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  1. Kyra is 100% spot on with starting with fundamentals first before going to cartoon. Too many times, I see those simple mistakes first rather than appreciating the good parts of the drawing first

  2. stephanie is like this sister aura…not that mean sister one..the one that..hey lil bro whatcha doing are u okay? like sister heartwarming aura like a sister a lil bro will protect at all cost…that is what i get from stephanie…pls pls pls make her a regular. …..avoid the other 'one' at all costs!

  3. This is my favourite YouTube show! I just sit grinning like an idiot for the whole thing. Jackie and Kevin are my faves.

  4. An idea for an episode : draw an original super hero based on the spin wheel in 2 different super power into 1 super hero

  5. Next draw off with real pencils and markers please ??? it’s gonna be little hard if they stop drawing with them for a long time ?

  6. Jason started so great until he added the facecolor still a good picture buuut

    here you see the differences in animator vs cartoonist

    Stephanie and Kyra did great
    such as brent and kevin

    can you do that with big name actors ? preaty please 😀

  7. You go from Kevin and Jackie yelling “WHAT DO YOU LOOOK LIKEEEE |:<“
    To Jason and Brent having a normal convo about a celebrity ???

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