Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

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  1. Okay, y'all can spill hate on Jonni for her personality or drawing style
    But stop referring to her with male pronouns, that's just plain transphobic

  2. i feel bad for jonnie because he didnt even talk throughout the challenge, i mean i dont like his behavior on the past videos but people were too harsh on him 🙁

  3. Just noticed that it says “Jackie’s pairing” for both her and Kevin. Please no more jonni…. lack of effort and basically ignores everyone.

  4. So no Antony and/or Jason, but i-shit-you-not jonni is back. again.

    this is why unsolved and worth-it is better bc they have no jonni in them

  5. Jonni is an intern right? Riiiight???? Like every thing he does is awful, literally everyone’s drawings were great but his

  6. Jonni is in a video again. I saw his face and paused the video. I’m really unsure if I should keep watching or close the video.

  7. I love Jonni so much!! Her art means so much to me and I always look forward to what she makes. She’s the absolute best!!

  8. My personal names for these characters:
    1) Skele-duck
    2) Rocko the explorer
    3) Porky Duck/ Daffy Pig
    4) Goody
    5) Betty Simpson
    6) Wonder Sponge

  9. Why is that annoying person still here. Everyone always talks about how much we hate him. He never takes it serious and his drawling is trash

  10. Jonni's work seems so stark compared to the others cuz her stuff is really unique. You should rlly check out her personal work, her videos are amazing. "Goodbye Forever Party" is good, not too long and beautifully animated.

  11. i really dig Jonni and her art, but in relation to this show it feels off, like i want her to have her own show/ live stream that only plays at 3am. Bob ross but antiverse.

  12. I genuinely dig Jonni’s pieces. They remind me of Miro, but with cartoons and comics. I’d love to see more artists with non-traditional styles here. It adds another level of interest.

  13. Trying not to hate on jonni. We get it, you're not interesting. You had to do something to make you seem interesting. But you weren't good at that either.

  14. I've been a fan of this series and also of jonni's work, she's an awesome animator, and you guys should check her work, that being said, I guess her way to approach this show is a little too much for the Buzzfeed public, she could've been great in something like doodle doods with all the chaotic energy

    I personally don't mind her and I think she's great either way

  15. As much as I dislike jonni, I really like his approach to his drawing. Everything he does is very much him and I respect that alot

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