Ari’s Birthday! (again)

Ari’s Birthday! (again)

Hey, wait a second! Ari’s birthday… YOU MADE THIS VIDEO LAST YEARヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ Yeah… (That’s how birthdays work…) It’s late April. So you know that means! TAXES! (yay) AND ARI’S BIRTH! I made a birthday video last year But you don’t just celebrate a birthday once when you turn one and then never again We’d all forget how old we are… Ari can’t count so I’ll keep track for him You’re at 2. The first few weeks of Ari’s arrival are what I like to call are: Learning (cute birb) And Panicking weeks! (still cute birb) You’re filled with nothing but love and anxiety. The two most different yet similar emotions in the world. Like when you get a new phone and for the first little bit you’re afraid to even set it down on the counter cause it might get scratched But then in a month you don’t care anymore, and you just Toss it across rooms. It’s like that, but with a LIVING BEING Once during the learning and panicking weeks, (staring birb) I was giving Ari some peanut butter on a spoon, *chomp* And somehow some peanut butter got stuck in his little nose hole. I was so paranoid about everything, like what if it’s stuck, what if it gets infected What if it goes into his head and clogs a bird vein and All he can see is PEANUT BUTTER!?! I freaked myself out and ended up googling: How to get peanut out of your birds nose There wasn’t any information on the topic Surprisingly, and as I was looking up what the scientific term for bird nostril was, he sneezed it out… I’ve been researching and wanting an ari since I was 12 But I’m still learning new things about them all the time. All you out there who have a bird probably definitely know what I’m gonna get into here. But I’m gonna enlighten the rest of you about a little bird thing called a morning poop This is all learned through personal experience Ari was finally starting to warm up to me and eventually it got to the point where he was comfortable stepping on my finger, and playing and stuff so one morning I took off the blanket on his cage and said good morning, like I always do, it was excited to start the new day and I let him out onto my bed. He walked around and quacked a bit… and then took the BIGGEST FREAKING POOP I’VE EVER SEEN COME OUT OF A BIRD What the crap is this Ari? What the FRICK! There’s no possible way a giant mountain poop can even come out of this two ounce bird child’s birdhole Ari poops are normally like the size of a fingernail, but this one was like a spoonful ಠ_ಠ Don’t try to envision it too much… Do birds take giant poops in the morning, or did he just lay a poop egg? Birds choose not to poop where or while they sleep Which means it… builds up during the night Depending on the type of bird, they can poop between 15 to up to 40 or 50 times a day so in the morning they Just immediately drop 12 hours worth of built-up poop, which is like 90% ew but being real Can you imagine how amazing that must feel? Just wake up, Take a poop the size of a baby, and start your day feeling light and ready for anything. Anyway, So that was a learning experience? And I made a mental note make sure Ari morning poops before being taken out of the cage. A couple weeks later, It’s the start of a new day. I’m working at my computer and my mom walks in to say good morning… to Ari… I wasn’t paying too much attention as she took him out of the cage and onto the desk and all of a sudden Vietnam flashbacks (spoonful poop)ಠ_ಠ WAIT DID HE… Ugh… DID HE JUST POOP ALL HIS GUTS OUT!? No, I forgot to warn you about morning poops… What? Can you clean this up? Ha! No, it’s your bird. So that’s morning poops 2 us 0, but we haven’t striked out yet! struck out… Fast forward forward a month or two and I had my parents watch Ari because I was going out of town for a bit. Ari was more social back then so he let my parents pick him up… He hates everyone now… (edgy birb) I got back and my mom said everything was fine Except one day dad took him out into the kitchen while she was eating breakfast she looked over NO! WAIT, YOU- Ugh… The good thing is once you learn the hard way, you never forget You never forget your first morning poop Enough about morning poops… more birth celebration. Is there any aisles you have for that? Well we have birthday aisles Are you ready for a surprise? Awe he’s scareed I think this is too much for a bird, But hes my CHILD I got a pin just for you. I think it suits you very much I didn’t get you a cake because uhh you can’t eat it, So im gonna give you a seed ball Y’wanna seed ball?? This lighting is HORRIBLE He actually hates me Wadda ya think!? There was also like this pig thing, and I thought it was really cute so I got it It said to throw it at the wall, so I’m gonna Granny also got you a present! Wanna open it? It’s a toy!! He’s just gonna try and get all the seeds off the table (happy birb)(•͈⌔•͈⑅) Ari knows what’s up HAH- This is the only reason he likes me AHHHHHHHH Happy Birthday Ari yay Obviously Ari is living the life of luxury here But it really sucks because a lot of birds are in really bad homes and are being mistreated. My heart hurts to think that Ari could have ended up with someone who doesn’t care or neglects him. Tiny cage, no toys, broken heart No peanut butter to get stuck in his nose It’s the horrible truth for a lot of birds But there’s hope for some of them my friend Anika works at a bird rescue in Tempe And it takes in birds that owners can’t take care of anymore or that are being relocated from bad homes or that are just suffering I’ve been to the rescue and besides the extreme constant bird screaming. It was fun to see all the feather buddies. There’s Murphy, the cockatoo, who’s the rescues’ mascot and everyone loves him And Pistacchio the super nice bird friend that helps children and people get comfortable with holding birds And this little buddy’s Junior, who is rescued from an absolutely horrible household He plucked out almost all of his feathers from stress and anxiety of his previous owner But is making a great recovery and despite the abuse still loves people and being the center of attention AWWWW, he’s a little chicken the bird rescue is so great but since it’s based on volunteer work It doesn’t make much profit on its own. Anika and the owners want to renovate and upgrade the place of it to care for more birds, and we’re hoping to start a fundraiser to help them and I was like I want to help save birds because I love them probably more than people So I’m donating $1000 to the rescue and informing you about it as well. They’re such great people doing such great things, and I want to support things I believe in. If you want to help out a bunch of Aris, the rescue and many bird friends, we’ll be very thankful. Even if it’s something small like a dollar or just sharing it with other people Little things like that go a long way with enough teamwork. My friend Sarah from Simply Sarah Art Is super crazy wicked talented and made this awesome spray paint of Ari. You can go to her channel and see how she made it to prove that she’s an absolute prodigy and she offered to help with the fundraiser and is giving one away, Sarah, How are you so good!?!?!?!?! If you donate at least $10 to the rescue, you’ll be entered into a raffle to get the chance to win this BEAUTIFUL Ari portrait. Also, since I bought this party dog and realize I have no use for it I’m gonna just give that away, too It says so you can write on it, so I’ll write anything you want and this is the first Ari plush ever made It’s the only one in the world that looks like this WOAH!!!!!!!! Because it wasn’t good enough! We made changes to the real Aris, so they look different, but I bet someone would think it’s cool So that’s going, too. Also, ten random donors get a signed postcard from me Why? Because I have a few extra from signing cards and I want to get rid of them… Happy Birthday to Ari the two-year-old brat and cheers to all the other Aries out there I Wish you all happy lives filled with a lot of peanut butter yeah. (Murphy speaking)Pretty bird pretty bird. You are a pretty bird yeah, you’re such a pretty bird. (Murphy singing) (Murphy speaking) Pretty bird. MURPHY!!!!! (BIRD) MURPHY!
MURPHY! Murphy is a pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird…, Murphy is a pretty, pretty bird.
(Murphy dancing aww) Pretty birdy pretty birdy Murphy is a pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird…, Murphy is a pretty, pretty birdy. YEAHHHH MURPHY.
Yeah Murphy. Murphy screeches

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  1. when you are a musician your instrument is your child when you are a pet owner your pet is your child and when you are a parent your child is your child

  2. My bird never poops in her cage but when i let her get out her cage she immediately poops. As if she knows it’s annoying when she poops on the floor

  3. If you love birds so much why don’t you marry one?! I’m not joking. I’m literally not joking. I like animals more than people.

  4. U will be afraid to put on the counter cuz
    Your scared it’s gonna get scratched
    But then u don’t care anymore then
    Throw it across rooms XD

  5. I ABSOLUTLELY LOVE BIRDS I went there and gave $200 but not through your system 🙁 but I'm super happy and proud that you would do this for the birds. That Murphy video made me cry. : ')

  6. Jaiden: its like a spoonful of it, to in vision it to much
    *rewinds a little bit*
    Me: THE PENUT BUTTER!!!!!!
    Everyone: O^O Nani???

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