**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short  Film:  “Winston”  – by Aram Sarkisian

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: “Winston” – by Aram Sarkisian

ah dear Marcus Oh Marcus I know I know it has many years and I haven’t seen who your family and for that I’m sorry I’m sorry for not replying to your letters all these years but this is urgent I know you’re Marcus I know how you think of me and you know I know the lunatic father called me a lunatic that rum son of a bitch but why not this is not a case of delusion and an up losing my grasp again so just please believe my words three days ago I was outside gathering some firewood and suddenly I noticed a light flickering inside Gary’s house this lone yellow light calling from the corner of my eye there’s something about that light I swear I watch it and it seems to live do then Marcus it strikes me this odd sensation that something powerful was staring back at me from Gary’s windows and you remember Gary organs in that little neighbor of mine well Gary organs sin is gone he left his house that morning show for what he’s watching me from his empty house dear Marcus I’ve moved my desk and bed closer to the window so I can keep an eye on this conscious house yesterday night I saw shadows moving inside the house that house with its skin rotting off in its bare bones sticking out and yes yes I’m aware that I sound like a madman into you Marcus but but have you forgotten what this suffocating cold can do to you the way these blizzards can shake the house and make their way through the gaps and living next to Gary oh how glad I am he’s gone ten years Marcus an entire decade I have dealt with that pitiful excuse of a man who clearly did not have any respect for my privacy every morning he would come to my house sit on my chair like a bag of and eat his porridge that disgusting cold porridge like a meal for a rolling boulders hog he would stand there Marcus and give me that blank stare just watched me with his void expression but I knew what he was trying to do Marcus oh I the extreme lengths he went to break my sanity good morning Winston how are you instant I brought you this porridge neighbor those insincere evil remarks hidden under his false gestures of kindness I know what you are doing you vile boor why don’t you find his porridge Winston so happy to see you instant good night Winston hello there Winston hello Winston Winston Winston Winston dear Marcus there’s a trail of smoke rising from that old decrepit brick chimney and in recent hours it has taken the shape of a black serpent it is rising from the mouth of the dead watching me closely detecting my every breath but I can see him I am watching him too I go to the tree at the edge of the yard and her watch sometimes at nights when I hope I won’t be seen but I must go closer and now at the dead hour of the night amid the dreadful silence of that old house so strange as he is there Marcus I don’t know how but but he is in that house he is getting closer I feel him coming after me his voice that voice that won’t leave me alone I’ve put up father’s bear traps around the house and tripwires I laid glass by the doorway and nailed the windows shut but I am afraid nothing nothing keeps his trembling voice from reaching my soul I can hear him Marcus I can hear him so perfectly the sound of that beast I found foot steps leading to me deep violent bog scratchin towards me from a the endless white he is in the pictures watching me everywhere listening to every thought every words I put down [Music] [Applause] you

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  1. So, the old man killed his neighbour and his conscience is bothering him, and he eventually gets into his own trap, and dies?!

  2. Wonderful voice and amazing animation/drawings 😀
    I love Edgar Allen Poe and it really could have been a story from him ^^

  3. i couldn't watch it till the end… i were so scared..
    i know whats coming… he will get huntet.. and tripps in a bear trap.. and than get burned like in friday the 13th… or just… dies in the storm

  4. Wow, this was a quality animated short. The hand drawn looking animation, the creepy music and naration, the pace, it all matched together.
    Great work

  5. I don't know if reincarnation is real or not but I can always recall memories triggered by either mood, scents, etc. These memories weren't mine. Like one time I was walking home and I came across a perfume stall then out of a sudden I was hit with a flashback of some kind and in that flash back I was walking on a beige carpet, I can smell flowers because they're everywhere. I looked down and I saw myself wearing a blue gown, a vintage one. I thought I was on a wedding in that flashback. That was very very odd even my mood changed to match the mood on that flashback. It's bizarre.

    And then there's this one time, I was on a back seat of a car when looking at the sunset triggered another flashback. This time I was a young boy, drowning on what looked like from my pov an ocean and that boy was looking towards the sunset. That made my skin crawl. I don't know why these memories just pop up like that and I don't want to over think about them.

  6. 2:32min.. wow powerful storytelling 😳

    You should watch "Justice for Cats "

    We were reminded by this video at 2:32min about how insane some humans can 🐝

    We are harassed by our sick cat hater neighbour when drunk🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷😵🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

    He needs to Sea Kelp✨🥓✨

  7. Brilliant! The story was masterfully helmed as the narrative unfolded under the control of the filmmaker. I sense an Edgar Allan Poe vibe eh?!

  8. Real nice job integrating story, sounds and visuals. A rare animated gem in a mountain of uninteresting pap. Keep up the great work.!

  9. Trail of snow invite the mad,
    Curse from a tormented soul.
    Whose mind decay, the dead ensue
    The beast shall take what due.
    None but leave on carpet ground,
    Dead done bare the silent bound.
    For what come next that left to tell
    Return once was the dead and veil.

  10. Can somebody please tell me what is the narrator saying from 00:19 to 00:21 ?
    — Father called me a lunatic, that ?¿?¿?¿?¿ but I'm not.

  11. 6:06 Look closely, we can't see any body in the snow tho the marks are still there, I think Gary didn't die and that he buried Winston in the snow, nearly, with the shovel just above.

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