**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short: “Uncle Griot” – A “Stina & the Wolf” Production | TheCGBros

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short: “Uncle Griot” – A “Stina & the Wolf” Production | TheCGBros

It took you a while to understand… I think you always knew deep down But you are so young Always angry and so you should be It takes a long time to learn the things aren´t fare Sometimes you just have to let the world unfold At its own pace Griot! Come on! Come on! COME ON! Aaaargh! Come on! Smell it! Smell! Ohh! Right. Ready? Get the stick! Go on! Go on! Good Griot. Right! Right! Gimme, Gimme! Gimme the stick! Griot. GRIOT! Drop it! Good Ready? Ready? It will be ok It all comes around, you know? Everything begins and ends At exactly the right time And place

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  1. Wow I remember watching the trailer of Stina and the wolf like 4 years ago?? Always thought the animation looked amazing. It was a surprise to see this character again, though this is super weird lol

  2. For most of the video (Up until her face is better shown), I thought the characrer was a live-action person. Amazingly well made gestures! And probably the best-looking CGI short I've ever seen.

  3. "It will be okay. It all comes around. Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place."

    Exactly what I needed to hear at this moment in time. Amazing!!

  4. I’ve been following these people since the announced this project! I’m still so excited to see where it all goes, it’s all so beautiful!

  5. The scenery is breath taking and the girl is soooo beautifull…. And then there's uncle Griot :/ Why do you have to ruin such a perfect animation with such an anomaly? Couldnt you come up with a better character design? An "ordinary" dog or puppy (without human face) would be far more better than this Uncle Griot. We all see animated dog/puppy who can talk, and that's cute. Uncle griot character is just weird.
    That's my opinion though.

  6. I'm glad to see "Stina and the Wolf" has not disappeared altogether. I hope someday a full length feature will finally get made.

  7. …beautiful animation…but i just cant get it…sheep with a face of wise old man…picking sticks thrown by a little girl? …i must be so dumb…or am i? …watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo2KQer1KNM …He made the false signal because he did not want other people to give up hope…that what i call A POINT.

  8. ๏_๏ "Like, dude, it was the weirdest fricking dream EVER! I could hear an old dude narrating, and he was also a goat-dog, but still had a guy's face! And he was just playing fetch with Lindsay Stirling dressed as a peasant on this huge flying island in the sky! Then, a storm was picking up and a mysterious guy stopped and old bicycle wheel from turning, and the entire dream melted like when you burn the film on one of those old movie reels…and that's when I woke up! So trippy, man!"

    ಠ_ಠ "Dude, you gotta stop smoking that shit before bed…"

  9. From the website for the movie

    In a world of impossibly high mountains , a bored peasant girl falls for a young, brash cadet. A mystic arrives and threatens his life, but her attempts to save him plunge her into a terrifying mystery beyond dreams and reality.

    "This film exists in the place between sleep and walking, where stories twist and turn and meanings blend and transform but emotion always stays true. The emotion is always fierce and always the guide here, as our protganlist tries as hard as she can to survive and do right in a world that is as alien as it is familiar. The emotional finale confronts what all of us must confront at some point in our lives. And with echoes of Pans Labrinth and dont look now I believe it takes the fantasy genre into a new and terrifying realm. – director/producer

    A teenage girl is bullied on a coach trip while flirting with a boy she may or may not like. She reacts angrily. Suddenly she finds herself in a new world and new life. She is a frustrated orphan. STINA who lives in a rough and superstitious military town set high in cloud covered mountains.
    Living with her resentful aunt and half goat stray and beset by bullies and unwanted advances from drunken soldiers, she starts a relationship with a young cadet named Gunter. A sinister mystic named the Pipe catcher, arrives with a surreal carnival that pits wolves against young boys in a dangerous right of passage. Gunter is compelled to take part. In a attempt to save him, Stina sets free the wolf and causes chaos in the village. This makes the piper furious, and causes him to kidnap all the children and bury the village in snow.
    Stina and Gunter embark on a mission to find him and save the children. Things begin to take a terrifying turn as events start to twist beyond reality and they learn the truth about what happened to the missing children.

  10. I JUST HAVE to read all the comments of the talking human faced dog! Eating popcorn while reading comments

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