Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to ‘Reject’. Now, if you remember this animation made way back in the day, called “Animator vs. Animated,” it was about this animation that this person was drawing, and it came to life and *Uh-uh* started attacking and destroying the desktop of the animator. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll put it in the description. I guarantee you, *OKAY* have a great time watching it, (sure mark) but this one is kinda in the same vein. It’s not made by the same person, but the idea is a little bit similar, so… This one’s kinda like that but not entirely. [Reading] “Alright, back to work.” “Nah, I can do better than that.” OR CAN YOU? “Whoa! Wait a minute… You can move?” I did play a little bit of this, so I know what’s going on. “Let’s make you–” Oh. “Let’s make you look better,” is what I think I was supposed to be saying there. Ah, yes, nice and inked. *Is that what she said?* I’m permanent now! You couldn’t of put some more muscle on me, maybe? Some facial descriptions? *NO YOU DON’T DISERVE IT jk* I’m kind of a Slenderman-esque guy standing here, so no wonder I rebel. “Here, take this.” “You better find out how to use it!” Yeah, the best thing to first give your creation is a weapon to kill. *I agree* I mean, I’m sure that’s– that– that’s a wonderful lesson to set for everybody. Alright. Here come more! Because apparently, this guy is an evil deity, and only wants to see his creation suffer and die. 🙁 I mean, if you think about it, the morality of this is a little bit questionable, but I’m not gonna ask too much out of it. So, it’s a top-down style shooter, if– if– if I can just state the obvious for everybody that has eyeballs and obviously you could tell it was a top-down style shooter. I just– that’s the kind of commentary quality that I have these days. I don’t really know what else what I t-t-t’ do, beside blam, blam, blam and make sound effects with my mouth. *Markistutters” (Marki-Babble Rant) Hip Hip Boop Boop Bleb Bleb Blah Blah (More Blabbering) (Car noise) [Mark pretending he’s a fairy godmother #copyright] [Computer noise] I don’t think head shots do anything. “You will need something bigger for the next fight.” Oh, thanks for- oh it’s another gun, I thought maybe you would have taken my criticism to heart and given me something (air quotes) bigger. ‘Cos I’m pretty sure right now I’m like a Ken doll and, you know [creepy voice] we drawings have needs besides murder. Don’t know if you knew about that but- blah! I’ll murder anyway so thank you for uh- Thank you for being so attentive to me. *Np* And teaching me that violence is the only answer in this cruel and unforgiving world. That is the lesson that I’m supposed to get out of this, right? Like I’m not supposed to- understand love or- or peace or- you know, anything like that. Are- are- Are you eventually gonna draw me, you know like a companion? Are we doing an Adam and Eve kinda thing here or is it just-? It’s just murder, isn’t it? Because all these creatures, I mean, you know I- I- I *Such Stutter* I don’t wanna love ’em ‘cos you kinda made them a little bit hideous and horrifying but, you know. Ah whatever, murder’s good enough. [Baby Noises] Oh those slimes can take a lot of bullets. Ok, we’re past the point where I played it before, so I do not know what’s going on. [Babble rant continued?] Oh no, he was just born and now he’s- Oh jeez, hello. I- oooh, it’s a fireball shooter. Oh boy, I’m’na, I’m’na give you a pink eye. *NOOOOOO Don’t give me pink eye* In that you’re gon– you’re gonna die- I don’t know. *pls no* Somethin- Some- That’s the best joke- OW! My loins! *NO PINK EYE FOR ME* Jeez, those fireballs hurt, ok. So don’t get cornered. I have to take care of these guys. Er- I guess, I can hit them from range. [More Baby Babble] Why is there no friendly fire? [Reading] “It looks like you made it.” Thanks man! “Checkpoint reached!” Hell yeah! Oh, God… Well I’m not gonna make it now. [More oral cavity noises] I’d like to think that everything’s first feeling should be horrifying, excruciating pain. I mean, what I’m wondering is how this guy drew these things with an imbued sense to kill. You know, that- that murderous instinct that I of course was imbued with, because that’s all I know. Or maybe it’s a quest for survival, but you know… Even so, like, they’re doing the same thing- Oo, hey. *Thinking about survival stories* [Upset noise] What is that? I don’t like that. Oh, that’s horrifying. Oh, why do they giggle when they die?? Maybe they just wanted to give me a hug! Maybe it was a love trunk! Tree trunk. Love tree trunk. Tree trunk of looove. I need to kill those things like quickly. *Love and Kill* Ah- Why do they need to giggle? I’m pretty sure I’m killing babies here. *Child Abuse* A-and that’s something that I didn’t think that I would say out loud on my channel, you know? [Reading] “Don’t you die just yet!” Oh, but everything else, that’s- that’s totally fine, ok, alright, I understand. [Soft Murder Noises] Ah, jeez. Oh, what is that?? *Alien?* I don’t wanna know what that is.*Too Late* Ee, it’s got two eyes and a- mwaaaaaaah…*A mwaaaaah?* Don’t you dare. Oh, don’t you groan at me. I’ll out-groan anyone, any day. (Probably) Alright, goodbye, eyeballs. [Reading] “Last wave!” Forever? And then you’re sure? I’m’na- I’m’na be- I’mma be allowed to leave? I’mma be allowed to pursue happiness? I mean if you guys were suddenly drawing one day and you managed to [stare] create life… Like, what would you do with- Oooh, I’m cornered right now [Cornered noise] I killed the trunk, that trunk is evil even though it’s a mother, it deserves to di- Oh god, it spawned more. [Majestic noises] [More majestic noises] [Single long, majestic noise] [Continuing majestic noises] [Mating call] [Reading] “Still alive, huh?” Yeah, what, are you trying to kill me? ‘Cos that’s no good, bruh. [Reading] “Here’s a present for you!” Oh, are you gonna take away my gun?! Ooo, I dunno if I wanna take it. Ok… [Distraction] What is that? Ok, [reading] “I think…” Sorry, I got a text. [Reading] “Yeah.” What? I don’t know what you said, I looked away for a second. [Reading] Here is another one. *NO it’s a trap!* Here’s another what? Uhhh… [Unintelligible mumbling] [SURPRISE NOISE] AYY I knew it was a trick! I had a funny feeling! Did you just make a bunch of people now?! Oh no, oh no… Oh no. Oh, jeez. Oh, jee- Oh jeez! That’s a lot of whatever those are. Is that- are- are- are they- rednecks waving guns or are they just tryina clean up with brooms? I have- oh my god! I have a funny feeling that they’re just tryina- they’re just tryina clean up- Oooooh, that’s not good I’m cornered! Aaah, get out of my face! [Panic Scream] Oooh, not gonna make this. I’m not gonna make it. I’m not gonna make it I’m not gonna make it. Oh, I might make it. Ok. Yeah, the problem was they spawned all around the inside and they just swarmed around me, so… These guys aren’t bad. Literally! Th- loo- look at this guy. [Sad closeup] He- He’s just tryina sweep with a broom! “I think that’s a cane* He’s just tryina clean up and he’s saying “Good day, sir! Good day! M’lady! Oh, no…” [splat noise] [Reading] “That was silly.” Yeah, a little bit. “Back to normal stuff.” I don’t know if that’s… Ok. At least I got a checkpoint. Blam, blam. Ok. Ah, I like this better. This’s good. Oh, only one shot for the- for the- for the skelo’s. [Goat laugh] [Tiny mouth noises] Aaand, you’re dead as well. Well ok, so everybody’s dead now- Oh there’s more, ok, of course there’s more. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s like an addiction this guy has. I mean I- I- I don’t- or girl, I have no idea, but it’s an addiction this person has, whoever’s drawing all this crap. Oh, these babies don’t stand a chance up against a shotgun. Gotta get rid of that thing, gotta get rid of you. Oh you just birthed but now you must die. *Some more child abuse* Oh, shit! I didn’t even see that thing up there. Gotta kill that, nope. Ooh, that’s not good. Now it’s down. Oh boy. I- I don’t see him putting these things down, so like, the babies are sneaking up on me. That guy drifted off. He just came in to say, “Hey guys, what’s goin’ on?” [Scream] Ok and now everyone’s dead now. Can I get a ch- Oh god, not another one. If I take even one hit of damage, I’m dead. *Then avoid hem* You’re gone. You don’t. You don’t. Ever- Everybody l- AAH I didn’t even see him traversing the distance towards me, I’m an idiot! Ah, god dammit. Oh no, oh no. Oh no, oh no. Oh no, oh no get outta my way. Ok. Gimme me a goddamn checkpoint, gimme a checkpoint. [Reading] “Hey, ink war-machine.” Yeah, that’s me. “Meet your final challenge.” You better gimme a checkpoint though. Ok, good. Final challenge, indeed. Maybe- oh. That looks interesting. Oh, it’s- it’s- it- oh, that’s lovely. Congratulations, you really reached the peak level of your imagination. I hope your boss walks in on you and sees the wanton murder that you’re unleashing on a poor, new lifeform. [Seal Mode] Oooo it got hoit. (Hurt with an accent) Ow, ink walls, oh noOO! Can’t hit me, you can’t hit me, I’m so mobile. (said very childishly) So this one’s just, if I stay moving, if I keep moving I should be- Woah reach [Noise] Ok, so I watch where they’re spawning in front of me too, but other than that it doesn’t doing toooo much damage [Fear] Squoosh. Ok, you missed me, you douche. (Nice rhyme, Mark) [Repeated noise] [Dodge noises] Yeah. (x4) How’s it feel? How’s it feel to have bullets in your dinner plate eyes? Ah, sure is a lot of holes in the ground. Is this gonna be the last one? Ojeez, ojeez, ojeez, ow. You’re getting a little too slappy, buddy. You’re getting way too slappy, I don’t like when people get too slap happy, I mean, I’m one to talk, ‘cos I got literally guns- [singing] OOOH, you’re dead! The guy just wanted to gimme a handshake or a nice [motioning] pat on the rump as I was going along, he was like, “Good work out there, slugger!” [Reading with accent] “Wow, you have done it. Good work!” “I can draw you something for-” Uh- “you as a reward. What will it be?” A woman! Ee- uh- what, I didn’t say anything, did you hear me? [Reading] “Oh, well…” Better have been a nice, peaceful ending. [Reading] “Thank you for playing.” Well, what did I get?! What was my reward?! [Reading] “Game made by Grooly.” Grooly, what was my reward?! You put me through endless suffering, how many lives have I taken the moment I was created, and yet you put me towards wanton murder. Am I not a man?! Do I not think, do I not feel? Do I not have emotions? And do I not need love? (Such distress) Yeah prolly not, I’m just a drawing, so anyway, thank you everybody so much for watching. You can play this for yourself down in the description below. It’s really fun. [Reading] “Yeah, I know about lame ending of this game.” Oh, do you, Grooly? Oh, do you? [Reading] “Hope you liked it anyway.” Ah, at least you got a good attitude about it. So it was a pretty good game. Also the name “Reject” reminds me of that other animation, uh, that was like… Everyone knows “Rejected,” like the loong animation [High voice] “Mah spoon is too big!” I’ll put that in the description too, I’ll- I’ll put a whole smorgasbord of stuff down in the description, so thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always, I will see you… In the next video. B’bye! [Ending song] [Happy sweeping man says “Good day, M’lady!”] [Are you gonna say “Good day” back?] [Well? He’s waiting!] [You missed your chance. Now he’s sad.]

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  1. Your free iphonex give away does not work I put in all the stuff and the human vericaiton does not work it says download one of these apps and I did and I did do what it said but did it work nope so uhhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. if u shot someone on the head he alive u have to shot hem 3 or 4 time and he gonna die but if u shot hem on the chest he want 1 or 2 shots to die

  3. If I was drawing and it suddenly came to life, I would first figure out a way to transfer him/her/them into any device and basically treat them like a person. I am a lonely person sometimes, so I would love it if this actually happened to me, they could be like a virtual friend or playmate.

  4. Pathetic, love? cruelty is your strong suit. I'm gonna die and we all lose our souls cause of this idiot that's at international space s

  5. The prize is him being nonexistant because of all the death and suffering he has inflicted on these innocent creatures

  6. Mark "Oh these babies stand no chance against my shotgun"

    Mark's neighbours "what the hell is going on there!"

  7. I draw all the time. If my art came to life I would make it some candy, a pet, a lover, and a home. Probably lots of other crap.

  8. If I was able to create life through drawing my walls would be covered in paper with the drawings of an entire civilization.

  9. Markiplyer mind:I’m gonna put the video in the description but not the person who made it!
    Me:ok well nice vid ?

  10. mark ur reward was nothing because ur character couldnt speak wouldve been awesome if she drew a women then she attacks u lol

  11. 4:02 they are not giggling. They are making a sound that, in your mind, sounds like giggling


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