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  1. Pls make more your vids are awesome I watched you vid animation vs when it came out when I saw it I said man this is awesome thank you for making these videos

  2. Uh, hey… your channel might be in BIG trouble. Since the Coppa is gonna arrive in 2020, and the Algorithm is trash. YouTube will think your videos are "Disney animations" and you will never get
    1. Ad revenue
    2. Post notifications(for viewers)
    3. Comments on videos
    Thanks YouTube

  3. I mean the “animator VC blank” is like your thing, but I wonder when they can all become pals and like defeat bowser or something lol

    Edit: nevermind they did befriend each other

  4. Considering that your doing pixel games
    Undertale perhaps? Id love to see how much stuff will change with stickmen in it
    Maybe in beginning frisk is nice but seeing something new triggers chara to wanna kill just to see what happens

  5. I was here before the copyright claim (it's the inevitable Thanos, but we need to be Iron Man! Do as much as we can to get rid of the copyright claim! some of us might die, but seriously, it's better than Alan getting copyrighted, right?) (i really hope I didn't piss off death by saying 'who cares if you die')

  6. Hi! My name is Danil and I have a YouTube Channel Crow! I’m Russian, but I like watching you because you so interesting! Can you subscribe for me!Please!!!

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