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Captain to the bridge. Captain to the bridge. Captain, our departure
window shall expire… I’m coming. I’m coming! I had to fix that clog
in the coolant line. Did my turbulence calculations
help you diagnose the problem? Actually I just banged it with
a wrench a couple of times and it cleared right up. All right. Release the docking clamps… and off we go. Captain’s log, stardate 7011.2. We are outbound from the X2 industrial
colony, on a heading for Outreach Station. Aurora is now three months into her
second voyage in the Xaneerian sector, and she has performed admirably. The crew is in good spirits
and is happy to be underway. Captain? Yes, T’Ling? Do you feel it’s proper to refer to… “the crew” in your logs,
when I am your only crew member? It’s, uh… it’s tradition to refer to a
ship’s personnel as her crew. Nobody said you can’t
have a crew of one. Interesting. But it is inaccurate to say that
your Vulcan crew is “happy” and “in good spirits”. Vulcans do not engage in such emotions. So noted, T’Ling. Hey, how’s that power flutter we
were seeing in the warp coils? Your… crew has remedied the problem by inserting a compensating algorithm
into the plasma control routine. It’s difficult to be certain
of long-term success, however. Aurora’s systems have been
cannibalized from so many other Just what the hell is
that supposed to mean? To… cannibalize, in the mechanical sense, is to remove the serviceable
parts from one device – in order to repair another.
– I… I know what the word means, I… I just don’t like it… used about Aurora. Never speak ill of your ship,
my father always said… your ship is your life. Yes, Captain. Okay. Looks like we’ve cleared
the station’s outer traffic zone. You got a heading for us? Yes, Captain. Heading 097-mark-2. 097-mark-2… let’s take this old girl to warp.Coming with the dawnand leaving night behind.Take me to a new dayTake me to tomorrow.Subtitles: IlSisko :: Fan Films Foundation ::
[]Kara.Kara.Kara!What??? I was cleaning up back
here like you told me to! I know, honey, but that ion
storm shook us up pretty good, and I need you to go out and
reconnect some container lines. Me??? I did it last time! Make Jimmy go! I need Jimmy on the sensors. We don’t really know exactly where
we are, or what’s out there. Besides, it’s safer with Jimmy up here on
the bridge where he can’t break anything. I need my Pumpkin out
there to fix it right. Okay. Of course, if we had a real ship
instead of this old bucket of bolts… Hey, young lady,
never speak ill of your ship. Your ship is your life. Okay. 22-E should be all set. I’m gonna give it a try. Uhm… guys…? Mom? Did you know there’s a
weird ship out here?Yes, honey, we see it.
Why don’t you come back in?
O-okay. I need to lock this one down, then I’ll be right in.What kind of ship is that?The kind Jimmy was supposed
to be watching for.
Hey! It came out of nowhere…I mean, really, out of nowhere!Unknown ship please identify yourself.We are the merchant vessel Mercury
Rising, registered out of Deneva.
– Hey it… it disappeared!
– See??? See???– Where did it go???
– I told you! It went right off the sensors!Kara, get in here.
– No problem!This day just keeps getting better!
Now we’re stuck out here with a ghost ship?
Kara, are you inside yet?Kara,Kara, honey, are you inside yet?Almost… I’m in! What’s happening up there? Hold on, Kara! Impulse to full power, now!
Heading 10-mark-3.Jimmy, I’m giving you one
minute of full power.
Take a full EM sweep of that ship.They’re charging their weapon!Unknown ship, hold your fire!
We are a merchant vessel, unarmed!
I repeat, hold your fire!Shields to maximum! Everybody,
brace for impact! Kids…
Hey… I… I’m still in the airlock! Hello? Mom…? Dad? Can anybody hear me? I’m coming in… I think I hurt my head… How’s it going out there, T’ling? The offloading appears to
be going well, Captain. Mr. Prasuula informs me that
he has sufficient carriers to allow us to offload without significant
downtime waiting for transport. Send my regards to Mr. Prasuula. He’s a credit to his family
and his ancestors.Yes, Captain. Mr. Prasuula also wishes for you
to meet him in his dockside office after we have offloaded. I believe he is curious to
know how we arrived here from X2 in just 18 days. Huh, I’ll bet he is. Captain, explain to me why we must always drink at a dockside bar after completing a cargo run. It’s tradition, it… don’t Vulcans have traditions? Many. But none of them involve… public intoxication. Come on, it’s one drink. I’ll buy. Now, remember what I said
if anybody messes with us? If they insult us, insult their ship. If they push us, – shove back harder.
– Good girl. You have to stand up for
yourself out here or you’ll be fighting every punk in the sector
who thinks you’re an easy target. So… it is a social order based upon reprisal and revenge. Xaneerians call it justice. Captain, we could
simply drink on Aurora. What fun is that? Soak in the atmosphere! Enjoy the company! Now, is this really so bad? As your Dr. Einstein posited, everything is relative. Well, I think these guys
are relatively interested. Interested in… what, Captain? In us, silly. Don’t look! Ah… Human mating rituals. Vulcans don’t have mating rituals? We do. However, we limit them to once every seven years. That explains a lot. Okay, here they come. Act natural. I shall endeavor. So, you’re the girls from Aurora. And you must be the captain. Depends on who’s asking. Oh, it’s you, all right. Just like I said, Chug: Cannibal Kara,
right here in this very bar. Do I know you? Randy Jacobs, ma’am. Captain of Lone Star. – You might have heard of me.
– There are lots of idiots out here. Huh. Real funny. This here your crewmate? Better lock your cabin at night, Pixie, in case she gets up for a bite. Cannibal Kara. You’re a celebrity! What are you drinking there? Blood? Sir, I believe you are annoying – my capt-
– Beat it, Pixie. I’m talking to a living legend. You know, you can still
scare spacer kids with stories about Cannibal Kara, waiting for them out in the dark… I employed what you may know as the Vulcan nerve pinch. He shall wake up with a headache, but he is otherwise unharmed. Come in. Can I help you, Captain? It’s true, what he said. Cannibal Kara. Or Crazy Kara. I thought I’d left all that
back in Federation Space. Captain? I was twelve when my family’s cargo ship was attacked by Romulans. Only I survived. Subspace, navigation, warp drive, all of it destroyed. And the food replicators. I drifted for months in the small part of the ship I
was able to patch and pressurize. What food I could scrounge
ran out in a week… Holy shit! Hey Captain! I’ve got a live one! It’s a kid! Are you okay, Honey? Are you hurt? Severe malnutrition… dehydration… it’s a good thing we
found her when we did. The distress signal says
this happened months ago. What’s she been living on? Captain… I think you’d better see this. I had adapted a water
reclamation unit to… extract proteins from… organic matter. It was the logical thing to do, given the circumstances. Would a Vulcan have done it? The will to survive is strong in every species. Even Vulcans. So… you say that jerk’s head is
gonna hurt when we wakes up? One can apply the Vulcan nerve pinch such that the waking is very unpleasant. Thanks, T’ling. O- O-kay. I… hope I made this right. But… you can probably
tell better than I can. Vulcan spice tea. Well, I figure that a ship with a Vulcan
crew should carry a few Vulcan amenities. Where did you find it? You can find anything if
you look hard enough, even on a little station like this. Thank you, Captain. I also got us a job while I was out,
a run to Tagdown Colony and what’s more, I scooped it out right
from under that jerk we ran into last night beat his offer by more than a week. That’ll teach him to mess with us. More… justice. To justice. Outreach Station, this is Aurora. We have cleared the station and
are outbound on a heading of 273-mark-7 for Tagdown Colony.Aurora, this is Outreach
Station Central,
confirming heading 273-mark-7.Please hold course until you have
cleared the outer traffic perimeter,
and good journey to you.Thank you, Station Central. Xaneerians… so polite. I recall you saying that Xaneerians
were vicious, cold-blooded killers. But they are, if you
break your word to them. Otherwise, they’re sweet
as Andorian crystal candy. – But they are actually cold-blooded.
– Indeed. Captain, we are being hailed. A ship named Lone Star. Lone Star! I thought they might call. Go ahead, put it through. – Ronny Jacobs!
Randy!Whatever. It’s nice to
see you… conscious.Cut the funny stuff, Carpenter.
What’s with stealing that job from me?
Y’all can’t get to Tagdown in 26 days.Your ship’s a piece o’ junk…
that hull’s gotta be a hundred years old
and those puny engines couldn’t get you
past warp 5 with the mass you’re hauling.
Hm, must be hell on fuel, too.And y’all can get from Novis to X2
and back in less than a month?
That’s impossible.Lone Star can’t even do that.You looked us up on the sector subnet. I’m flattered.Okay, ya got me.So how’d y’all do it, Carpenter?I’m dying to know.Well, Randy… if you’re dying to know, then I’m just going to
have to tell you… to drop dead. Are Vulcan men like that? We are now beyond the station’s
long-range traffic sensors, Captain. Okay. You got a reading on the nebula? Yes, Captain. A likely point at bearing 033-mark-2. 033-mark-2. Got it.G’night T’Ling.Good night, Captain.I don’t care how many times we do this, this nebula is still scary up close. How are we doing? Our entry point is ahead, bearing 002-mark-6. All righ. Setting course… now we just gotta batten
down the hatches… Armor shielding secure, Captain. And… off we go. Taking her in, half impulse. Captain, I am detecting a ship entering
the nebula behind us. What??? Who the… hail them. Ask them… just… just put it through. Following ship, this is the merchanter Aurora
registered out of Xaneer. Do you require assistance? They are answering.Kara Carpenter. Imagine running
into you in a place like this?
Jacobs, you idiot!
Get the hell out of here!Temper, temper, missy. You’re just mad
I figured how you get places so fast:
you found a secret shortcut
through the Cloud
while ever’one else goes
the long way around.
The only ”secret”,
you moron, is Aurora.You were right, her hull
is a hundred years old.
She was built for the Romulan War,
back when they still used atomic weapons.
She’s armor-plated and
hard-shielded against radiation!
Nobody does that anymore.Your ship can’t survive in here!I got military-grade deflector shields.It’s the Thundercloud Nebula! Shields are useless here.
Eeverybody knows that! They juststart a plasma loop that gets
worse the more energy to pour into them
and once yours burn out,
you’re gonna fry!You can’t warp through a nebula, neither.
You gotta go on impulse, that’d take years!
Just show me…
– Look, this nebula is like… like Swiss cheese. We warp through the clear
spaces… the holes… but you still have to punch through
nasty places like this on impulse, and this is just one of that Are you guys okay??? Jacobs! – Are you… do you need help?
I told you this was a stupid idea.Systems down all over the ship,
shields at sixty percent,
an’ hull breach in section twelve,
we’re venting plasma an
holy… we’re losing warp containment!
Shunt power from the shields!To what? The interlocks are fused.We got to eject the core!
– Eject!?
– We might as well scrap the damn ship!
– Jacobs! –You know what a warp core costs?
– Jacobs!We ain’t gotta choice!Jacobs! You can’t eject your
core inside the nebula! There’s enough protomatter right here to
take out an entire star system. If it blowsWon’t be no different if it blows
inside my ship, now will it?
Chug, get ready to dump and run.I’ll give you girls a head start,
that junker better be faster than she looks.
– We’ll wait for you outside the nebula…
Just git!Coming about, T’Ling…let’s get the Hell out of here!Come on, Missy! Can’t that
bucket o’ yours go any faster??
Just keep going! If nothing else you can pick up the
pieces after this thing hits us.We’ll be there. Good luck.We’ll see y’all on the other side.Captain, at this velocity the shockwave will overtakes us
before we escape the nebula. She’s giving us all she’s got. I’m probably melting
her nozzles as it is! Shockwave impact in 63 seconds. Just how bad would that be? Mr. Jacobs may not find many pieces. Okay. Prep for warp. – And plot me the fastest way out of here.
– Captain, it is highly inadvisable to
go to warp inside a nebula. Do you advise getting
caught in that explosion?? Plotting course. T’Ling, I need that heading! 497-mark-3. Warp drive coming on line. Here we go! Hold onto something! Where… where am I? Uh! And who the hell are you? Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?We ran every test we could
think of on you two,
and itconfirms that
you are indeed identical, down to your DNA, fingerprints,
even retinal scan. So… she’s a clone, sir? Clone? I’m not a clone! She is the clone! Uh, you’re the one who just
appeared out of nowhere…? I’m not a clone! And I didn’t ask to be here,
I keep telling you people I have to get back to my ship.
T’Ling needs me. Please, we are working on that. As I was saying, you two are
identical in every significant way. We did find one small but
crucial difference, however. We almost didn’t catch it,
but we discovered a quantum flux in Ms. Carpenter’s cellular RNA that
resonates at the subatomic level with a signature different
from normal matter. You can’t change the quantum
signature of matter, that’s basic physics. All the matter in the universe
resonates with the same signature. All the matter in this
universe, you mean. So… what, she’s from
a different universe? Sir? Parallel universe, alternate reality,
but, yes, that’s our theory. It seems that the protomatter explosion
Ms. Carpenter described to us, combined with her ship going to warp, opened a hole in spacetime, and she fell through it,
so to speak, into our universe. But how did she end up here,
in the Beta Rigel system, on the Yorktown? Xaneer is
hundreds of light years from here. Right, shouldn’t she have just
appeared in Xaneerian space? I mean… our Xaneerian space? That did puzzle us, but when we
studied our scans more closely, we discovered that a very tiny
portion of Ms. Carpenter’s RNA resonates normally for our universe, and when we compared her
RNA to yours, Ensign, we found that an equally
small portion of your RNA matches the quantum flux signature
of the majority of Ms. Carpenter’s. So… that transporter overload… it mixed us together? We don’t think so. Tell me, were either of you
ever exposed to a significant quantum fluctuation or
temporal anomaly before today? Every time you go to warp
or use the transporter you… My family’s cargo ship… Mercury Rising… got kicked out of warp by a freak
ion storm when I was a kid. Afterwards we noticed that the
ship’s chronometer was off by… by about five minutes. We… there was a lot of damage from the storm
so we thought it was a malfunction, but when I checked there was
no damage to the chronometer, I just… reset it, but I always thought that was weird. When did this happen? 5409.6. Yes. In the Bolarus sector. Parallel universe indeed. No other events like
this before or after? Nothing like that. Just today. That meshes with our working theory. It seems to me that on that day,
the ion storm you mentioned provided enough energy to open a
rift between our two universes, when combined with the temporal instability
of your family’s ships falling out of warp, and that each of your ships,
and each of you, momentarily occupied the exact same
spacetime as our two realities overlapped, you merged, so to speak, and when you diverged again into your own
universes, each of you came back with… well, a little piece of the other. It’s that bit of corresponding matter
that brought Ms. Carpenter here. But we weren’t in the same
place today, not even close. Your bond means that
distance no longer matters, according to interdimensional
string theory. It would also explain where your
clothing went, Ms. Carpenter. It’s still back in your universe since, naturally, your clothing
doesn’t share your RNA. You… you were wearing clothing…? I was piloting my ship! I have to get back! Excuse me for saying, but from your description of that
protomatter explosion, Ms. Carpenter… there may be no ship to get back to.
Have you considered that? I have to try. I’m the captain. We’ll do all we can. Captain. This will be your cabin for
as long as you’re here. I’m sure it’s not quite
what a captain is used to. Are you kidding? This is bigger than my entire bridge. – What kind of ship is…?
– Her name’s Aurora. Merchanter class cargo ship. I refit her myself from a
mothballed Monitor Class gunship. – She’s not pretty, but she’s tough.
– Oh. So you’re not in Starfleet. There is a Starfleet in your universe? Oh, yeah. It seems pretty much the same. We even have a Yorktown,
I saw it a couple of times as a kid. You never wanted to join up? I… thought about it. I took the exams,
did pretty well, actually. All the technical stuff
was fine, I just… didn’t think I’d pass
the psych screening. Plus I didn’t think anyone would really
want to ship out with… ”Cannibal Kara”. Cannibal… who? What, they didn’t use that one here? How about… Crazy Kara? Scary Carpenter? Or Kara Carver-upper? What the hell are you talking about? I’m… after the ion storm… when everybody was…
how did you survive…? I almost died of boredom,
if that’s what you mean. We were stuck out there for five
weeks before we got rescued, I swear it’s half the reason I thought
of joining Starfleet in the first place. But the Romulan ship… it didn’t… it didn’t… – What Romulan ship??
– They’re alive? Mom? Dad? – Tracy? The boys? They’re alive?
– Yes, yes, they’re fine. What did you… What happened to your… What’s wrong? What’s happening? Medical emergency in guest cabin 331!Medical emergency in guest cabin 331!Whatever happened to her it seems to have
disrupted every system in her body at once.
I’m keeping her on
morphenolog for the pain,
but if she wakes up agitated you
can give her a shot of this. That’ll put her out for
a good twelve hours. Yes, doctor. I’m going to run some more tests,
but until we hear more… ah, Mr. Trang. We were just discussing your visitor. Doctor. We think we know what happened. It seems that our visitor’s body tried
to phase back into her own universe, but was held here by the
portion that belongs in ours. The physical trauma you’re
seeing is the result of her body essentially trying to
function with a small but significant portion of itself
momentarily out of phase, missing, as it were. That would explain the systemic damage. Will this ”phasing” happen again? We don’t know what brought it
on in the first place, but we have to believe that it’s a possibility
as long as she is in our universe. Well, another episode now would
only exacerbate her injuries, and repeated episodes could kill her. The only cure I can see is sending
her back to where she came from. We’re working on that. We’ll keep her comfortable
in the meantime. In any case she shouldn’t be allowed to
leave sick bay under any circumstances. – You wanted to see me, sir?
– Yes, Ensign. – If you’ll excuse us, Doctor?
– Certainly. Ensign Carpenter,
did I not ask you to tell me anything you felt might
pertain to this incident? Yes, sir…? Then why was it left to Crewman Schultz
to discover that your Mercury Rising is at Beta II Station, right in this star
system, and has been for three days? I didn’t think my family’s
whereabouts was any of your business Everything is my business when
it comes to the science of… – everything.
– Yes, sir. I don’t believe in coincidences, Ensign. Had you planned on visiting your family
during Yorktown’s assignment here? No. Sir. Very well, Ensign. If you think ofanythingelse
that might relate to this matter whether you think it’s my business
or not, you will tell me. Yes. Sir. I understand that you were already
on report before this incident. I would hate to have to add to
your troubles. Are we clear? Yes, sir. You’re supposed to stay in bed. You’re not going to see Mom
and… your Mom and Dad? I’m Starfleet. I can’t just come and go as I please. How long has it been
since you’ve seen them? A while. – How long?
– A while! Look, why does everybody think they
can pry into my private business? I don’t care if you are… me. They aren’t your family, and this isn’t your universe, so stay out of it there, see? Sorry. I’ll just have her out
for a couple of hours. Sir. Sir. Sir. Yes, sir. What’s a transporter tech
need a shuttlecraft for? I thought you beam jockeys
considered shuttle obsolete. We’re… uh… doing some
transporter range testing. Sir. Beaming crates back and forth. Try not to beam out any of
them seats, Ensign Carpenter. Yes, sir. Sir. I’ll come back for you,
T’Ling, I promise. I… I just have to do this first. Okay. You can do this. You’re ensign Kara,
and this is just a visit. Stay calm. – I saw him in the galley earlier, but he…
– That’s okay. I’ll find him! Dad??? – Dad!!!
– Kara! Good to see you. What a nice surprise. – Dad! I…
– I was just in the middle of… realigning the dilithium
articulation frame. I should be done by dinner,
why don’t you catch up, and I’ll… But… I thought he aligned the
frame the other day? Well, I have to talk to
ShipCo about our next run, – so why don’t you kids get dinner ready?
– Uh, ou… okay. Well, you know, Starfleet… big ship, long voyages…
it’s pretty routine. But what’ve you guys have been up to? Where… where’s, uh… Tracy? Married…? You were at the wedding…? – Barely. Ehm…
– Uh… of course. I mean, y’know, where is she right now? I…
I haven’t talked with her in… Okay, enough. What kind of
game are you playing, here? Really. Who are you and what
have you done with our sister? What, uh, what do you mean? You know what we mean. We don’t hear from you for almost a year,
that’s a long time even for you… not even when we tell you
we’ll be right here at Beta. – Then, bang, here you are, acting like…
– Like you actually missed us. But I have missed you. You have no idea… You couldn’t tell us you were coming? Mom was really upset,
and Dad’s been really… really quiet. I wanted it… it to be a… a surprise. Well, we were surprised all right. But, why are you here? Really? Maybe she missed seeing us
“hauling junk around the galaxy?” Hey! Interstellar trade
is a noble profession! Don’t let Dad hear you call it “junk.” Yeah, but you’re the one who said it to Dad,
when you left for the academy. I… I did? Tracy told us. Ah! That idiot! Don’t blame her! No, I meant… Never mind. Look I… I don’t have a lot of time. Can we just have a nice visit? Okay. Just, no crying! Mercury Ranger rule 23: “Rangers don’t cry.” Right, but wrong. That’s rule 22. No, 22 was “Never reveal
the secret salute.” Mercury, ho! – You gotta go talk to dad, Punk.
– I know. I know. But… didn’t he seem kind of,
stand-offish today? Well, can you blame him? No, I… I guess not. Oh, I wish I could tell you… how good it is to see you guys again. Yeah, yeah, we love you too, Punk. Now get out of here.
I want the drama over by dinner. Okay. Dad? Everything’s fine. I just
really need to finish this. I thought I had it done, but it drifted. Oh, Kara, I thought you were
helping the boys with dinner? I was, but… Dad, – can we talk a second?
– I’d like to, Kara, but… I’m really in the middle of
something. I need to… here, let your mother tell you
about our last run. It was… – Honey, tell her about that…
– Wait… – thing that happened. I’ll be…
– I just… What’s gotten into him? I was… I was going to ask you. Well, he has been
pretty testy this week. I’m sorry, M-Mom… – I should have called…
– That would have been nice. I know, I just… I… I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get away. You’re on report again. Um, yes… how did you…? Tracy has in-laws in Starfleet. I wish Tracy was here.
I really wanted to see her. After what you said at her wedding?
I’m not sure she’d agree. Is there anyone in this universe
I don’t owe an apology to?? You’ve made some…
questionable choices, Kara. Questionable?? – Stupid.
– Thank you! Oh, Mom, things are such a mess,
here. What am I gonna do? Your grandmother always said: “If you’re
not happy, do something about it.” Kara… are you happy… in Starfleet? I don’t think so. Neither do I. I wouldn’t tell you what to do,
but you could come home. I’d love to, Mom, but it’s… it’s complicated. Well, think about it, Honey. Honestly, I can’t really think past the
next few hours… I don’t have much time. I really need to talk to Dad. He should be down in engineering. I’ll finish up here, and then go see
what the boys have done to dinner. Okay. Thanks, Mom. Dad? Dad? Dad!!! What are you doing up here Kara? I used to be able to find my lucky
star from every system we visited. You said… when you gave them to us, you said as
long as we could find our lucky star, we’d never be lost. I’m lost, Dad. I’m really… lost. There. See Alpha Centauri? Go over to Andoria, then up a quarter… the orange one next to Altair. Good ol’ FGC-17359. What happened to us, Dad? I was your Little Pumpkin, but now it’s like you can’t
even stand to look at me. I shouldn’t have come here… I don’t know what I was thinking. I think you just missed your family… Pumpkin. Oh, Dad…I’m notexactly sure what they’re
making… Andorian tubers and… I don’t know about your universe, but assaulting people and stealing
shuttles in this universe – lands you in a holding cell!
– I… You were supposed to contact
me when you arrived. You… you knew I wasn’t…? Please step away from the prisoner, sir. Is this really necessary? – Yeah, I kinda like this Kara.
– Oh, really? Did she tell you what
she did in her universe? – What happened to her family?
– No… please. Cannibal Kara… that’s what you meant, wasn’t it? How you survived. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You were all… they were all… I was alone… and there was nothing… nothing… I think you should leave. I’m sorry… Not you, honey. – Her.
– What?? You… I’m the real Kara. She’s not even from this universe… she doesn’t belong here! Your Mr. Trang called just before
she arrived and explained it me, and I’ve had her on scan ever since… and I’m convinced that all this girl wants
in our universe is to see her family again. If you can’t understand that, Kara… can’t show some compassion
for her loss… and the terrible choices
she faced as a child… then you’re the one who
doesn’t belong here. But, but… but she… Kara! What’s wrong with her? She… her body… it… it’s trying to phase back to her
universe, and it’s killing her. We’re supposed to take
her back to Yorktown, but they sent me with this
in case there was no time. Is the transporter working? I’m sorry I lied to all of you. Are you kidding? You came all the way from another universe,
and stole a shuttle, just to see us. Our Kara barely even calls. Jimmy! Okay, I’m making the link
to your little toy there. Now what? It’ll sync to the transporter
controls and beam us out. Just before full power, the energy burst
should send my twin here back home, along with her RNA. After that you’re stuck
with just me again. Kara, is there any danger this power
booster could corrupt the matter stream? I can’t just let her die, Dad. Besides, I already had
this argument with myself. Okay. Good luck. To both my Pumpkins. – Thanks, Dad.
– Thanks, Dad. Be careful, honey. Kara… other Kara… I wish you could stay. I’d love to, Mom, but I should get back to T’ling. Okay, I think we’re about to go. Both Karas… no matter what happens,
remember Ranger rule number one. “Rangers are family.” Kara… tell Tracy I’m sorry
I didn’t see her again. I… I will. And Kara… promise me something. Yes? What? Stop being such an idiot. I will. I promise. I promise. Captain! There is a plasma fire
in the starboard nacelle… we must shut down the warp drive. I… what…? – Captain! Shut down the warp drive!
– Yes, yes, shutting down! We have exited the nebula, Captain. That’s… great. H-how… how long was I… gone? Gone, Captain? Yes! I was… that explosion…
sent me to another universe… I was at Beta Rigel, and I met another… me, but she was Starfleet… and I… I stole a shuttle… Captain, that explosion
struck us approximately 57 seconds ago. But, my family… they were there… on the Merc… they were alive, again… I was there. I was. Captain, I am detecting a ship moving away at one quarter impulse. It is Lone Star. So much for “waitin’ on the other side.” I suppose we should hail them. Scans indicate that Lone Star has suffered significant damage. Their subspace signal is weak, but they are responding. Put it through.Carpenter!! Y’ made it!!!Yes guys, they made it!I thought y’all were…where the hell ya been??Yes, we made it… no thanks to you. And you’re already leaving… you couldn’t wait two minutes?Two minutes?We been out here fer two days!Two… W-what?? Mr. Jacobs is correct, Captain. The Subspace Standard Time signal indicates that Aurora’s chronometer
is off by approximately 39 hours and 42 minutes. Woo-hoo! Yes! Subtitles: IlSisko :: Fan Film Foundation ::

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