Animation vs. Minecraft – SNEAK PREVIEW

Animation vs. Minecraft – SNEAK PREVIEW

You’re about to watch a two minute
preview for my next animation, Animation vs. Minecraft. Enjoy. So that was the first two minutes, the total length of this animation will
probably be 8 to 10 minutes, I’ll hopefully finish it by the end of the
summer, If you want to see more I will be live streaming on Twitch! So you can watch me animate and chat
with me whenever I’m streaming. Go to my Twitch page and click “follow” to get notified when I go live. If you want to help me finish this
animation faster, I actually just launched my Patreon page! Patreon is like Kickstarter but ongoing. There’s a lot of cool rewards you can get for being a patron, and this could allow me to release
several animations a year instead of just one. So yeah, follow me on Twitch and visit my Patreon page! Thanks a lot, bye.

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  1. Alan you made a mistake at the fan in this vid you are showing that the fan is normal but in the original it is not the same

  2. There are two differences I found in the preview, and the original.
    One of the differences is one that most people spotted, but I’ll point it out,
    The windmill in the preview is just spinning perfectly. The real one has the blocks moving.
    I haven’t seen anybody who noticed this change, but I think some people have noticed,
    When TheSecondComing.exe (Orange) breaks the cobblestone, the cobblestone fell. But in the preview, it disappears into thin air.

  3. eres el mejor , sigue asi , se ve esfuerzo en esto , y eso necesita youtube , hablas ingles y talves no me entiendas , pero eres muy buen youtuber

  4. I know this isn't the video itself but with the way you had to animate it Alan the animation and way things work is more like Terraria then Minecraft since it's 2-D (Also as an edit since I'm sure it's gonna happen,I'm not saying that Minecraft is bad or that Terraria is bad or that either one is better than the other,they're both good games in my opinion)

  5. Everyone says the windmill changed, but no one noticed that the cobblestone doesn’t drop the item when it gets destroyed in the sneak preview 1:45 and in the real one it does

  6. انا اتعجب من هذا الفيديو الجميل الذي شفته كيف ياتي من الكمبيوترات

  7. The only animation vs. animator that have a happy ending… This Animation vs animator was basically the previous episode

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