs.. ..when they grow up they
will return it as crores. They say, children are
the future of the country. I don’t know about the country. But they will surely
make our future. Hello.
– Hello, Inder. Save me, Inder.
– What happened? Inder, I was bringing the
children’s death reports to you. I don’t know,
some goons are after me. Where are you? I don’t know where
they are taking me. Don’t worry, keep a calm mind. Hang up the phone,
I will check on GPRS. GPRS? Okay. I have put the GPRS on. Who?
– Darbara. I had told you..
your name shouldn’t come.. Your kingdom is shattered. This uniform of yours don’t
act like a lion because of it. Don’t make the mistake
of touching Darbare. You will lose the uniform
and the status too.. Got it?
– Yes. This uniform is given
only to strong men. And about making a mistake. Siddhu has earned respect
and status by make mistakes. Your game is over. Shall we go? To your right place. Mr. Jagrup, write.
– Yes, sir. IPC 21. Dealing in cocaine. Murder of Satpal Likhari
and innocent children. 302. This bird has flown a lot.
Let’s cut his wings. See that nothing is left. Crime and love are strange things. When they increase beyond
limits they take your life. Sleep. Some Russian is also
going to come here. He is very dangerous. Take care. Open your mouths.. Sir, the police
have charged with 304. It is not difficult to
get him released from that. But because there were
narcotics in the food.. ..they have charged Section 22/NDPS. In that if the police
get some evidence.. ..then we will be doomed.
– Shut up. What have I got to
do with your sections? Tell me how can I
get bail at this time? But sir, the court is closed now. Tomorrow is a holiday
as it is the second Saturday. Now whatever will happen
will happen on Monday, sir. Then what drama were you
doing staring at these books? Get lost from here. Out! I have tried everything. There can’t be any
bail till morning. You are also of no use. Understand the situation. I can only do this much that
he does not have any problem inside. Very good.
Let me check if he will eat. Darbare.. food. I will eat food in front of the SSP. Look, it is the
matter of your pride. You say yes once..
I will call the MLA of Bhatinda. We will hit a bullet on his head. Bullets are shot in the war. In politics.. brains. He is crazy. He is totally mad. What do you think of yourself? I praised you a bit and
you put my job in danger. Use your power according
to your position. What happened, sir? Without a warrant,
how did you arrest Darbare? We are your seniors, ask us.. ..who is to be arrested
and who is to be released. Sir, I have witness. This system does not work like that,
Inderpal. Set aside your anger
and come to your senses. Do you have any solid
evidence against Darbare? Sir, his close associate. Try to understand, Inder. You release him now,
there is a lot of pressure on us. Sir, there is a lot of pressure
on my soul I can’t release him. But you will have to release him. Sir, you give me in writing,
I will release him. This stubbornness of
yours will lead us to trouble. Now we will go to
the politics of Punjab. Due to the arrest of businessman.. ..and social worker Darbara
Singh by Siddhu Singh.. ..there is a turmoil
in the politics of the state. Now it will be interesting to see.. ..if the law will
win the war of justice.. ..or politics will
prove itself correct. Nichhatar Singh who is very close.. Darbara Singh
is with us on the phone. Nichhatar Singh, what would
you like to say about this? Look, it does not mean this.. ..there is something
called law and order. A true and honest social
worker like Darbara Singh.. imprisoned like this.. ..we will not tolerate this at all. But the mid-day meal.. Dad.. The politicians interfere too much.. ..with the police department. To work with honesty in such.. ..a fraud system is very difficult. To work with honesty
and with principles.. difficult in every department. Yes.. ..if you want to kill
your conscience and work.. ..then all work is easy. Loads, helplessness.. ..responsibilities.. ..there are so many
excuses for people to lie. Yes, Inder. When I was in the
police department.. ..I was absolutely like you. Fearless.. strong..
then your mother came into my life. Then you..
things got attached to one another. Maybe the priorities
changed after that. Relationships started
overpowering the uniform. Inder, my feet slipped.. ..but I wish your
feet never slip, Inder. This life is also very complicated. I wanted to say something, Inder. I love my son a lot. So take care of him. Hey! Where is your boss?
They all say SP.. SP. My friend will be out in a flash. You wait outside..
Inderpal.. Inder.. Okay.. Lower your voice.. politician.. Here only criminals
can scream in a loud voice. Take this..
papers of Darbare’s bail. Open the prison. Sir.. Boy..
– Yes. There is a Mr. Darbara Singh here..
release him. – Fine, sir. The amount of trouble
you gave us, SP. You will have to go through
the same. Remember it. Don’t talk too much. I may lose my head. Are all the papers okay? All the papers are okay.
– Okay. Lawyer, you please sign.
– Give me. Sir.. Malkeet Singh, sit. Sir, I want to say something.
– Yes. Sir, we have one witness
against Darbara.. ..that is Dr. Noor. Sir, my experience says
that such criminals often.. ..don’t spare the witness. Sir, I mean to say that.. ..why not give her our
security outside the law. I feel there is danger. And then whatever you wish. Judge, Darbara Singh
is a decent and honest man. Actually Inderpal Singh
is troubling him unnecessarily. Inderpal deceived me too. And falsely promised
me for marriage. I agreed to everything
he said, Judge.. ..but he did not value me. Are you okay? What are you saying? I am absolutely fine. Till the time you don’t say
yes for marriage I will do this. After all, what am I lacking?
Tell me. There should be one-two
things lacking. – Very funny. There is nothing lacking.
I am afraid.. What do you fear, Inder? I alone am a storm.. ..that can uproot huge trees. If you are with me..
then I become soft.. ..that can’t pluck even rose petals. Trust me once.. please. I will support you
in every difficulty. Go tell your,
father, I’m coming to take you. Really? “Only you should be there
and I should be there.” “I just have one wish that you
and I should be there.” “I just have one wish that you
and I should be there.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “When the breeze blows..” “I shall hug you.” “Every birth I want
to be yours companion.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “I want your support,
I am still unmarried.” “With you I take every breath.” “I want your support,
I am still unmarried.” “With you I take every breath.” “The time of love is very beautiful.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” “Among dreams there should be
a small house of ours.” Why are you angry, father? Now set your anger aside. Get up and get ready. Get ready..?
Do I have to wear a skirt? And does it make any
difference whether I’m angry? All the decisions are taken
by you mother and daughter. Noor is an educated girl. And she has all rights
to take her own decision. Now you don’t talk nonsense. Got it? I am angry since yesterday evening. You are the one who is talking. You have made a long
face and are sitting. Strange. It is my face,
I will sit however I want. In that too..
do I need your permission? Father, don’t be angry. If you have felt so bad then
I will call Inder and refuse him. Father, please set your mood right. Dear, I am not angry with Noor. I am angry with your mother. My daughter wishes for something
and I’ll not fulfill it? If I had known earlier.. ..I would have atleast
brought something and kept. Soni, now call your granny. She will also meet Inder.
What do you think? Soni, first make the
list of things. Sure.
– Granny.. call granny later. First let me go and bring the things. Leave it. I say, leave it. You don’t know my son-in-law
is in the police. Leave it. Hey, leave my scooter. If my son-in-law comes to know.. ..he will get your uniform removed. Why should I leave?
Are you Singham’s father-in-law? Sir! What did this elderly man do? Sir, first he parked his
scooter in the ‘no-parking’. And on top of that
he is threatening that.. ..if my son-in-law comes to
know he will get your uniform removed. I just parked it.. I just went
for two minutes to place an order. When I returned.. I saw this. Sir, you have made a mistake. You will have to pay a fine..
make a spot payment. Or otherwise go to the court. Shall I say something? Don’t tell anyone
that your son-in-law.. in the Punjab Police. If the media comes to know,
they will harass you. Good day. Yes, sir father-in-law of ‘Singham’
lets make a receipt for you. Noor’s father is gone since
a long time to get snacks. He has still not returned. Till then you have biscuits.
– Yes, mother. By the way, brother-in-law.. ..they say the policemen
are not true to anyone. Is this true? Sister-in-law,
your general knowledge is amazing. When we are on duty,
we are not related to anyone. Soni, you.. they are
atleast true to their in-laws. And he started saying.. ..we’ve heard that people
call policemen their uncle.. ..but son-in-law..
I had heard this for the first time. You are very strong. Oh! I have got the receipt. Father, this is Inder.
– Hello. Where were you since so long? Where are the snacks?
You have not bought them? I spent all the money
on the parking ticket. Parking ticket?
– How would I bring the snacks? Noor, this wedding cannot take place. Why? What? You will have to get us married. There I was in the
role of a policeman. And here I am the son-in-law. A person can’t speak
in front of a policeman.. ..not in front of the son-in-law. Father, now set aside your anger. And give him the auspicious
gift as soon as possible. He has to go on his duty. Please. I am afraid, Inder. I hope this dream does not break. If you shut your eyes and dream..
they will break. Open your eyes and have faith. Darbare does not like to lose. Mother, look at this dress.
– Show me. Where is our doctor?
– Who are you? Who are you? What is the meaning of coming into.. ..decent people’s house like this? I have seen such decent people.. ..for the first time
who have kept hooligans. I say, leave my girl. What did you say? I should leave her? What do you want? Who are you?
– I don’t want anything, aunt. I was a bit unwell
that’s why I thought.. ..I should go to the
doctor’s house and show her. Sister.. What misbehavior is this?
Get lost from here. I will call the police. Catch her. Hello, madam. The Punjab Police is at your service. Noor, dear. What is the hurry, madam? You can’t even imagine
what Inder will do to you. Leave me. Doctor, God has not given
us the brains to think. This love that you
have for the policeman.. ..that will take you down one day. Let my sister go. No! Let the children go. Lakhiya, remove our medicine.. ..let us show them our stuff. No! Papa! No! Let my sister go. No! No! Today this acid is far
away from your sister’s face. But tomorrow..
– No! I beg you.
Please leave my daughters. Leave her.
– Shut up! Tomorrow is the hearing
of Darbara’s case.. take care of what you say. Got it? Otherwise your sister.. This is the demon who added poison.. the children’s
food and killed them. This is the accusation.. Your honor, this is the accusation.. ..that the police
had put on my client. This is not an accusation.
This is the truth. Truth? This truth has gone with
the statement of the SMO. Your honor, SMO sir has
given his statement in the court.. ..that those children
were not killed due to drugs.. ..but food poisoning. Your honor, I have a doubt.. ..that my client is being
framed into some big conspiracy. Who is framing this
conspiracy and why.. is very important for
the court to know this, Your honor. That is why I request the court.. ..that I be permitted to
call SP Siddhu to the witness box. You are permitted. What is your name? Inderpal Singh Siddhu. Speak louder. I didn’t hear.
– Clean your ears. What did you say? Get your ears cleaned. Order! Order! Speak louder.
I can’t hear. Speak louder. Speak in the tone in which you speak.. your police station. Inderpal Singh Siddhu. Any confusion? Mr. Siddhu, control yourself. Mr. Siddhu,
you lose your temper very soon. Is it because of this anger that
you get transferred so many times? May be. Your honor, some days back.. ..Mr. Siddhu brought
a boy named Bhala.. ..all the way till the
police station beating him. No witness, nor any FIR. And when his father,
a known social worker of this area.. ..MLA Nichhatar Singh
took his plea to him. He insulted him in
front of the whole staff.. ..because Mr. Siddhu
loses his temper very fast. And a party was going
on in the house.. ..of known businessman Darbara
Singh he held him by the collar.. ..and brought him
till the police station.. ..because Mr. SP
loses his temper very fast. Your honor, I have a witness.
Dr. Noor. I would like to ask that
Dr. Noor some questions.. ..if you permit me to. You are permitted. Dr. Noor,
I will not waste the precious time.. ..of the court and yours
by asking your name and profession. I am interested in only one thing. That what is that thing or person.. ..what evidence and what witness.. you have with which
this man will be proved.. ..a demon in front of this
court and the whole society. Please tell the court. Speak up. Dr. Noor, please reply. Speak up. I don’t have any evidence. What? Speak a bit louder. A bit louder. If Mr. Siddhu can’t hear anything.. ..he loses his temper very soon.
Speak louder. I don’t have anything
to do with SP Siddhu. And I don’t have any evidence. But Mr. Siddhu has said
that you have evidence. I have told you earlier,
I don’t have any evidence. That’s all, Your honor. Thank you. Please. This statement of Dr. Noor has proved.. ..that a conspiracy has
been framed against my client. And this conspiracy has been
framed by the police department. That’s all, Your honor. Thank you. On the basis on all the
statements and evidence.. ..the court has
reached this decision.. ..that all the charges
put on Darbara Singh.. ..are not only false
but are also baseless. This court releases Darbara Singh. And also with that warns
the police department.. ..that they investigate
the case properly.. ..and then bring it in the court. So that no innocent
person is troubled.. ..and the court’s
time is not wasted too. What the hell you think you are,
Mr. Siddhu? The police’s job is to
look after the respect of people. To maintain peace and
calm is the job of the police. Do you understand? We are working under law. And this is not your house,
Mr. Siddhu. In 25 years this is the first time.. ..this is the first time
I had to face such humiliation. And that is because of you. Mr. Siddhu. I had told you that being
in your senses is important. And I had also told you.. ..whatever you do.. ask me. Didn’t I tell you this? Henceforth whatever
decision is to be taken.. ..I will take and you are transferred,
Mr. Siddhu. Sir, because of SP Siddhu the
police department has been tainted.. ..what do you want to say about this. It is the police’s job
that they protect the citizens. No police officer has the right that.. ..he takes the law into his own hands. That’s why I have
transferred SP Siddhu. He has been transferred. Thank you.
– Sir, sir.. Sir, the court has
released Darbara Singh.. ..that means the case that
the police have filed is baseless. Look, every police officer wants to.. ..eradicate crime from society. So this was also such an attempt. Sir, the court has said
all the accusations that.. ..have been put on Darbara
Singh are false and baseless. What would you like to say
about this negligence of the police? Sir, we have heard
that Inderpal Singh.. ..and Darbara Singh
have personal issues. There is no such
thing as personal issue. And the matter about
Inderpal Singh’s mistake.. ..he has got the
punishment for his mistake. The department has transferred him. One more question, sir. Please. One more question, sir. Sir, please. You showed your status? Are you happy? You have stained the uniform? Inder.
– I had got the enemy. I had got the enemy.
I lost because of you. I was helpless, Inder. Due to your helplessness..
everything will be fine? Your one statement has
ended both love and faith. You killed Siddhu. I can only be your weakness, Inder. Not your love. And there is no connection
between shed leaves and a storm. I’m sorry. “If I am not in your heart…” “If I am not in your heart, my dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Every moment of ours
seems like centuries.” “Day and nights seem
to play joke with us.” “Every moment of ours
seems like centuries.” “Day and nights seem
to play joke with us.” “Everyone seems to be my enemy.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Dear, my condition is
like the parched land.” “I cannot stay without you.” “I cannot bear this
separation anymore, dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” One does not realize
when time passes by. It seems just yesterday
when you were selected for IPS. And you had to go for training. I had packed your
things with such love. I can understand all your pain, mother. I will try that I should
not be transferred. I will change myself. Son. The reason you are
transferred every month.. ..for that reason even if
I have to pack all your things.. ..I will do it with the same love. But you don’t change, son. The strength of your youth. The pride of your uniform. When they increase beyond limits.. ..they take your life. Buddy, I gave you a chance. Come to Darbare’s court.
Bow your head. Take money and go.
But you did not understand. Look at him. Look at him.
He is from your department. We feed the meals and
he makes bungalows for himself. Good boy. And you are 101, 202, 303.. Are you crazy? Are you mental? But you are also a strong player. Look, where the running
of the police ends.. ..from there the
political flight starts. In such a corrupt system
such a honest policeman.. You are roaming about
like an honest man. In this corrupt world.. ..there is no need
for a honest policeman. Oh yes, really. I have called a Russian
in the farmhouse. She does everything.
Dances, sings, everything. With anklets on. Coming? No? It’s okay. I wanted to talk to you. Sir.
– That’s okay. Today not a police officer.. ..but a father has
come to explain to his son. One does not become
God after wearing a uniform. He remains a human. And a human makes mistakes. And I have made a mistake too. I am so sorry. But if you listen to Noor.. ..then you will believe
that any person.. her position would
do the same that she did. I know, Inder,
after telling you all this.. ..nothing will change. You have come to
add salt to my wounds. You did not die of shame? Stop your drama. Get lost. Very good. I knew this was coming. An honest police office.
A daring office.. ..will say such a thing
being in the limits of the law. Go outside the limits of the law. If your situation was like Noor’s.. ..if you had gone through
what Noor has gone through. What would you do? Now listen to me carefully. If you want to change the history
decisions written by the world.. ..then pick up your
weapons once again. It’s time.. for you. Now go and do it and finish it. Sir, this war is not yours alone. We all are with you in this. We all are with you, sir. According to the information
it’s Darbara Singh’s truck Stop his truck. Speed up. Catch him.
– Stop! You guys trying to escape. Come on! Let’s go.
– Catch them. Run Police. Run!
– Catch them. Come here. Shivraj, plant the bomb
in Darbara Singh’s godown. Yes sir. Be careful. Move out all! Fast!
– Okay sir. Move. Don’t think that I have lost hope,
my friend. I have learnt how
to return from the waves. Siddhu.. ..the drugs that you have destroyed.. ..those drugs are running as poison
in your girlfriend’s veins. I am at the Corporate building. If you can save her,
come and save her SP Siddhu. At ten steps ahead your
life is waiting for you. Go and meet. “Our small life and tiny heartbeat” “At first only I lost it for you.” “We have all lost it, dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” “Then your life will not be
in our body dear.” Sir!
– Sir.. Sir, help. Sir, save us. Sir, save us. Sir, save us.
– Save us. I scared! Malkeet Singh! I am okay, Sir. I am okay. Welcome, Mr. Siddhu. Welcome. You are welcome at my house. What is the matter? You are
surprised that I am welcoming you. You are at the top
of the list of my enemies. You should also be proud
that you are my enemy. Punjab Police.. This is the Punjab Police. The poor guys are hung up.. ..and they are waiting
for their death. Are they going to fight with me? Get the rope. Shivraj, are you okay?
– Are you okay? Enough of games, SP sir. You know, whenever Darbara
plays games he always wins. Today Darbara will lose.
Yes from police. The one who realizes his mistake..
is not lost. You will shoot sir..? Lower your gun. The Khaki uniforms wear both of you. I should be afraid of both you. Wow! Oh Lord! Hey, what are you doing?

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  7. Ek hota hai filmi hero… Lekin Babbu maan Real jindagi mein hero hai bhai… Kisi k darr nahi kisi ka khauf nahi… Sidhi sarkaar se takkar leta hai banda gareeb logo k liye… Awaaj itni dumdaar Or mithi hai k samne wala wahi beth jata hai.. Kabhi google karna World music award winner of india iklota singer hai jisne 4 Categories mein award jite hai…
    Big apple music winner of 2017 in jermany… Hindustan ka naam roshan kiya hai… Banda paise k liye nahi apne fans k liye kaam karta hai… Top 10 punjabi singer search karna bhai 1 st no pe naam ayega… Top 10 Asian Singer check karna us mein bhi top pe naam ayega…. Punjabi music industry ka bole toh baap hai… Fan following itni
    K har dusri /teesri gaadi k piche bande ki photo laggi hoti hai Punjab haryana Himachal Rajasthan delhi mein… Sabse jyada permanent tattos bhi world mein isi bande k hai….

  8. जो गद्दारो की वकालत करते है वह वकील नही सुवरो की औलादो की पैदाइश वकील ही है

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