**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: “Being Good” – by Jenny Harder | TheCGBros

[Music] [Music] we talked about this no you talked about it I’m doing it [Music] she is not going she is she is too young to go to clubs and that’s the point that’s your point sneaking into clubs is an important formative experience getting arrested is formative is it it can be I don’t believe you look she’s not gonna get arrested she won’t get caught not going to of course she’ll get caught she won’t my girl here is way too clever for that York your girl she’s your girl now more mine than yours darling what she’s not getting that tough side from you I can be tough Yeah right [Music] fine let’s do this [Music] [Music] ha tough enough for you Mike [Music] what are you doing nothing oh you are impossible I’m just making sure my girl is having a good time a good time and all you’re giving her is an aneurysm Oh big words now Oh what you guys do know I can hear you right did she just ah ha [Music]

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