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at the end of all of my videos all of these illustrator CC tips are time
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global colours is a great addition to illustrator software and it allows you
to edit the same color throughout an entire design with ease here’s how it
works you will first want to open up your
swatch window let’s say intend to make a vector design in illustrator CC with
these colors I simply need to select all of them like so and then add a new color
group here make sure to select a global color option and press ok you’ll notice
his white symbol in the bottom right corner of the box this tells you that
now is in fact a global color if I quickly duplicate the pink circle here
you will see when I double click the pink swatch an editor all of the circles
will change accordingly make sure to click the preview option so let’s review
that quickly one more time if you ever design that crudely created
and you can double click the swatch after making the global color and then
edit it as you see fit with the preview option selected this next awesome illustrator cc tip is
about the live round cornice technique this will save you time and allow you
more pinpointed scope for manipulation on the corners by design so if I select
the shape with a selection tool and then I take the direct selection tool the
shock of being a on your keyboard in illustrator CC you will see these white
dots appear you can then click and drag to edit the
shape in the corners if you click a point once and then click
again you can then edit that point independently of all of the others clicking just one so edit all of them in
unison this can also be used on typography but we need to convert the
text into an actual vector shape first to create the outline to be a text and
then you can use the rect selection tool to edit the life corners until you in group the lettering you
only gonna be up to edit corners in unison of all the letters but once you
do and group everything you can focus in on one letter so as you can see here I can edit the a
on its own by the like corners this next tip for Illustrator cc in 2017
is really really neat. if you have a shape with three tax options upon it all
of which are in groups and independent of one another in case you’re wondering
what font I’m using here is the ID as you can see the text is totally
independent on the shape but we can warp everything together at once
select everything and then grouped object envelope to store and then make
with warp in the new window that pops open we have
a large amount of choice as it means to edit manipulate objects and type at the
very same time so have a play around and experiment with it and see what you can
make to demonstrate its awesome illustrators here I made a very quick
and crude design for you guys I’m sure if you will have a play around
with the step technique you would be able to come up with some very
interesting funky designs I’ve told you guys before by pressing
the tab key on your keyboard to remove panels in this traitor on your screen so
you can view your artwork but if you press command air for control
F on a PC you will gain a better view but then if you press it again you’re
gonna have the most clearest view possible by going a full-screen mode in
Illustrator it allows you to see your work from a
fire in a very clean manner much like an artist will step back from the easel to
admire their work so you press it one more time to return back to normal v illustrator CC tip in today’s video is
command or control D this lets you repeat a process over over again to save
time so let me demonstrate I’m going to make a star shape that I will place on
the black stroke of this circle I continue to irritate to and duplicate
it to the right by 36 degrees if I want to do this around the entire
circle it’s gonna take a long time but once I’ve duplicated at once I can press
command-d over and over to repeat the previous process you should be able to
see how this will save you a bunch of time in your graphic design workflow in
illustrator CC the last awesome illustrator CT tip
today is the width tool this tool allows you to change the way of a stroke
anywhere on the line with a great detail and accuracy so select your line and grab the whisk
tool you will see this + icon over the width tool and you can then click and
drag to change the thickness of the line this is great for vector illustration
defect artwork for today’s bonus craftiness I’m a pro
tip I’m simply going to remind you guys to start saving your work on a regular
basis I would suggest saving your work at least once every 30 to 60 minutes in
Illustrator but to save multiple copies instead of overwriting the same file in
case you make a mistake also I’d like to say my work in two
locations so one on my Mac and then also on an external hard drive and keep your
work orderly in folders so there was my list of six awesome
illustrator CC tips for 2017 I hope you find this video useful and that you’ve
learned at least one thing today I would like to remind all of my subscribers to
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  1. Thanks for the Tips………A minor point to note: New Swatches in Illustrator CC 2018 are now Global Swatches by Default. The Option is there to uncheck that box if we wish

  2. lots of thanks for your all videos…i learn many things from your videos…and i am become upwork 99% top rated score…once again thanks a lot…

  3. Okay so on Global coloring, this from my personal experience has been tricky especially when it comes to strokes and them being different weight's. How can I change a global color for strokes, without having to expand them and not lose the option to change weight size later?

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