Awesome Skateboard Art! – Time Lapse: The “RIOT LION” (TheSyndicateProject Graphic)

Awesome Skateboard Art! – Time Lapse: The “RIOT LION” (TheSyndicateProject Graphic)

Look at that… Look at that professional Taping Job Gonna use a red pen. The ink isn’t even red. Alright So last night I traced the bottom half of the thing uh I also picked out some colors That I can use On paper, it looks alright, but On um Wood it might look different So I guess we’ll see. Let’s uh. Let’s just hope this worked well. About 3 hours… 2 hours Worth of, like Work, you know. Nothin’ too bad So here’s my graphite sheet Look at that! That worked perfectly. Oh my god. Look at this. Don’t know if you can see it. But that looks amazing That is so good.

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  1. How did you get it onto the deck ? Did you just colour the back of the paper in grey led then trace the image ? And also what marker did you use to trace it ?

  2. +Tom Smiles I didn't have a graphite sheet, so I used a pencil on a regular piece of white paper, then I traced the image on top of the non colored side. To see where I traced more clearly, I used one of those thin sharpie pen things.

    After that, I went through some art stuff and found out that I had graphite sticks that I could have used to color in the paper a lot faster (I used a pencil). There goes an hour of my life.

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