Atomy Marketing Plan English Version Presented By Cartoon Atomy Woodpecker Character Tatakuri

Atomy Marketing Plan English Version Presented By Cartoon Atomy Woodpecker Character Tatakuri

Atomy Marketing Plan Hi, my name is Tatakuri your Atomy Guide. Are you wondering how dearly procedures like washing your hair,
brushing your teeth and taking Hemohim can lead to income that’ll help your
everyday life. Is it some kind of fun with some initial investment. No! Is it
system that gives you a single coupon. No matter how much you buy. No. Then is it
standard income which doesn’t change much after 10 years No. The Greatest thing about Atomy Marketing Plan is that it can grow over time. Atomy’s commission plan is a balance
income distribution available to all members. Will purchasing one toothpaste
resulting commission? No, do you receive a larger commission for buying large
amounts of products, definitely not. Then let’s take a look closer into the
Atomy’s commission plan and make it the stepping-stone to building network and
sales. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go. The production concept of Atomy is Masstige. One of Atomy’s business objective is Customer Success. For that we would need
customer-centered product right? That’s why Atomy sells Masstige
products. Products with exceptional quality and price. The word Masstige comes from Mass and Prestige product put together these are products that simply must be bought. Furthermore, it automatically becomes
business as you get commissions on the respective PVs. Atomy doesn’t make samples. Why consumers take on the cost of making
samples. Consumers meet the regular products from the start. You feel burdened. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the products after using them. We can
always give you an exchange or refund even if there’s hardly any left. this is because Atomy is confident about quality. You can tell by the super low return rate. Now we know, we like Atomy’s Price and Quality, so how do we order? From now on we will look into Atomy consumerism and business. Atomy Consumerism and Business. At Atomy, registration is FREE! They can buy the products directly from
the company at member price. Member prices are divided into 4 types. One
item is Agent, Two is Special Agent, Three is Dealership and Four is Exclusive
Distributor. Looking at HemoHim for example. The membership price is the
following. One Hemohim is sold at an Agent price which is $159, Two is
$234 which is a Special Agent price, Three is $294 which is a Dealership price and Four is sold at $352 which is an
Exclusive Dealership price. So the unit price of Hemohim. Ranges from $159 to $88 decreasing as it moves towards the ED’s price. Most of the set
and individual product are divided into these Four prices. All members
automatically become Sales Representatives. People who wish to
simply use Atomy products and remain consumers and those who wish to earn
some income as well. Can start the business at any point. Say that i am a
consumer who buy products online at member price. One day, I incidentally
refer information about Atomy to a non-member if many non-members make
purchase decisions and become members through me, I will receive commission
from the company once conditions are met. If the product is neither good nor cheap.
You will need special sales techniques. That’s why, Atomy referrals don’t force
purchases but only transfer the love of a consistent user towards the product
along with some information. Also don’t forget to never force purchase of
product that you yourself don’t use. Now, shall we talk about Atomy business
in detail? Tada! Every Atomy product has related points called PV. PV stands for Point Value and points are given to every product accordingly. PV is used as the
standard on which the commission distribution are made to members. To put
it simply, you will earn applicable PV whenever you buy a product. So according
to personal accrued PV members are divided into Five dealership classes.
Sales Rep 10,000 to 300,000 PV accrued. Agent over 300,000 PV, Special Agent over
700,000 PV, Dealerships over 1.5 million PV, Exclusive Distributor ED over 2.4
million PV. Once you are a member all your personal purchase PVs are
automatically saved on the Atomy computer and this is permanently in the
account as long as you remain an active member, membership status is valid from
the month after the month of registration to the end of the 12 month.
To keep membership status, you must make a purchase for one year
and the one year date starts again from the month after the month of purchase. Once your membership is terminated, all
the accrued PVs will also disappear. Are you worried? Don’t be. All you need to
do is purchase a single product once a year no matter how cheap it is. While
your PVs are accumulating new members can register through you. You can make
two groups. One on your left. Here your accumulated PV is called my purchase and
PVs from your Left and Right is called my group purchase. The lesser of the two
being smaller point. Well, your PVs are accumulating, you can receive commissions. Whenever purchase matches the following conditions. There are five types of
compensation method. General Commission, Mastership Bonus, Mastership Promotion, Multi-Matching Bonus and Education Commission. One General Commission. Atomy computer program calculates these
points every day except for sundays and holidays in Korean time. So the General
Commission record is calculated every day. Also, you can check these information
online. The process of distributing Commission is based on point distribution
from your group PV points. Generally within the first 3-6 months,
your personal purchase will increase along with your group PV points. In other
words both accumulation of your individual PV points and your group PV
points will amount to a commission. Once you reach set points your personal
purchase PV and group PV are calculated to allocate points. The following is the standard commission
calculation. As you see, individual purchase PVs are accumulated at between
10,000 to 2.4 million PV and group purchase PV between 300,000 to 50
million PV also my group purchase points are based on the smaller point. For example, my personal PV is 100,000 PV and 300,000 PV and 100,000 PV on the Left
and Right respectively. What would be the commission? In this
case, there will be none. This is because the smaller point must be
higher than 300,000 PV. However, since the left and right PV accumulates
perpetually. On the day, you reach 300,000. PV. You will receive that commission. What about when you have 2.4 million
PV and 60 million and 60 million on each leg. The score will be 300 because
the maximum group point is 50 million PV. If, your personal PV is 100,000 PV and
700,000 on each leg. You receive 5 points. If your own personal PV is
between 10,000 to 300,000 PV. You only get 5 points even if your group accumulates large PV. Atomy’s computer calculates all the sales commissions for
every member dividing it by the whole distributed point to get the amount per point by applying all of the points accumulated through a week then deposited into the
account of the members. So that’s it for sales commissions. The most important
thing, is using the product yourself and sharing the experience with those around
you. Do not forget! 2. Mastership Bonus. Let’s talk about Mastership Bonus. There
are 7 Ranks of Mastership in Atomy. The 1st Mastership which is the Sales
Master must be maintained as Auto-Sales Master. Once, you become an Auto-Sales
Master. You have taken the 1st step to becoming successful in Atomy. To become
an Auto-Sales Master. You must have auto consumers in your group. These are people who make repeated
purchases because of the low price and exceptional quality. If your auto
consumers increase and you finally reach special agent status. Meaning you
accumulate personal purchase of 700,000 PV. Your group purchase records are
evaluated twice a month and both right and left legs reach 2.5 million PV. You
get promoted to Sales Master. If, you add up all the commission’s of a Sales
Master. It is approximately $2,000 to $4,000 per month. When
you promote all the rest of the masterships to auto. The sum of all the
commission would be as follows, you may find more detailed information
about Sales Master through our VOD. Once you become a Sales Master. If, there are
2X Sales Masters on each leg you become a Diamond Master. If, there are 2X
Diamond Masters on each leg you become a Sharon Rose Master. 2X Sharon Rose
Masters on each leg you become a Star Master. 2X Star Masters, you become a
Royal Master. 2X Royal Masters, you are a Crown Master! and when you have 2X Crown Masters on
each leg you become an Imperial Master. Likewise, if you reach a mastership and
there are two members in each of your legs. That reach the same level within
the same period. You get promoted then you get another mastership bonus accordingly. The
mastership bonus is also calculated by the point system that turns PV’s into
commission points. 10% of Atomy gross PVs are distributed among
mastership members starting from Diamond Masters. A percentage of the total PVs
from all members are divided and distributed. Any new member can be
promoted step-by-step. Sales Masters, Diamond Masters and Sharing Rose Masters can get promoted to the next step as soon as they reach mastership status.
High-Ranking positions such as Star Master, Royal Master, Crown Master and Imperial Master are required to maintain their previous ranked at least 3
times, in order to advance to the next rank. This is Atomy equality for
success to all members at any time then let’s take a look at the promotion
process for Star Masters in order to get promoted to Star Master from Sharon
Rose Master. You must maintain Sharon Rose Master for at least 3 periods
to Diamond Masters on each leg for one two three periods then the fourth time
only the 2X Sharon Rose Masters on each leg will be approved for promotion. There are two periods, 1st half and
2nd half each month. But you are not required to maintain the
status in succession and there is no time limit as long as you maintain your
membership also don’t forget that you are only required to purchase one cheap
household products each year to maintain memberships. Wow! From maintaining
membership to getting commissioned it doesn’t get any easier. Also, you should also remember that you
receive a gift when you get promoted. 3. Mastership promotion when you
become a Sales Master. You get one box of Hemohim, one box of Atomy Skin Care 6 system
and one box of Atomy Evening 4 Set. When you reach Diamond Master. You get
one box of Hemohim one box of Atomy Skin Care 6 System one box of evening
4 Set and one laptop computer. Sharon Rose Master get approximately $1,800 in cash and 2 direct family travel tickets. Star Masters get
approximately $9,000 in cash and 4 direct family travel
tickets. Royal Masters 4 direct family travel
tickets to Europe for 10 nights and 11 days. Rental fee for Hyundai Grandeur
270 class approximately $1,800 debit card per month and approximately
$45,000 in cash. Wow! Crown Masters, 4 direct family travel
tickets to Europe for 10 nights and 11 days. Hyundai Equus 380 approximately $4,500
debit card per months and approximately $270,000 in cash. Imperial
masters 4 direct family travel tickets to Europe for 10 nights and 11 days Hyundai Equus Limo with a driver approximately $9,000 debit card per month and
office of 165 sqm with a personal secretary and approximately $900,000 in cash on a part. Oh Yeah! All of the mastership promotion
follows the Atomy Headquarter regulations. So please refer to the
regulations. There are commission that are based solely on performance not
ranked too. 4. Multi-Matching Bonus. A membership group looks like this and the
downline members would be receiving commission too. The group’s from each
line are bundled together to become the 1st line 2nd line etc Multi-Matching Bonus is 2% of General Commission of up to 10 downlines with a
limit of approximately $450 per week. Each group must accumulate 300,000
PV. So individual PV and group PV must all be 300,000. Number of lines will vary
when individual purchase PV amounts to 300,000 PV. It may go down to three lines
of your group purchase at 700,000 PV 5 lines at 1.5 million PV 7 lines
and at 2.4 million PV up to 10 lines of your group. You will receive 2% of the sales commissions. However this does not apply to ranks of
Sharon Rose Master and above. Sales Reps and Sales Masters can get up to the
10th line and Diamond Masters up to the 5th line. 5. Education Commission. Finally,
members that open an Academy Education Center to bring members together for business, education and other informational services. Receive an
education commission twice a month at 6% of PV sales from all members of that Center. Now work together and learn from older members experiences
and attending One Day Seminars or Success Academies will be guides to
becoming a Successful Atomy Business Member. Thank You for listening to Tatakuri. Your Atomy Guide who wishes for every Member Success!

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