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  1. Fred Figglehorn Five Nights At Freddy's Movies Is An Action, Kids, British, Horror, Comedy Is Directed And Produced By Scott Cawthon And Sam Raimi.

  2. Hey orange if u saw this joke for favorite and like it why did the duck wanted to get in the pool with the cow and sheep because they are in a cow situation haha

  3. Why are skeletons eyeless? Because their less eyes bones!!! HAHA! Get it you get my joke! Like if you get my joke

  4. I have never seen any such great people at all times I’ve been to many different places since they recently opened

  5. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA that was fun! I can not play fnaf 1 because is with money but if I play it it's gonna be FUN HAHAHHAHAHAHA

  6. Annoying orange: scary chicken go away
    Chica:(staring at annoying orange)
    Annoying orange:Scary Chicken Go Away!!
    Chica: Ok Ok Okayy I'll walk away just don't say my name like that!

  7. The fox is called Foxy the bear called Freddy the Chicken called.chica and the Bunny is called bonnie the others are boys and chica is a girl

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