Animation vs. Pokémon (official)

Animation vs. Pokémon (official)

You can choose one of the Pokemon over there. Professor Elm: Touch a Pokeball to see what Pokémon is inside! CHIKORITA, the Grass-type Pokemon, is in this Poke Ball! TOTODILE, the Water-type Pokemon, is in this Poke Ball! CYNDAQUIL, the Fire-type Pokemon, is in this Poke Ball! CHIKORITA, the Grass-type Pokemon, is in this Poke Ball! LUNCH TIME Nintendo DS Lite
Select to open this device using File Explorer. Nintendo DS Lite Anti-Piracy Mode: OFF Anti-Piracy Mode: ON There he is! The Pokemon thief! Policeman: Strange creature, you have stolen from a copyrighted game. Please give back the Pokemon or we will use force. Stop him!! Stay out of our game. You don’t belong. And you never will. League Champion! Congratulations! A wild PIDGEY appeared! Player used one Poke Ball! Gotcha! PIDGEY was caught! MAREEP used Thunder Shock! Player defeated Leader Falkner! I lost to a stick figure… SLUGMA used Ember! Player defeated Leader Bugsy! You’re pretty good for an alien creature. HERACROSS used Brick Break! Player defeated Leader Whitney! PIDGEOTTO used Fly! Player defeated Leader Morty! Player defeated Leader Chuck! Player defeated Leader Jasmine! Player defeated Leader Pryce! Player defeated Leader Clair! Only Trainers who have proven themselves may pass. Oh! The eight Badges of Johto! Please, go right on through! Wait. You can only have one Pokemon following you. You… You’re the one who stole the TOTODILE… Twice… What makes you think you can just walk into our game? The world doesn’t revolve around stick figures, last time I checked. I was going to beat the Elite Four, but looks like I’m going to have to beat you first. No, not your Pokemon… You. And not here either. I need to fight you in a place where our rules don’t apply. You stole more Pokemon… Now I’m getting angry. Don’t think you can run away without giving back all those Pokemon. Come and get them? Very well… I’ll ask this one last time. Stay out of our game, and give back our Pokemon. It kills my precious ego to say this… But that was impressive. I was trying to teach you a lesson, but you’ve taught me one instead… That anyone can become a Pokemon Master. Please accept my apology and good luck in the Pokemon League… …fellow trainer. League Champion! Congratulations! Animation vs. Pokemon Credits Animated by: Hey guys! Alan Becker here. Hope you enjoyed that Pokemon episode, we had a lot of fun to make it. If you want to see more, then click the subscribe button, and turn on the bell Because I don’t have an upload schedule so that would be smart. But… thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video! Bye.

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  1. Watching this just makes me want to play the gameboy pokemon games
    And playing the gameboy pokemon games just makes me want to watch this

  2. When I watched this it made me feel going back to drawing Pokémon playing Pokémon but you really made me go back and draw it all again (at a better version)thanks for this video Alan (also I should have said this when it was just released)

  3. Ayy, HGSS are my fave Pokémon games! Thise animation where awesome! F for my boy Cyndaquil, but damn that was was nice

  4. This is really awesome!!!!! I was quite depressed before watching this but now i feel much better. Thanks for the amazing and awesome work! I do appreciate it!

  5. Don't forget guys f you put the captions you will understand that the stick and talk in the captions so put captions

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