Art Career Advice : Where Can I Sell My Cartoon?

Art Career Advice : Where Can I Sell My Cartoon?

Hi welcome everybody my name is Lars Erik
Robinson. My company name is Lars Arts my slogan is all around art-tainment. Today I
thought I’d talk about where to sell your cartoon. Where can you sell them at. Well
you can sell, it depends what kind of cartoon it is. If it’s a cartoon caricature you can
sell them at your local different them parks, you can sell them at the beach at the pier.
It’s where I normally work at. Or you can sell it from your own studio and website where
you can advertise that you want to have your cartoons sold. Now if it comes to cartoon
strips I mean here is for example, this is one I sold, this is my son right here. And
he’s right there. My little guy. And this is from my local soccer team for example,
that’s where you can sell your cartoon. This is for some CEO’s of Largo Medical Hospital
where I used to work at. And this is the line work and this is what I did for their Christmas
card. So for you to be able to sell your cartoon you should have a letter head made up, get
it sent out to syndicates. Papers made up, get a average website together with different
cartoons that you can search immediately what your different cartoons are. And basically
you just get yourself out there and that’s what I can recommend to you, how to sell your
cartoons. Thank you guys so much.

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  1. 2 dolla, that all you get…2 dola for werk. you go werk at grocary stoe. you get 2 dolla hour. no more. you go. go werk.

  2. 20, 000 a year if you're fairly good and not a rock star at it. It's all dependent on how much you think your art is worth and how popular you are. But that's during a fair year. There are some times where you're going to have to get a part time job and there are others where you'll get flooded with work. It's all dependent on you.

  3. He's a great artist…not so much a personality on camera. I have found the greatest resource are the Artist Market books that come out every year.

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