Annoying Villagers 43 – Minecraft Animation

Annoying Villagers 43 – Minecraft Animation

Coming up Ask yourself. What is true? What is real? Who is the real enemy here? Like always I will let nature decide Previously on this storyline of MrFudgeMonkeyz’s Annoying Villagers. *All characters and story are fictional I can’t tell you are in quite a desperate need of an observation A shift in your perspective if I may say Let me show you something fascinating Pathetic It’s not time yet you have to go back Everyone is a creator. You’re the one creating your experience right now. What’s happening? I’m disappearing Oh, it seems that our time is coming to an end. I hope you have a wonderful new beginning I shall be watching you and I’ll be making my observation. So please please do entertain me What!? Where am I? So you’re finally awake. There is no time. We must make distance And now! *stay till the end for the best parts He would appear in my dreams Over and over again. I would have the same dream He would say the same thing. Every time… He would say They’re trying to deceive you They don’t have your best interest. Think for yourself. Ask yourself. What is true? What is real? Who is the real enemy here? Keep asking yourself this over and over again. And remember the truth, it needs no defense And sometimes he would show me things Visions, I would call… Much different from observations from that creator. Extend So that’s his limit So he was luring me in Farewell. You shall not be missed. His weapon is burning me? Or is it corrosion. *in-game status effect Where did you get that? Where did you get that power? It’s it obvious? I got it from a creator. That’s why they’ve been hiding! They’re scared their power will be taken away from them! What else does he know? You were the only one who can challenge me like this. You seen through what I was planning and that’s why you broke the alliance. That’s why you left! You are prolonging the problem That’s why you have to be eliminated Which creator was it? What happened to the creator? If you can beat me. I will tell you. And this power… It can be yours. But I know you are going to run away That’s why you first took out my mobility and all of my immediate scouts. One day you’ll have to fight me seriously. You can’t run forever. Sorry couldn’t help as much… Now what will you do? I shall use this relic. This enchanted totem of undying. I shall call him back. The Player named Steve. But those are so valuable! You can use it on anyone! We have so many old comrades I rather see come back. I want him. And I shall have him. I assure you. It will become obvious why in the future. Ok I trust you. Like we planned, I’ll meet you at check point. And the dream it would end the same way. Exactly… Every time. Wait for me. I’m come find you. Remember my name. I am. It seems the recent events have taken a toll on you. Let me inform you again. Your life is in danger… But remember this…You are always safe if I am here. So don’t think about running off They seen your face. You will be hunted down like a wild animal. Where are we? Where are you taking me? We will wait here for the time being. All you need to do is follow my orders. Where are my items? Where are my items! There is no need to worry. I have them. At least the important ones. I shall return them to you once you fulfill my requirements. That sword… The sword. Give it back. I can’t lose it! Give it back. If you can only learn the hard way. Then let us begin. You can’t own me. I made a promise. A promise to myself and others. Your only choice is to submit to me. There is no alternative. if you wish to believe someone… Blamed your own weakness Lesson one…When you stop thinking, you have already lost Just so you know from all the enemies I’ve encountered… You’re nothing but you can become strong. I see it in you. I see your potential. That’s why I chose you. Why I invested so much of my valuable time and my precious resources into you. I expect a return on my investment. I will make you into the perfect warrior All I can hope for… Is to change for the better. Yes that’s why you’ll come back to me. I will make you into the perfect warrior If the difference in our strength will not show you. Then maybe some words will. Let me tell you a story of a fool who thought he could change the world. There once was a zombie who was born in darkness. *Zombie perspective In fact many zombies were born in this darkness. But this was not a natural darkness where you could move around freely and gaze upon the Stars No this It was an artificial darkness. A constructed darkness. It was wet. Always wet. The water would keep pushing you. Always pushing you. Forcing you to do as it pleased. As it was designed. Designed by the players. From the player perspective. This dark place was called an Mob Farm. An exp farm. An item drop farm. A zombie farm. But this was not a typical zombie farm. It had this strange zombie standing upon the flowing mob spawner. *During Player Construction of the Mob Farm Ha! ha! Check this out this zombie fell in! Ha! Ha! *During construction of the Minecraft Mob farm Wait the minecraft tutorial said to cover this place up so no zombies spawn on top of the spawner. ah I’m too lazy. Let’s just cover it up! Hehe okay This zombie who rest upon the mob spawner. He was not common zombie. He would not grunt like this rest of us. In fact, He could talk. He could talk just like how a player would. And he told us his name was Russell. And he share his wisdom us. His knowledge of the world. If you fall down this hole you will despawn This place it was constructed Constructed by the players. They wish to harvest you like a farming game Harvest your natural resources once you despawn But if you listen to me. If you coordinate your efforts. You can be break the walls that imprison you. You can be free. Some of you are born (spawn in game) with tools within your hands. *ideal situation. If just enough of you. If enough of you attack the same place.. the same spot you can break it Russell, He was like a father to us. As we worked and tried. He would almost be there trying to motivate us He would tell us stories of the outside world. He would tell us of his life Everything from dirt to dragons. Such grand adventures yet. He had truly live a full life He had obtained the knowledge… the skills… the experience In comparison, we new spawn zombies. We were nothing. Sadly all of Russell’s plans, his hope would be wasted on us. The knowledge, the plan was there. It was perfect. But the execution was not. For we new zombies. We were lacking in all the skilled required. All zombies are born with some innate (starter)knowledge. We all possess basic communication, basic movement. But they are so limited. They do not cover the skill of swinging and breaking the block. This and the environment, this combination would ensure we would never succeed. We would bounce up and down. Never able to stably attack the block. We grew hopeless. We grew tired. Tired and envious. Jealous of Russell. We would have thoughts like Why isn’t Russell swimming for his life? Why doesn’t he have to struggle like the rest of us? Why should we follow his orders? There were not working. Why couldn’t Russell do it, If he was so wise. Why couldn’t he come down and do it himself. But Russell… He tried to explain. I am sorry. I’m not physically strong like the rest of you. I can only give you by knowledge and knowing Such, native zombies we were. Blinded by our frustration, by emotions. Instead of using the few tools we had to make our escape. They would be thrown at Russell. Russell… He was too kind for his good. No please. Not the pickaxe. It is far too valuable! We need it so we all can get out here together! No don’t! Eventually one by one we disappear And they were replace by new zombies who could finally spawn. But me. I did not want to disappear. I wanted to see the outside world. That Russell told us about. To experience it for myself. I was fortunate… A miracle had happened. This player with glowing Eyes. He had freed us. We shall cleanse this world We were raised to be soldiers. We were taught how to survive, how to fight. We were given missions and this was the first time I ever saw players like you You must have noticed The zombies with the red shirts for some reason the most veteran and skilled zombies among us their shirts would turn red Very saturated red over time. you have served me well, but I am looking for something more I am looking to create a general A super soldier, a leader, who will lead my armies into enter total victory Unfortunately, there can only be one and like always I will that nature decide When only three of us were left. Then all the sudden. The room started to fill with water? Why? Was he trying to drown us? What was he trying to accomplish? When I awoke I had realized I was the only one that survived this ordeal But my skin had changed I was no longer myself I was different. I was stronger I had evolved. Amazing! He the first successful one! I shall make you into the perfect warrior. Hello for the time being I shall be responsible for you Wow you’re so cool! Here’s the perfect piece of armour I made for you. Just for you. You it will complement your abilities Remember you got to be a little crazy to get anything done in this world. Oh boy. Let’s make you super strong! Maybe so strong you could even defeat master. Then I can be free. To be continued! Support MrFudgeMonkeyz for more funny minecraft animations! Stay tune for more minecraft updates in the Annoying Villagers universe

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  1. Hey I hope you guys enjoy watching this one! How does it compare to the other episodes? What was your favorite part? Hopefully it was worth the wait. Thanks for being so patient! Also have an awesome rest of your day! 🙂 Be sure to support the channel for more animations!

  2. Good job mr fudge monkey I’ve been watching this for like 3 years man and I’m still watching maybe 4 years but keep up the great work I used to watch this when I was younger like 7 yrs keep it up

  3. No one:

    Me: hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. So does that mean that the villager with the blue robe is like a creator of precious items? Thats why Herobrine is finding him?

  5. OMG, I Know That, The Water Animation Was so Cool Amazing, But The…. THE ANIMATING PROCESS NEEDS A LOT OF WORK TIME AND EFFORTS. Also Your Content. BLEW MY MIND*

  6. Nice video.I predict that Boop and MrFudgeMonkeyz are going to make it to the swamp and Mustard will get their and they will meet and try to find Steve

  7. My favorite part is when the Enderdragon Battle-Outfitted Herobrine commanded together his group of veterans red shirts and rallied them to a little deathmatch "the 3 of us were left" onto finding his general. This, my favorite part, where Herobrine had already made the chosen few red shirts and NOW, he had made the chosen *one*.. -it just gives me ideas. >:D

  8. There is no villager and just fighting calm down and actuallly do the main base and title of the video

  9. Hi, I'm from Brazil and seriously, Brazilians love their animations, I'm even thinking of watching from the first EP to the last KKK, please save it

  10. that was cool but,sddly It might be a little Problem when talk more much than Action😊Nvm it still look cool and I love it

  11. Have you read Awful Hospital? It's a very long webcomic. It has a big and complex plot and I'd recommend it but I have to warn you it does have horror elements and it uses its own vocabulary so it is hard to understand at times. It is very weird and otherworldly so yeah it's really cool and weird.

  12. Все очень круто,но я жду каких-нибудь драк жёстких!всё равно класс,лайк)

  13. I wonder how now that we know a bit more about this drowned zombie, if you would explain in the next clip how he developed electrical abilities.

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